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If your dog is a bit crazy screaming and pawing at you immediately your turn on television you’re not the only one! It’s not unusual to see dogs barking at televisions, however most owners are confused on the reasons they do this. Check out the following explanations for the reasons dogs bark at television.
Do tell me if this is familiar: you’ve been settling in for a peaceful evening at home with your dog. You’re snuggled on the sofa with a huge cup of popcorn, and a favorite TV show. Then you see on the screen the doorbell is ringing. And your dog freaks out.
Some dogs don’t will bark at the television, but the ones that do are often difficult to understand. How do you convince them that it’s just a TV show? And, how can you train your dog to not be a barker at TV?


What Do Dogs See on TV?

In the beginning, you’re likely to be wondering what can dogs see on television screens. Dogs see images on screens faster than humans and aren’t able to see colors as clearly as we do. Certain dogs enjoy watching TV and there’s even an Dog TV for dogs to view their preferred channels, which have image speed and sounds that appeal to their ears. On regular television, they don’t get to observe much. Thus, even though their barking might be due to the images they see on screen, it’s likely to be due to the sound they’re hearing.

Pair television with a game

If you are unsure, just distract! While you enjoy your favorite TV show and play with your dog and fetch along with your pet. Make sure they are entertained so that you can relax without hearing the sound of barking.
Toys and games can be used as training tools. Follow the suggestions above to help you train your dog with the time spent playing (instead or treats) as rewards.

Occupy their mouth with something else

It’s not necessary to cut down on watching TV with your dog. Turn it into a treat-and-TV time. A filled KONG pet toy or antler or bully stick could keep their attention as well as their mouths and prevent their mouths from chasing the TV screen. Give your dog a game toy to have even more mind-busting TV-distraction.
Another option, particularly if you are a TV watcher all day, is to combine the time you watch TV with the meals your dog eats. Learn to link meals with TV time


Wear them out in advance

A dog who is tired is a calm dog and a calm dog will not be reactive to sound and sight triggers on television. If you’re planning on in the living room you should take your dog on an extensive walk or a playdate in advance.
When you’re looking through Hulu the dog is too snoozing to pay attention to what’s displayed on the screen.

Wear wireless headphones

Some dogs cannot handle hearing weird noises from TV. Training is the most effective option for the long run however, if you truly have to go on the Netflix movie with your dog today you might need to use wireless headphones.
It’s possible to still listen to what’s happening in the show However, your dog can only hear the dog. It’s a compromise that can bring both of you less stress-inducing.

Possible Explanations for Dogs Barking at the TV

There are many reasons why dogs might bark all the time, which includes the following:

  • In the course of routine. Barking could be an automatic response for dogs, particularly when they’re spending all hours doing so! While you may think that they’re barking at the television but they might actually enjoy how they sound when barking.
  • Confusion. Dogs are known to bark when they’re in a state of confusion and are seeking some kind of explanation from you or their surroundings. Unable to comprehend the content of the screen of the TV could make them confused and lead the dog to bark.
  • Excitement. Dogs can bark when they’re exuberant about something, so when there’s a fascinating sound or scene on television, it could entice them , causing dogs to exaggerate.
  • Warning. Our most faithful companions usually bark to warn us about anything alarming or confusing that’s happening within our surroundings. If they consider the sound of the TV or any other thing they observe displayed on screen to be an indication of danger it could be a signal to inform you of the danger.why-does-my-dog-bark-at-the-tv-2.jpg

How to Prevent Your Dog From Barking at the TV

Although it’s understandable to have our dogs bark at television however, it can be very frustrating. If you’re trying to convince your pet to stop barking at the television it is suggested to distract your dog with other activities or toys. Try offering them an Kong toy filled with peanut butter or one of their favourite snacks. You can also take them for a stroll. They could be barking in frustration or a desire to be out. It’s also possible to consider watching the TV on a smaller monitor. While this may be a bit not ideal for you the dog, it is less likely to be attracted due to the screen’s smaller size.
There are a myriad of reasons why your dog could be barking at the television. Although it is irritating but it’s also understandable! Utilize our tricks to reduce your dog’s barking and begin enjoying your TV with peace.
Barking can be a natural thing for dogs, particularly when they encounter exciting things (like animals on television). Here’s how you can teach your dog the “quiet” command. We recommend that you keep the dog on a leash when you’re watching TV. If he starts to bark at you, gently guide him back to you . Then offer him a treat your hands. Allow him to go through the treat for three minutes. If he’s calm then he’s allowed to have the sweet treat.
Once your dog is beginning to realize that he is the reward for his quieting to a certain level, it is time to set your dog’s leash in the position of a cue. Remove the leash as the dog is able to come to you when you take him off from the television. Remember that your puppy must be kept under supervision while on the leash in. If you don’t have time to train him, or you just need a break to take in a show, put your dog in a different area or crate and provide him with a chew toy, so that he doesn’t be rewarded with barking.

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