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In this blog post, we will answer the following question: Why does my dog drag his blanket around? We give you 5 reasons for why this happens and also talk about some of the most bizarre behaviours of dogs.


Why does my dog drag his blanket around?

There are many reasons your dog is known to drag the blanket all over. Therefore, we’re going to look at them in a separate manner.
In the beginning, when your dog snoozes on his blanket all over before bed this is because he’s looking for a cozy place to sleep. Dogs are all about creating an inviting space to lay down and take a rest. If they scratch on the sofa and move pillows or blankets and blankets, they are making the space to time more peacefully. Sometimes, they may even go through an actual ritual of preparation! It’s quite entertaining watching them make preparations for their time of relaxation.
The second reason is that they do it out of instinct. When they were an animal in the wild digging in the earth to build their burrows. They also protected them and their cubs from the elements and predators.
Nowadays, with the safety that the domestic dog enjoys in the house, it is not making sense to dig for an area to defend themselves however, this is exactly the way their ancestors lived for thousands of years , and the genes that they inherited have endured until today. Moving the blanket around is a re-creation of that behavior.
If, for whatever reason, your dog gets scratched on the couch, bed or the floor , or if your dog flings his blanket about and we look at him smile and give him our complete attention, he has discovered that doing it is worth its rewards, so it is likely that he will do it again.
The habit of constantly focusing our attention isn’t a bad quality, but should you notice that it is doing it continuously, it is possible to pay more attention by playing around with it, or even taking it further for a walk.
Your dog is dragging his blanket around as it is entertaining for him. Perhaps in addition to the reasons we’ve listed it is because your pet is also having fun. We humans love scratching on the sofa or on the floor rug aren’t the most exciting actions, however, in the case of dogs, they could be a fascinating method of occupying their time.
Additionally, if they do it for long periods of time and with a high level of energy it helps them shed energy rapidly and makes to feel more relaxed.
Another reason to mark territory is. If dogs scratch a surface using their paws and let out an odour that gets infected on it. They create an “personal mark” and claim that area as theirs.
This type of behaviour is most frequent on couches and beds in which our odours and those of other people in the home are more prevalent This is especially true the moment a new family member moves into the home or when significant changes happen in the home.


The most bizarre behaviours of dogs

A new dog to the family is an experience of adventures. The experiences that you have together will be quite a shock. Dogs are often prone to bizarre and surprising behavior for their owners.

They destroy everything

It’s nothing unwelcome to get home from a hard day’s work only to find that the dog has completely destroyed out the bed’s carpet. When you wake up in the morning, and the legs of chairs and tables are totally unrecognizable.


It’s surely the most dangerous behavior of all. If a dog falls to the floor and starts to spin and “row” using his legs, he’s likely to have seizures. Another sign is moving in circles. Animals should be immediately brought to a vet when there is a suspicion of this because the symptoms become worse in the majority of cases. Begin by taking you to the bathroom.
Dogs don’t respect limits. This is especially true when you are cooking, watching TV or doing something intimate such as going to the bathroom or having sex, it can be a bit disturbing to see a dog stare at them.
But, there’s nothing wrong with this behavior. Dogs aren’t aware of that line of separation. If the thought of dogs in a crowd is a problem for you, close the door to show your dog that they shouldn’t be in the room.

Rubbing on a toy

The dog may have seen “rubbing” the toy or on the legs of guests. The blankets, and even the furniture are white as is and this can be somewhat unsettling. If it’s not excessively it’s completely normal, however there are methods to stop the behavior. It is recommended to talk with the veterinarian.

Eating their waste

While the concept may sound uncomfortable, there are two primary reasons for why people do it. In the first place, they might try to maintain the space tidy and view it as an act of cleanliness. This is a natural behavior that females, for instance are known to do with their children.
In addition, the food they consume may not be enough to meet their nutritional needs . This is a means of enhancing their diet. Whatever the reason, it’s not something you should be doing or is healthy. There are solutions to treat these conditions.

Inverted’ sneezes

Of all the bizarre or frightening things listed that are listed reverse sneezes are the top award. Despite the way they sound it is completely safe for dogs. The signs are when a dog suddenly begins to make a weird sound, which appears to be an amalgamation of huffing and choking. It appears to be trying to expel its waste. What’s the matter?
It’s an “respiratory event” that can result from overexcitement or in an effort to clear mucus. But, it must be allowed to continue for 30 seconds, then be able to return to normal. Also, there are some that bark in fantasies


Other Solutions and Considerations

You might notice that your pet is very circling as he or she moves around his blankets. If your dog can’t seem to relax and cry while sitting down may be a sign of an health issue that is underlying. Animals with arthritis might show these signs when they try to get down to lay down. It is important to take Fido into the veterinarian for a comprehensive examination will determine if it is actually arthritis or another medical problem that needs to be treated. Humans too go slow to move around as we age. It’s only natural the same is true for your pet as well.


In this blog post, I answered the following question: Why does my dog drag his blanket around? We gave you 5 reasons for why this happens and also talk about some of the most bizarre behaviours of dogs.
There’s nothing to worry about if you observe your pet dragging his blanket around. It could be that your dog just wants your attention or would like to feel more at ease. Of obviously, there are some specific instances. For instance, the blanket might have a particular smell that can make your dog feel secure.

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