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It’s a sound many dog owners are aware of It could be that they’re cooking dinner in the kitchen or showering, and then they hear sounds emanating through the toilet. And then you realize the same thing is happening and your dog is drinking water from the toilet. What is the reason dogs drink water from the toilet? Are they secure? What are the best ways to stop it in the event that your dog drinks in the toilet? Find out more in this article!
I’m not saying that, but owning a black lab who is 7 years old is more fun than I could ever imagine. Although I am a sucker for taking long walks with my beloved companion I am genuinely spooked to tears when I see him drink right out from the toilet. Sure, that I could just place the toilet seat in the sink each time I use the restroom, but , hey humans aren’t flawless! I was curious about why my dog is more drawn to the toilet than his water bowl when thirsty I reached out to my vet for clarification.


Why Do Dogs Drink Toilet Water?

Experts believe that one of the reasons why your pet drinks water from the toilet is that they’re naturally drawn to search for running water. This is a habit that’s leftover from the days the days of wild animals, not pets. When dogs were out in nature, flowing water was more beneficial over stagnant water. This could also be the reason why cats are fond of hanging in the vicinity of sinks.
Another possibility is that dogs like the tranquility of the bathroom. The bathroom is far from the noise of your house. It is quiet and creates a more relaxing area to relax and enjoy drinks.

Why Do Dogs Drink Out of the Toilet Despite Having Fresh Water?

Even though my dog is a bit older, I can still see his playful puppy streak pop out quite often. Since he’s occasionally rude on purpose I believe he’s playing with me when you take him to the bathroom to drink. However, according the Bond Vet’s Cofounder and Chief Veterinarian Dr. Zay Satchu, I’m wrong.
“Even though you may have just changed the water in Fido’s water bowl, it’s likely that the water in the toilet bowl is actually just colder and fresher,” she said to POPSUGAR. “It is also part of their natural instinct to seek out a flowing water source, and seeking out a toilet bowl is feeding that instinct. The water in their bowl is a stagnant water source and this is something they naturally would try to avoid.”

How Can You Get Your Dog to Drink Out of Their Water Bowl Instead of the Toilet?

Inducing your pets to drink water that is safe to drink from their own bowls is a simple solution; all you have to do is change the way your dogs drink water at all times. “Water fountains are a great way to provide well-oxygenated ‘fresh’ water to your dog throughout the day,” explained Dr. Satchu. “The movement through the fountain is similar to new water entering the toilet bowl with each flush.” The PetSafe Drinkwell Multitier Fountain ($30) is an excellent alternative for large as well as small breeds.


Is It Bad For Dogs to Drink Out of the Toilet?

I do not want to cause my pets any harm, therefore, I’m concerned about my pet getting the chemicals I employ for cleaning the bathroom each week. “Cleaning products full of chemicals are a concern for your toilet-water-drinking doggo,” Dr. Satchu confirmed. “If they are adamant that the best water comes from the toilet, I would recommend making the change to an all-natural, organic cleaning product (think: baking soda and vinegar), closing the toilet lid, or keeping the bathroom door closed.” In addition, pet owners should consider purchasing a Toilet Safety Lock , which will certainly keep your pet from the toilet.

Is Toilet Water Safe for Pets to Drink?

If your gut is informing you to stop the behavior of your dog whenever it drink in the restroom, be able to trust your gut. Toilet water isn’t always pure and you should keep your dog to drink it. Toilet bowls can contain a lot of bacteria including E. coli (yikes!). Dogs can be at danger of contracting intestinal parasites and intestinal bacteria. Additionally, if your dog drinks from their toilets, they are at risk of getting into anything within your system, including chemicals that are toxic to dogs.
Perhaps the most hazardous aspect of drinking from the toilet is the exposure to all types cleaners. Many of them contain harmful chemical substances that pose a risk to dogs, including chlorine bleachand sodium peroxide hypochlorite sodium salts, and sodium perborate. Ingestion of these chemicals may result in chemical burns poisoning, or even death.
If you own a pet who has a habit of drinking in the restroom, be sure to familiarize yourself with signs of poisoning. Keep the bathroom door shut for a while and flush several times after cleansing your bathroom. This will prevent the consumption of cleaning products.

Prevent and Protect

Dogs aren’t likely to understand the purpose of toilets however it won’t prevent them from drinking it, even in the event that they did. The best way to keep Prince away from the bathroom is to close the lid of the toilet or keep the door to the bathroom shut. Encourage family members to follow the same procedure.


How to Stop Your Dog From Drinking Out of the Toilet

Because drinking from the toilet is a risk it is recommended to deter your pet as much as you can. There are a few ways to prevent it from happening if your dog drinks in the toilet

  • Always keep the lid on the toilet at all times.
  • Keep your bathroom door closed
  • Make sure you have many bowls of cool, fresh and clean water in your home
  • In case your pet drinks out of the toilet, be sure to keep it as spotless as it can be.
  • Buy a water fountain for your pet for your dog as this can provide the enticement of flowing water without the threat of poisoning or infection (just ensure that you regularly replenish it, clean it every week, and regularly change the filter)
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