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If your dog is scratching to your foot, you could be wondering what the reason is and how you can do about it.
This article will give you the reasons this could be happening and how you can help for stopping it.
Why does the dog bite me on my foot? One of the reasons that your dog is bitten by your feet is because it’s seeking attention, is teething, or it wasn’t taught not to do it, or you’ve accidentally encouraged the behavior, or you are just excited.
There are many factors to think about in trying to determine the reason why your feet are bitten. The cause may be the culprit, but there are plenty of options you could take care of.


Why does my dog bite my feet?

The various reasons why your dog is known to bite your feet could provide clues.
Below, I’ll list several reasons your dog may be doing something and the factors that make it more likely.

It wants attention

The reason your pet bites your feet may be because it’s trying to get attention. It is much more probable if pay it more attention when you bite your feet or even if it appears to attack your feet when you aren’t paying attention to it.
In this situation it’s best to pay it attention throughout the day as a result of exercise, training and playing. It’s best to keep it from paying the attention it needs when it gets at you by going out for a moment and also to pay attention when it’s properly behaved.

It is teething

The reason for it the feet rubbing could be because it’s teething. This is especially likely if you have an infant and has begun chewing other items too.
In this instance it is helpful to provide it with things to chew on , and also to perform a lot of “leave it” training so that it can learn what isn’t allowed to chew on.

It wasn’t trained not to as a puppy

If you haven’t supervised your dog well, it’s possible that it is convinced that it’s acceptable to bite you feet. In this scenario it’s best to teach it not to bite with the help of the tricks I’ll provide below.
Inadvertently, you have been promoting the behaviors
It may also be that you’ve been giving it a reward for choking your feet.
If the method you use to get it to stop from biting your feet is to offer it what it wants like toys, treats or attention , it could have learned that biting your foot can bring you these things.
In lieu of rewarding it every time it bites your foot It is better by rewarding it when it’s doing its best and not reward it when it’s not.


It is possible that your dog is biting your feet as if trying to demonstrate that it’s excited or playing. It’s more likely to happen if you do it during times that it’s normal to get exuberant, such as when you’re getting ready to take it on walk.
In this instance it’s best to stop doing the activity that makes you feel excited until it ceases to bite your feet. This way, it can realize that biting your feet can result in it not getting what it needs.

It is exploring

Before they are able to look, they will start exploring the world using their noses and mouths. In the event that your dog quite young, it might be that it bites your feet as it is exploring them . emits strong scents to your dog.


Why is my dog suddenly biting my feet?

If your dog suddenly started to bite your feet It could be due to a variety of factors like the fact that you’ve learned that it is rewarded or you have did not give your dog as many attention, you’ve started wearing socks, slippers or shoes that your dog would like to chew on or your dog is beginning to teeth.
It’s helpful to look at the other events that have occurred recently, since it is possible that something went on that led to the behavior to begin.

Why does my dog bite my feet in bed?

If your dog is bitten by your feet when you’re sleeping It is likely that the dog regards the feet of yours as prey due their movement throughout the bed. It could be the case that your dog may be self-centered, which is more likely if your dog is prone to a grunt and bites you only when you place your feet in a specific position on the mattress.

Why does my dog bite my feet when I walk?

If your pet bites your feet while your walking around, it will likely be because the dog regards the feet of yours as prey due their movement. This is more likely if your dog was still an infant. It may also be that your dog is doing this because they’ve learned that it is rewarded.

Why does my dog bite my feet when I leave?

If your dog is biting your feet after you leave it could be because your dog suffers from separation anxiety. This would be more likely if you notice signs of being nervous upon leaving, such as crying or pacing. The reason could be that you dog seems bored or needs to exercise prior to leaving.
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Dogs and puppies can attack your foot as part of their normal play as well as herding behaviour. If the bite is intense or painful, it is best to stop it at the root as quickly as you can. Give him different ways to communicate with you via soft touch or non-touch types of play. Offering your dog a wide variety of chew toys , and proper training for bite inhibition could be a big help. Biting aggressively and with aggression is not acceptable and ought to be dealt with by a vet and a dog trainer as soon as possible.

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