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Dog owners all over the world are confronted with an overwhelming task of identifying food which is not only wholesome but also appealing to their four-legged companions.

While meat-based proteins make up the majority of their meals, dogs can also derive essential nutrients from some grains, fruits, vegetables and legumes. Most people will consider non-meat food as mere fillers, but the truth is that these elements contain notable amounts of vitamins, minerals, dietary fibre as well as plant-based proteins.

Ideal dog food will provide a perfect blend of these ingredients to aid in your pet’s proper growth and development. This article review WAG DOG FOOD BRAND

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Wagg Dog Food Overview

Wag Dog Food

Wag manufactures a range of six different dog products but also include canned food for cats. Each product combines a blend of unique ingredients to achieve the nutritional profiles stipulated by AAFCO. The recipes are grain-free and do not contain any artificial colourings which are harmful to dogs. Our research also shows that Wag does not include animal-by products or anonymous meat sources in their formulas.

Amazon is determined to bridge the gap by providing top-quality food at an affordable price. The only downside is that you have to a prime member to access this product, of which most Americans are.

Wag Dog Food Manufacturers

Wag Dog Food Brand is manufactured and owned by Amazon, which is the world’s leading online retail site. Amazon was founded by Jeff Bezos in 1994 and had its headquarters in Seattle. Amazon was initially an online book store but with time it has branched out to become a one-stop-shop for everything one could possibly need. Their dog foods are the most recent addition to their wide range of products that they offer.

Recall History

Given that this brand has only been in the market for a relatively short period, there are no recalls for any of their products so far. However, we will monitor the food performance in the market and update this section accordingly.

Main Ingredients

The first six ingredients are the most essential to analyse when choosing food for your pet.  Each Wag recipe is identical save for the main protein used in each. The primary animal-based protein sources in these products are chicken, beef, lamb and salmon. Other vital ingredients are a chicken meal, lamb meal, lentils, peas, pea protein, Brewers Yeast, Flaxseed, Dried Chicory Root, among other nutrients.

Wag also utilizes beef and chicken liver to offer a mixture of vitamins and minerals deficient in other conventional meat cuts.

The recipes cater to dogs of all sizes and in different life stages. The Wag Dog Food is available in the form of dry foods, canned Dog foods and canned Cat foods.

Price Range of Wag Dog Food

Wag Brand recipes are affordably priced but only available for Amazon prime members. This may change in future. The price of 30lb bags is $45, which translates to $1.50/lb.

Where to buy Wag Dog Food

The Wag brands are currently available solely on Amazon.com and exclusively to prime members. The products have not been rolled out to physical pet stores. However, given Amazon’s preference for online retail availing, these products in physical stores are unlikely to happen.

Wagg Dog Food Recipes

Initially, Wag’s product range was minimal and included four adult recipes and one puppy product. However, over time, Wag has expanded its brand to include canned dog food and canned dog food. Below we look at the most popular recipes in this top-notch brand. These blends are:

  • Chicken and Lentil- for puppies
  • Lamb and Lentil
  • Salmon and Lentil
  • Turkey and Lentil

The is no significant differences between the recipes other than the primary source of protein used in each. They all satisfy the guidelines set by AFFCO and have similar nutritional profiles. You can choose the recipe that will meet your canine’s unique needs depending on its season in life and energy requirements.

Top Producs Of WAG DOG FOOD Amazon Brands

Wag Chicken and Lentil Recipe- for puppies

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This recipe has been designed to provide your puppy with all the nutrients he needs to grow into a healthy adult dog. The meal is quite similar to other methods in the brand but contains a little bit more protein.

The first significant ingredient in this recipe is chicken which is a superb source of high-quality protein and fats.  The second main ingredient is a chicken meal which contains a high concentration of protein and other minerals than the whole chicken.  The third element is Lentil, very rich in dietary fibre and plant-based protein. Different notable ingredients in this recipe are a pea, pea protein, chicken fat, brewer’s yeast, dried plain beet pulp flaxseed, eggs, salmon oil, dried chicory root, amongst other nutritious ingredients.

Wag Chicken and Lentil Recipe derive most of its proteins from meat-based sources. This is great because animal-based proteins contain all the essential amino acids that your puppy require to thrive. This makes the recipe appropriate even for large-bred puppies.

This recipe has 36% protein- higher than other recipes to make sure that your adorable puppy start off healthy and energetic.


  • Contains real chicken protein needed for the growth and development of your puppy
  • Nutritious vegetables provide vitamins, minerals and antioxidants
  • Grain-free recipe as well as artificial colourings and additives
  • Comes in a pre-trial bag


  • Lack of sufficient whole fruits and grains needed for proper development of puppies
  • Has a few controversial ingredients such as peas which are considered non-essential fillers

Wag Salmon and Lentil Recipe

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Salmon is incredibly rich in omega 3 fatty acids essential for the overall health of your furry friends. Besides, many dogs love it, and its inclusion in the dog food is a big tick.

This recipe has real salmon has its primary ingredient as it provides first-class protein that your dog needs for proper growth and development. Salmon meal is the second ingredient which provides a more concentrated source of proteins and other minerals. Other essential elements in this recipe are Lentil, pea protein, pea, chicken fat, brewers’ yeast, dried plain beet pulp, flaxseed salmon oil, salt, natural flavours, among other ingredients.

This product gets most of its proteins from animal sources and therefore provides your canines with all the essential amino acids. Besides, the recipe does not contain any artificial colourings and additives or any artificial preservations. Wag’s Salmon and lentil recipe has been formulated to meet the guidelines established by AAFCO Dog Nutrient Profiles regardless of the dog’s stage in life. This recipe is appropriate for large-bred puppies.


  • Salmon, fished from American waters is the main ingredient in this formula
  • No added Real salmon grains
  • Wholesome vegetables like lentils which are fantastic sources of carbohydrates, vitamins and dietary fibre
  • Availability of a trial-size bag that eases the transition from other feeds
  • Made with high-quality ingredients at a family-owned facility ensuring high-quality standards
  • Salmon is an excellent source of omega 3 fatty acid for proper cognitive development as well as promoting glossier skin and coat.


  • Mishandling of the packages during transportation leads to the product being crumbled or powdered when it reaches the customers.
  • Presence of peas a significant turn off to most dog owners

Beef and Lentil Recipe with Wild Boar

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Most dogs will start salivating at the sight of a juicy steak. This recipe has been fortified with Wild Boar to make it even more appealing to your four-footed friend. This meal provides complete and balanced nutrition for the sustenance and maintenance of adult dog dogs

The main ingredient in this recipe is beef which is known to be a premium source of proteins. Beef meal is the second ingredient derived after rendering the whole meat to get a more concentrated protein source. Lentil is the third ingredient and provides dietary fibre, B vitamins, as well as a significant contribution of plant-based proteins. Other components include pea, pea protein, egg product, chicken fat, brewer’s yeast, wild boar, potato protein, beet pulp, among others.

The animal-based protein in this recipe provides your dog with all the amino acids it needs to thrive. Additionally, the formula is free from any artificial colours, flavourings or additives. Also contains no grains, corn or wheat.

Beef and Lentil Recipe is a 35% protein formula consisting of real fresh meat, lentils and flesh. The recipe blends high-quality ingredients to ensure that your canine is in high energy all year round.


  • Real beef reared in trusted American ranches is the main ingredient in this diet
  • Blends a range of nutritious vegetables which provides nutrients, minerals, antioxidants and a share of plant-based proteins
  • Grain-free recipe
  • Contains no artificial flavouring, colouring or additives
  • Formulated with the help of a veterinarian for a perfect blend of proteins and fats


  • The formula comprises pea which is considered by many a non-essential filler
  • Caused digestive problems in some dogs

Wag Turkey and Lentil Recipe

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Your dog is indeed your best friend and will feel his best when he has eaten the best. High-quality protein is a crucial factor in ensuring that your canine thrives healthy and for a long time. This recipe features turkey as the number one ingredient and other premium elements for the wholesome maintenance of your dog

Apart from turkey, other ingredients in this meal are turkey meal, peas, chicken fat, flaxseed, brewer’s yeast, dried beet pulp, calcium carbonate, salt, choline chloride, dried lactobacillus, dried Chicory Root among others.

All Wag recipes are formulated with the help of qualified veterinaries to ensure an optimized blend of protein and fats. Turkey and Lentil Recipe is no exception as it has been prepared under strict guidelines to ensure that the brand’s standards are upheld. The recipe is grain-free which means that it is appropriate for dogs allergic to certain types of grains. Additionally, each serving is powered by up to 35% protein to keep your best friend in high spirits at all times.


  • Affordable
  • Real turkey sourced from the USA is the main ingredient in this recipe
  • Manufactured with the help of veterinaries for the perfect blend of ingredients
  • 35% protein in each serving to help keep your dog energetic all day long
  • Grain-free recipe


  • Pea ingredient which is considered a non-essential filler in the dog food
  • Ingredient splitting in all these formulas

Wag Dog Food pros

  • Wag recipes meet the AFFCO guidelines
  • All Wag Foods are manufactured in the USA under strict hygienic standards
  • Each method contains a high-quality protein source as the main ingredient
  • Grain-free recipes
  • Abundant omega 3 and 6 essential fatty acids
  • Wag recipes are more affordable in comparison to other popular dog foods in the market


  • Insufficient whole fruits and vegetables save for the peas and lentils
  • Presence of controversial ingredients such as pea protein and dried beet pulp which may be a concern to owners with dogs that has sensitivities
  • Apart from Beef and Lentil recipe, all other recipes contain salmon oil. This may be problematic if your dog does not like the strong smell or is allergic to the ingredients


Wag is a dog food brand manufactured and distributed by Amazon- the world’s leading online store. Over the years, Amazon has spread dog foods from other brands, and it is just recently that it launched its brand. Going by the prices, it is easy to conclude that Amazon’s main aim is to provide affordable dog food without compromising on quality and taste.

It is important to note that Amazon recently expanded its selection to include canned foods for both dogs and cats. All these products offer satisfactory nutrition despite their low cost. The level of protein in each of this recipe is sufficient enough and will cater for dogs of all activity levels including those that are very active. The percentage of fats is also pleasing and will provide all the energy an active dog requires

Wag Dog Food is a premium brand with top-notch recipes appropriate for dogs of all ages. The high-quality meat ingredients offer the essential amino acids for your dog and ensure that your dog is energetic no matter the season of the year. We highly recommend this dog food.

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