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Slobbery, wet, and big kisses from dogs are part of the deal for many pet owners, but your face isn’t all they kiss. Be careful not to let your thoughts get too caught up in the grooming routines of dogs I was discussing their noses.
Puppy’s who lick their noses are an everyday sight but what’s the reason? Someone once told me some while ago they required to drink water or else they’d become sick. I’m sure that’s a lie. However, I was fascinated by this peculiar dog behavior and wanted to learn more. What I learned was very helpful.
Why is my dog constantly licking her face? The dog is licking her nose to show you that she’s injured. The dog’s brain is wired to tell ‘the pack’ when they’re weak, and it can be displayed in other ways. Be sure to examine your puppy’s nose, especially if she has a tendency to lick it often to ensure there’s not a medical reason behind the frequent brushing.


A Dogs’ Nose is Incredibly Sensitive

Even a tiny scratch could cause your dog to rub her nose. Imagine what you feel like when you receive a papercut or scrape on the soft tissues in your mouth. Your dog’s nose is the first of their body to encounter anything that is new or unusual. It’s actually right in to the front, and is usually just a few inches away from the surface.
A blade of grass could cause harm if you’re walking through a field on the “blade” level. Insects, seeds along with other debris, are more close to the dogs’ faces as opposed to theirs. In other words, they’re the ideal height to inflict minor injuries and irritations on the nose. But, it’s not the only issue that could cause the problem.

Possible Causes of Doggy Nose Licking

Doggy nose licking is a negative indication. Sometimes , a hair may be rubbing the delicate tissues, or the skin seems dry. Also, a small scratch shouldn’t be concerned about unless it’s infected. I’ve put together an inventory of the 10 most frequent causes of this odd behavior

  • Scrapes and cuts- small cuts on soft tissue can cause quite a lot.
  • Allergies and infections are the most frequent causes when a dog has excessively from the nose.
  • Anxiety or confusionDogs who are anxious or isn’t sure the situation may rub their nose.
  • Stings and Bites- Unless it’s swelling the bite, a tiny an itch on the nose of your dog is difficult to identify. Licking your nose can provide a clue to the issue.
  • Unidentified Object – A thing could get trapped inside the nose of your dog. Even if it’s not hurting it, the tingling sensation can be uncomfortable for them, so they attempt to clean it off.
  • Compulsive Behaviour: Dogs, as well as other animals, can suffer from compulsive behavior disorders.
  • Nausea- licking the nose could be a sign that your dog is about throw up.
  • Dental Health: Some dogs with gum disease or have other oral issues lick their noses.
  • Canine Seizures- Dogs that suffer from partial seizures can exhibit strange behavior and may even have a tendency to lick their lips or nose in the course of the event. In this instance it isn’t likely to last long, but it could cause excessive behavior for a short duration. Always ensure that a veterinarian checks out your pet when it appears that there is a possibility of seizures or problems.
  • Normal Behavior: Moisturizing their dry noses by taking an occasional lick is typical. It could even aid dogs detect scents more effectively in the air.

A Simple Solution for Dog Dry Nose

Although it’s not a huge problem when your puppy decides to scratch her nose dry however, there’s some things you could do in order to keep it wet. Dryness of the nose is not a major issue however, when it becomes serious, a premium nasal balm can soothe the dry or cracked snout.
I have I carry the Natural Dog Company Powerhouse Set all over with my dogs. The Snout Soother is great and I appreciate having something to help with paws and other skin issues in my bag. Its size is portable and my dogs are enthralled by how it feels. Find out the prices and availability through this link.


Nose Licking & Doggy Mental Health

The most difficult reasons for doggy noses licking that are difficult to recognize aren’t always scratches or bites. If the issue is within the dog’s head there’s no way that you can detect by looking at the snout of their pet.
as responsible pet parents and pet owners, monitoring our pet’s behavior is a an essential part of our job. However, if you notice that your dog does this when people visit or when there’s a storm for instance, there’s a chance that it’s a stress response. Whatever the cause, anxiety doesn’t need to be displayed through being aggressive or hiding.
A habitual nose lick however, appears quite different. If you aren’t able to see any signs that is abnormal, and your veterinarian has examined her however your dog has a few instances of intense kissing, it could be compulsive behavior.
Compulsion can be extremely repetitive. It is frequent, more often than a tornado and can last for several minutes. A few minutes or more. Additionally, the licking may be disruptive. However, it could be excessive enough to cause injuries. It’s commonplace for dogs to do this repeatedly however, this doesn’t mean it’s not a problem if it occurs on other parts of the body. It is essential to inform your veterinarian when your dog is licking her nose in a compulsion.

Other Solutions and Considerations

The licking of the nose can reveal the humorous aspect in your puppy. The tongues of dogs have incredible capabilities. They are long and lazy. are able to slowly slide over their nose to convey the message of a relaxed and calm dog. See your dog socialize with others dogs and observe them exchange the calm “lick your nose” sign with one another. In a flash, you’ll feel that you’re being a part of this amazing conversation, without even saying even a word! Finding ways to better understand your dog’s personality and what makes him feel at ease and relaxed, as well as stressed and anxious is an invaluable tool that can be used regardless of the situation. The dog you love will happy for the insight you’ve gained into his world, and as a couple the bond you share will be stronger than ever previously.


Final Thoughts

Dogs can do a variety of bizarre things and licking their noses is one of the most bizarre. It’s not a problem when your dog gives her nose a few times a dampening. She’s having fun. If it’s persistent or frequent, you ought to be concerned.
The nose is perhaps the most important organ in your dog’s. Hearts are the main source of blood. The stomach, brain, and kidneys do their crucial tasks as well. However, it’s by the use of the nose that canines are able to experience the world in a way that our human senses aren’t able to be able to comprehend or emulate.

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