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When your pet follows you in your bathroom, this is probably because of their instinct to hunt as well as their pack-like mentality. Canines who follow you around are often referred to by the name of “Velcro dogs,” due because they want to be connected to you. They might accompany you on walks, or even to the bathroom to guard a portion of their group.
The majority of pet owners are aware of the struggle and it’s very real. Do I have the ability to use the restroom and not have Fido on my face? Dogs who follow their human everywhere are, in reality the majority. It can be charming to see them follow your around to the backyard or kitchen or when they will not stay at the desk when you are working. But how do you get to the bathroom? Really?
If you’re asking yourself what is the reason why my dog keep following my bathroom trip, then we might provide some assistance. We won’t be able to visit and help you get the dog out, but we’ll explain the reasons behind it. Find out more about it here!


Why do dogs watch you poop?

Your Dog is Keeping Watch for Your Safety
The dogs feel extremely vulnerable when they poo and, in their mind they imagine that you’re in danger as well. … The dog just looking out for your safety, just like when you are pooping and is watching you for backups to protect him at this point.

Should I let my dog in the bathroom with me?

If they don’t exhibit symptoms of stress, it’s appropriate to move your dog into a different area in case you have to use the bathroom. However, if you’re not averse to having a companion it’s not a bad idea having your dog follow you to the toilet. In the end, you’re watching their poop all day long!

Why Do They Do It?

Our canines are nothing less than the most bizarre behavior. This is the reason we love them? A few of their mysteries however, can be easily understood by the species, and also where they came from.

  1. Pack mentality is a major reason your pet would like to stay always with you is because dogs are pack-oriented creatures. For them, as well as their wild counterparts living together is a way to survive. The wolves and dogs are in a group, hunt and play have a sleep-together, and perform nearly everything in together as a pack. This type of pack order assists in developing them, and ensures that they have access to food as well as friends, and so on.
  2. Guarding – Your dog loves you and is more interested than to ensure you’re safe. This unwavering devotion could be a sign that they must be present to safeguard you from outside dangers (not as if there’s any chance that someone is lurking in the bathroom, but it’s possible to happen anything). They believe that protecting yourself is part of their collective mentality. If they’re resource guarding you because of fear or separation anxiety but that isn’t the case, it must be dealt with as a behavioral issue.
  3. There is no concept of time alone A dog doesn’t understand the human desire for privacy and space. For them, it’s the equivalent of sacrificing security. We must see the world through their perspective, instead of throwing our hands up in anger every when our dog follows us. They’re just being their normal and loving dogs.
  4. Simply curious Simple curiosity – Let’s face it, dogs are fascinated by every aspect. The latest items, toys, as well as sounds. And the most important thing is, whatever you’re engaged in. If you visit an unfamiliar room, perhaps there’s something there for the kids? Perhaps there’s a new adventure waiting for them, so they have to go, you know? Dogs are curious like all pets, and the thought of you going to the bathroom could spark the curiosity of their pets.


My Dog Follows Me to the Bathroom: Now What?

If your dog is attempting to enter bathrooms, then your simplest solution is to close the door. If the door is left open even though you’re inside the dog will be a nuisance. It’s about altering your behavior when you go to the bathroom. It is possible to ease pets’ minds by telling them that they need to stay in front of the door, and you’ll “be right back”, and then give them the form of a hug, praise or a small treat. This usually gives them an incentive to remain seated and calm.
If your pet suddenly starts walking around you and taking a trip to the toilet, here are some things to think about:

  • Are you making time for them? the sake of enrichment, attention and fitness
  • Do they have something inside the bathroom which they enjoy for example, an ornamental plant, the faucet for water or the water faucet?
  • Are you sure they’re suffering from discomfort? There are many pets that accompany their owners when they’re sick or are suffering So call them and get them examined by your vet to ensure your peace of peace of.
  • Are there any significant changes, like the move or the birth of a baby, which makes them feel less at ease?
  • Are they experiencing other behavior issues?

They don’t grasp the concept of being alone

At a fundamental Darwinian level the dogs aren’t solitary creatures. If left to their nature they hunt, wander in the woods, sleep, and even are part of a group. They also assume that you also do. From their perspective, “alone time” is something that’s not beneficial for any of you. When they accompany you to the bathroom, they think they’re keeping your in the company of other people. While you’re thinking “It’s weird to pee in front of my pet” and they’re considering “United, we’re stronger – even while peeing!”


So what can you do to keep them out?

In the beginning, you might be required for you to understand that your dog will be able to sit at the door to your bathroom until you’re finished. This way, they’ll be aware of what’s happening in the house, which puts them at peace. All you require is something to keep them entertained. The option of leaving them with their preferred toy could be a good option. If that’s not enough to keep them occupied then you could leave a snack just a few feet away from the door to the bathroom. This will not only be distracting, but it will also give them a reward by allowing you to use the bathroom.

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