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If your dog is drinking the toilet roll, then this article will provide you with the most likely explanations the reason and what you can do take action to stop them.
Why is it that my dog consume toilet paper? One of the main reasons your dog consumes toilet paper is because it enjoys its taste. It has also learned it is rewarded.
The dog you feed toilet paper for a variety of reasons, and it may be because of one or more of them. But, there are options to identify the cause. Additionally, there are some things you could try to fix it.


Why does my dog eat toilet paper?

Below are some possible reasons your dog is likely to eat toilet paper, and what could increase the likelihood of them doing so.


Pica is a medical condition where dogs start eating things they shouldn’t. If your dog is eating toilet paper at a moment’s notice and has also been eating other food items that shouldn’t be and is acting strangely in other ways it is best to take your pet in to see a vet an examination.


It could also be something that is making it stressed and behaving in an unusual manner. It is more probable if the dog has a tendency to consume toilet paper at times when it’s more likely to become anxious for example, when you hear loud noises within the home or when you are away from home.

An issue with its diet

The reason could be something wrong with the diet. It could be that it isn’t receiving enough calories or not been getting enough nutrients from its diet. It is more likely if it began experiencing this after an alteration in its diet. In this instance it will help make sure that it is receiving the proper diet.

Encouraging the behavior

It could also be you’ve taught your pet that this behavior can be rewarded. If you usually reward it with things like extra praise or treats If it attempts at eating toilet paper you can expect it to repeat the behavior to receive greater rewards.


It could be that your dog was doing it because of naturally seeking to tear objects as it is for potential prey. It is more likely if the dog tear up toilet paper.

It simply likes the taste

The reason could occur because your pet likes the flavor. This is especially likely when your dog hasn’t been acting out in different ways.


How Eating Toilet Paper Harms Your Dog’s Health

Toilet paper consumption can cause digestive issues. At the very minimum your pet may feel stomach upset as toilet paper enters their digestive system. This can cause constipation, vomiting, diarrhea and even lethargy.
It may even result in an emergency room because toilet paper can cause obstructions within the dog’s intestinal tracts that need surgery. The signs of a blocked intestine include weight loss and pain, bloating, or inability to eat.

Things to consider

Here are a few things to take into consideration to determine the root of the issue.

If your dog has always eaten toilet paper

If your dog didn’t always consume toilet paper It is helpful to think about what happened at the time it began to do it. If it began doing it at a momentary rate it could be because of something like an alteration in its diet, something that made it to become anxious, or it was doing it to get attention.

The timing of when your dog eats toilet paper

It is also helpful to look at the timing the time your dog is eating toilet paper, as the timing may be a factor in it. For instance, if you are more likely to do this more frequently when you’re not at home, the cause may be separation anxiety or the need to eat.

What to do about my dog eating toilet paper?

Here are some suggestions to deal with the behaviour.

Avoid encouraging it

Like we said as mentioned above, it may be the dog been taught that eating toilet paper can be rewarded. It is better to keep your dog from receiving more attention when they do it and be sure to reward it for doing as you would want it to.

Limit your dog’s access to toilet paper

The easiest way to go is to limit your pet’s access to toilet paper. This can be done by making sure you keep the door to the bathroom shut and toilet paper away from the reach of your dog.

What to Do if your Dog Eats Toilet Paper

If your dog is eating toilet tissue take him to your vet right away. Because this could indicate an underlying health issue It is essential that your pet be examined for physical signs. Your vet will be capable of performing any test necessary to determine a diagnosis. If the reason is a health issue the doctor can suggest certain diets, medicines or even suggestions.


Why does my dog eat dirty toilet paper?

The main reason your dog will eat toilet paper is because it is a fan of the flavor and has come to realize that this reward is given to the behavior. It could also be due to other factors like a problem with its diet or an anxiety issue and it is important to think about the time of day when it happens and what other changes occurred when it began.


The dog is a simple creature and typically the most evident and plausible thing to do is the cause for an action… This holds true for toilet roll eating as well, where the majority of dogs will eat them just because they are able!
It’s a lot of fun. If you take a look at the pictures included in the article they’re of my dog after playing with some toilet paper in his face. He was keen to participate and it turned into a fun game, and he was thrilled by the love and attention.
However it’s not always the reason for your dog’s behavior, so keep an eye out for any unusual signs, and consult a vet there is any doubt about how your dog is acting.

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