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If your dog is averse to you, this article will provide you the possibilities of why this is the case and what you can do about it.
What is the reason my dog dislike me? The possible reasons your dog doesn’t like you could be that it’s unwell, afraid, the previous owners might have mistreated it, it may be depressed or even it doesn’t be hating you but could show affection in ways you don’t notice.
There are a variety of reasons your dog could appear to dislike you. But, there are many factors to consider in trying to determine the reason. Once you’ve got an understanding of the reason it will be much easier to bring it stopped.


Why your dog hates you

Each of the many reasons people dislike you could have some clues. Below are a few possible reasons and what might increase the likelihood of them.

It doesn’t actually hate you

It is possible that your dog will not dislike you. Certain dogs like being hugged and petted, however others won’t. If your dog does not like it when you touch it, but you are able to do it often and it isn’t, it could be the reason that has caused it to be afraid of your presence (source). It could be that your dog doesn’t express its love in a way that is obvious.

Previous owners

It is possible that previous owners treated it badly and it does not exhibit the same affection. This is especially true when you adopt it from an animal shelter.
In this scenario it could start to improve over some weeks as it becomes at ease in its new surroundings. If it isn’t beginning to improve, you should consider assistance from a pet behaviorist who is in your area.

Illness or injury

The reason could be due to an injury or illness. It is more probable if the dog changed its behavior suddenly or if it is manifesting signs of being sick or injured. If you suspect it is sick or injured, the best course of action is to bring it to a veterinarian.


The reason your dog has been acting this way it could be because something is causing it to become fearful. It is more likely if it begins acting differently in response to something that is alarming it. The things that can scare it could be fireworks, construction or even someone around it that it doesn’t like.


The reason your dog seems to dislike you may be due to boredom. This is especially true in the case of one of the breeds that is supposed to be getting plenty in exercise regular basis, but hasn’t had much time for exercise. In this situation it’s best to ensure that your dog can get the amount of exercise recommended for the breed every day.

Lack of socialization as a puppy

The reason could be that it was unable to interact with other dogs in the beginning of its life. When they are young, dogs form a lot of the characteristics they have. If a puppy doesn’t receive many opportunities to connect with other dogs, it will not have as many opportunities to become interested in them.


It could be that your pet hasn’t been showing much affection for you due to something that is leading it to become depressed. It’s more likely to happen if it began changing its behavior after an event like the owner’s departure from home or the death of a pet.
In this scenario it may start to improve over several weeks. It is recommended to give it plenty of exercise, training and play. If it doesn’t begin to improve, it might be beneficial to seek out the advice of veterinarian.


My Dog Doesn’t Like Me – What Should I Do?

When you’re ready to welcome a new dog to your house, you could imagine snuggling as well as fun and exciting games to play with and plenty of time for play. But that’s rarely the situation. There may be an adjustment time for dogs and humans. So, remind yourself that you are not the only one to be thinking “My dog doesn’t like me,” it’s actually waiting to get meet you. It takes time to build trust, so continue to play the role of pack leader and your dog will be able to warm up to you.
If you’ve owned your dog for a long time it’s quite frightening to think, “Maybe my dog doesn’t like me anymore,” particularly if you’ve always shared a bond. This could be a cause to be worried. The changes in behavior could be a sign of an illness, and it’s crucial to take your dog to the vet. The reason for health isn’t the only factor behind the behavior of a dog changes. If a dog suddenly seems uninterested in the company of his friends could be feeling a variety of emotions like sadness, anger or jealousy. What has changed within your home recently? Perhaps you’ve had someone move into your house (or away from it). Perhaps you’ve taken your dog for walks less frequently than you normally do. Changes of routines, not even minor ones, could be the reason behind your dog to be disinterested in your company.
Then, age can be a factor in your dog’s appearance as absent. A dog who was once playful but is now suffering from arthritis could lie in bed and not get up to play with the ball. The change in his behavior does not mean that he no longer enjoys spending time with you. the dog is simply adapting to his old age.


When your dog first started hating you

It is also helpful to think about what else went on when it first began doing it. If it began to hate your suddenly, then it could be that it was triggered by an event that triggered it to begin doing it.
If it is only recently that it begun to behave this way, that would make it more likely because of things such as:

  • A person who is abused by someone
  • Mistreated by a different dog
  • Being ill or injured
  • Feeling depressed could be because of a pet or family member not being present
  • Moving to a new place
  • A diet change
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