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Dogs are the best of family members and are always near us! Sometimes our dogs love to lie on our laps, and there are several reasons why! If you’re wondering “why does my dog sit on me” Well, now you know the reasons!
It could happen when you’re outside or inside There are couches and beds dotted around and places that you believe will be more relaxing than yours and yet they’re stuffed with people sitting on your stomach or back.
The dog’s behavior can vary from actions, like your dog pulling his feet across the floor or digging up the yard. However, generally there is a reason behind such behaviors. Your job as a dog’s parent is to discover the message they’re trying communicate to you.
Dogs can make your life more enjoyable! Walking, playing, and many other things are a lot more enjoyable when your favorite dog is along with you. Certain things that dogs do can cause you to wonder what they’re thinking.
Like sitting on you. Have you ever had the experience of wondering: “Why do my dog like to sit on me Why does my dog sit on me?’. There are a myriad of reasons why your dog would rest on you. Some of them are adorable and others not very cute.
Let’s begin to discuss the reasons why your dog could decide to rest on your lap instead of someplace other where.


Why Does My Dog Sit On Me?

Here are some typical reasons that your dog could choose to keep you in a shackle by resting on you! It is essential to study the body language of your dog to determine the reason why they’re resting on your back.
Do they have a tail tow?
Are they causing their body to stiffen?
Do they appear to be at the forefront of everything such as you are in the protection mode?
Most dogs will be inclined to put their backs onto you because they love you , however there are other reasons , and it’s essential to understand what the reasons are!


We all know how social animals are and sitting down with you could be the best method to get your interest. They might be just in search of an easy rub or cuddle before they jump off and return to doing what they were doing.
Although the possibility isn’t impossible, it’s not likely your pet is laying on your shoulders to assert the upper hand over you. You’ll have to consider the other actions of your dog. If that’s the one thing your dog does which makes you believe that the dog is trying to control you then there’s not much to be concerned about.
If your dog has been exhibiting different behaviors that suggest they are trying to control you and you think they are, then it’s the time to speak to an experienced trainer or veterinarian to devise a an approach that is beneficial with your pet.


Dogs who exhibit dominance behavior may show this in various ways. One of them is being seated in front of their pet owners. Although some dogs might be growlers or barkers, some utilize sitting to show their control over you. However, do not be fooled by the fact that experts believe this is not the norm.
When your pet is old enough and is just beginning to exhibit this type of behavior, it might not be the norm and could be due to another reason completely like they are trying to communicate something to you!

Giving You Some Love

It could be the primary reason why your dog chooses to rest on you they love you and want to show how they can! If they are seated on you to show their affection it could also include other actions like waving their tails and licking because they’re thrilled!



It might surprise you to find out that research has revealed that dogs be jealous and that could be another reason why they’re resting on your. If you spend too much time doing things other than petting other animals or reading a book , you might notice your dog making its an appearance on your lap in order to distract you from them.
If you’ve adopted your dog in the last few days and have noticed this issue, you should review our rescue and training suggestions.

Needs Security

If your dog is more shy and timid, sitting on your lap can be a great source of relaxation for them. My own dog is velcro which I call her I am aware that when I sit sitting on my couch, she’s in my lap. I know that it soothes her closeness and that I are “her person” that makes her feel loved – therefore I let her rest.
If you own an animal that has a past of abuse, laying on your back could be the only factor that provides them with the feeling of safety and safety.

Offering You Comfort

If you’re sick, stressed or injured your dog could desire to rest on you. They have the ability to tune into us and can sense when we’re just not feeling well.
It could be their ways of showing that they appreciate them and are concerned about you and want to help you be more comfortable. They might want to give you some relief in order to help you feel better.


If you’ve spent a lot of time cuddling and cuddling your puppy It is likely that you have created this habit without even conscious of it! When they’re puppies, we usually cuddle the dogs and put them onto our laps, not realizing that in a brief period they could be bigger and heavier! This is a habit that can be easily altered by a few basic lessons.


Final Thoughts

If you’re one of those who does not enjoy your dog laying on you, regardless of your reason for it, you could require some strategies to train your pet to cease the behaviour. Make an effort to change their behavior positively so that sitting next to you becomes sitting next to you.

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