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If your dog is eating on your head, this article will help you identify a range of possible causes and how you can do to stop them.
What is the reason the dog in my house chew on my hair? The reasons the dog chews your hair is that it enjoys the taste, is playing or has learned that this behaviour is rewarding and it’s grooming your hair or has an illness or a diet problem.
There are a variety of causes for your dog to chew your hair, and it could result from a variety of factors. There are many factors to consider to determine the root issue and many ways to deal with the issue.


Reasons why your dog chews your hair

Below are a few possible causes and the factors that could make each one more likely.

It’s playing

The reason the dog is doing this may be because the dog has been playing around on your head. Your hair is likely to move and it might be the case that your dog gets to desire to grab it. It is much more probable if you dog displays emotions in the process like large eyes.


When dogs get bored, they often search for ways to stimulate themselves. The reason your dog is doing this might be because it’s bored. This is especially likely if you do it prior to exercising as opposed to after. In this instance it is important to ensure that your dog can be getting the daily exercise recommended for their breed and age.

Encouraging the behavior

It could be possible the dog been taught that chewing your hair can result in rewards. If you are prone to giving the dog things like treats, toys, or even extra attention when it is chewing your hair, it’s likely to be more likely to do so to receive more rewards. Instead, it is best to reward it for doing things in the manner you would like and not give things like extra attention when it doesn’t.

A diet issue

Sometimes, dogs start chewing on their hair in the event of an issue in their food. It is because they don’t get the essential nutrients from their diet, they’ll chew other foods to obtain the essential nutrients. The issue is with the diet. is more likely to be the reason, the dog’s behavior if it is doing this after a change in their diet.


Certain illnesses can lead dogs to begin chewing and eating items which are not food items and hair. The reason your dog is chewing your hair may be that it is suffering from an illness or disease. It is more likely in the case of an elderly dog and has begun abruptly and it is chewing on other objects often also. In this instance it’s best to bring your dog to the vet to have a physical exam.

It likes the taste of your hair

It could also be that your dog is doing it because it enjoys the smell that your hair has. This is especially likely to happen if your dog chews your hair, and tends to do it more after you’ve just washed and dried your hair.

It’s grooming you

Another reason could be that your pet is grooming your hair. It is more than likely when your pet is licking your hair more frequently than it bites your hair , and it appears to be calm when doing it.


Things to consider about your dog chewing your hair

Here are some suggestions to think about when trying to figure out the reason behind why your dog is doing this.

If your dog has always chewed your hair

If your dog didn’t always chew on your hair, you might want to think about what happened at the time your dog started chewing his hair. If it began to do it abruptly, it could be due to factors like illness, food issue, or the fact that it is discovering that it is a reward.

The timing of when your dog chews your hair

If it seems that there is an exact time when your dog is more likely to take your hair and chew it, it might be helpful to look into the reasons for the different time of the day. For instance, if your dog happens more often after having shower, it might be that your dog chews your hair due to the taste of your hair.

What to do about your dog chewing your hair

Below are some choices you can consider to deal with the behavior.

Avoid encouraging it

Like we said earlier it could be you dog been taught that it is rewarding for behavior. Instead, it is beneficial you reward your pet whenever it behaves as you would like and not reward the dog when it doesn’t.

Redirect its focus

Another alternative is to direct your dog’s attention on other things when it seems likely to begin the process of chewing on your hair. Things to focus its attention to include toys or an animal or actions like rolling over.

Ensure it is getting the right diet

If your dog is experiencing this behavior after the change in diet, it will be helpful to ensure that you’ve been feeding it the right food.


Other Solutions and Considerations

The issue of whether this specific behaviour should be encouraged is debatable. There are health risks related to your dog swallowing large amounts of hair while playing with it, a lot of vets have advised against this. When you ingest unusual amounts of hair , there is the possibility of intestinal blockage. This can lead to the accumulation of any solid food as well as fluids that your puppy has in its stomach. Intestinal obstructions can trigger various symptoms, such as diarrhoea, vomiting, anorexia as well as weight gain. Due to the possibility of these serious consequences, ending this habit could prove to be the most beneficial interests of your furry child.

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