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My Chihuahua pup had an addiction. It is obsessed with shredding papers. Toilet paper, pee pads even notebooks aren’t protected from tiny teeth. She was very pleased with the experience. It’s evident from the enthusiasm she showed while shredding an urinal. However I did not find it as enjoyable. It’s good to know I was able to train her to not eat pee pads. You can teach dogs to chew things that are appropriate.


Why does my dog eat pee pads?

It’s a challenge for us to comprehend. We wouldn’t go into the bathroom and begin tearing the toilet paper or even to chew on your toilet. Why is this an attractive option for your pet?


Stress is a common experience for dogs just as humans do. If your pet is anxious or stressed they’ll find an approach to soothe them. They can exhibit a variety of comforting behavior. Certain dogs will beg for a lick, while others might be destructive. The act of eating pee pads is an act of comfort which dogs employ to ease their anxieties.


The dogs, particularly puppies, are prone to trying different ways to find nutrients. Certain dogs perform this behavior when nutritional requirements aren’t being met. Other canines will do this in a sense, even though they’re well-fed.


If your dog is eating pads of pee instead of tearing the pads, they might have pica. Dogs with pica are hungry and will eat non-food things. Some dogs will consume only one thing, while some consume many different types of food items.
Pica is a risk to your dog’s health, because they are ingesting items that aren’t designed to be eaten. It could lead to an intestinal blockage, poisoning or stomach irritation based on the food they are eating.
Pica can occur for a wide variety of reasons. The most common causes are hormone imbalance, diabetes, and thyroid diseases. It could be due to stress, separation anxiety or boredom.


Why does my dog tear up pee pads?

Your dog isn’t interested with eating pee pads. They just love to shred them. This is a messy scenario that could leave you feeling extremely dissatisfied, but understanding the reasons behind that is the initial step in getting rid of it.


Dogs are like children in various ways. When they do not have a suitable means of entertaining themselves and have fun, they can engage in activities that they shouldn’t. Hands that aren’t in use or paws could cause some mischief.
Dogs require physical and mental stimulation. If they are bored, they tend to engage in behaviors that their owners do not like for example, the destruction of pee pads.


Every dog, even the one that is most domesticated still has certain hunting instincts. When you play tug-of-war the war between your dogs, they’ll grunt or shake their heads. It is part of the natural instinct to tear up their prey.
This can cause the pee pads to break. pads. Pee pads are soft and can make fun sound when they tear. It’s similar as tearing at prey to stimulate dogs’ instincts.


The softness of pads for puppies and the sound of tearing them makes it almost impossible for a dog, particularly the puppy. It’s a great experience and a lot of fun for them.
Operant conditioning is a method that most owners employ to teach their dogs. It is a method of reinforcement that can be used whenever the dog is engaged in a behaviour. If the experience is pleasant and enjoyable, they’ll want to keep doing it. As treats will make your dog to to follow your instructions Your dog will keep tearing the pads of pee when the experience is enjoyable.


Dogs are social creatures. When they are in the wild, they live their lives in groups. Domestic dogs too are social animals. They require attention to stay mentally well.
The amount of attention that the dog needs will differ. Some dogs require lots of attention, while others can be content with some playtime. If your dog is unhappy the dog will want your attention.
Peeing on a pad is sure to draw the attention of others, however it’s not the best attention. Your dog is just like a child, a lack of attention is generally more beneficial than not paying attention all.

Lack of Toys/Chews

Dogs require mental stimulation and social interactions. They are naturally inclined to play and chew. In the event that they do not have things to chew, they’ll discover something that you don’t like them chewing.
Pee pads can be a tempting toy when there’s no other in the vicinity to keep them busy. Dogs may also become bored of their toys and snacks. If you notice that your dog doesn’t engage in playtime with their pets as much It’s time to get new ones.


Teething is uncomfortable for dogs just as it is for human babies. Similar to their canine pets, puppies can play with objects to relieve the discomfort caused by teething.

Why do dogs eat your pads?

Dogs examine their underwear and crotches as they’re desperate to find valuable information, according to Dogster. Before the days of costumes for dogs or sat in cafes and attended birthday celebrations They were hunters and scavengers , so they’re drawn to bodily fluids and , more specifically scents that smell of decay.

Why are dogs attracted to period blood?

It’s been discovered that both dogs and cats can detect menstrual cycles through smell and hormonal levels. Of of course, they don’t have any understanding of the uterus’s activity However, they know that something is happening.


How do I get my dog to stop eating pee pads?

It isn’t easy to convince your pet to stop eating their pee pads because they enjoy the experience. It’s good to know that you can persuade your pet to stop chewing and eating pee pads with just a small amount of effort and perseverance.

Chew Toys

Give your dog plenty of chew toys and toys. If your dog is not enjoying himself, think about treats that are hidden. They allow you to insert treats inside the toys. Your dog must be able to work for the treat, and it provides them with a lot of fun.
You could also switch your dog’s toys. When they get bored, switch some of their toys. Remove the old toys and get new ones. You can repeat the process using the old toys as your dog starts losing attraction to the new toys.

Physical Activity

Dogs need to be active. If they aren’t getting enough exercise and play, they could develop destructive behavior in an effort to let go of their excess energy. Play sessions and walks are the best method for your pet to stay engaged and serene.

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