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Maybe this isn’t what he’s doing However, prior to that Dog Licking Carpet Challenge becomes something we need to identify the reason your dog is making your carpet soggy (and not just with pee).
A dog that licks the carpet could be due to a behavioral issue, neurological issue or a health concern, or boredom. The dog may be exhibiting compulsive behavior. This is the following of a specific behaviour pattern for a long time. The reason for this is usually anxiety and could require treatment or the attention of an animal veterinarian.
The Nest also identifies more serious issues like neurological disorders or parasitic diseases as possible causes for carpet cleaning. A lack of health, allergies, or digestive problems could also cause an animal acting out in a strange manner. It is possible that the dog is bored or not stimulated enough. Instructing the dog or taking him for exercise can help to reduce the behavior.
This isn’t just harmful to your carpet, but it’s also something which must be recognized as it could cause dangers to the health of any dog who engages in it. The first step to tackle an issue is to learn about the cause, so take a look at the reasons the reason dogs are cleaning the carpet.


Reason 1: Your Dog’s Bored

Like us humans Dogs can also resort to acting out in a bizarre manner when they’re bored. The licking of carpets is among these behaviors.
In contrast to us who play Candy Crush, dogs can’t generally find a reliable way to entertain themselves. It’s not the case if your pet has this kind of dog.
In the end that your dog is likely to turn his focus towards the carpet and begin chewing on it because there’s no other thing to be doing.
Fortunately, the answer to this issue is fairly simple: Give your dog an activity to engage in.

Reason 2: Your Dog’s Stressed

Carpets that are licking may be an indication it is possible that the pet suffering from some stress or anxiety and they’re trying to relieve it by playing themselves on the carpet.
It’s certainly alarming when we suspect that our dogs are experiencing an anxiety-related issue, however, the best method to handle the situation is to find out the root cause for their stress.
Most of the time, it’s evident, like a change to routine diet, environment, or even food. Although sometimes, the changes are required but there’s a better method to introduce them to your dog in a way that will not cause stress for them.

Reason 3: Your Dog Has Digestive Problems

You’ve heard about dogs eating grass to cause vomiting when they’re sick? Carpet licking could be an indoor version of this.
As indoor dogs rarely have access to plants or grass to soothe their pain so they use the carpet as a substitute. If you suspect that your dog is chewing on the carpet due to this reason it is important to be on guard because they could be trying to swallow something harmful as they try to vomit.
The licking sessions usually end after the dog has vomited, however in some cases it may last for quite a while until they reach their aim of being able to vomit. If you do not employ a carpet cleaner that contains chemicals that could cause harm to your dog, it’s usually permissible to allow your dog to continue on licking the carpet.
If you notice a pattern of behavior for your dog, seek out your vet because your dog might be developing symptoms of hyperacidity. It can occur when they’re left without food for an extended period of time, and this can be the case if they don’t have any set feeding routine. The simple bread eaten can alleviate stomach discomfort since it helps to absorb certain acids inside the stomach.


Reason 4: Your Dog Has Neurological Problems

If the licking of your carpet is not a result of any of the three causes mentioned above, it could be the sign of an even more serious neurological issue which needs to be treated promptly.
If your dog exhibits signs of compulsive behavior such as the constant licking, not only of the carpet, but also their fur as well as other objects that are visible, it could be an indication of an injury to the head or some other neurological issue.
If you think that the carpet-licking behavior of your dog isn’t one of the more common ones take a trip to your vet to determine the cause in your dog as fast as you can.

Is Carpet Licking a Serious Problem?

Your dog will be able to lick many things throughout her life. There’s little it is possible to do to prevent her from doing this.
There is the possibility that she may inhale something harmful, such as the long fibers of carpet or a toxic residue, and pathogenic bacteria. However, the likelihood of these eventualities are minimal for dogs that perform occasional and often infrequent the act of licking.
However the dogs that keep licking the floor or carpet are at a higher chance of consuming anything that is risky. Your dog could take in enough fibers that cause obstruction in their digestive tract or consume dangerous substances which could cause her get sick.
The size and overall health of your dog can also play into the problem. For instance, a 5-pound Chihuahua could suffer an intestinal obstruction after taking in a carpet fiber that is long however 150 pounds Great Dane may pass the same carpet fiber without difficulty.
In addition, animals that are smaller have a higher chance to become sick due to germs or harmful items that could be found present on the floor.
If you’ve got a pet who has a habit of licking on the flooring, then you might have to be extra cautious to make use of a pet-safe floor cleaner to prevent your dog from getting into toxic substances by licking them.



Although it is true that the Dog Licking Carpet Challenge may not be an option in the near future (but you don’t know for sure, right? ) Knowing the potential reasons behind that your dog might be doing it will drastically decrease the chance of it taking place.
Once you know if it’s stress, boredom or any other medical issue that could be behind this behavior for your dog, it’ll be much easier to deal with the issue and stop the carpet licking one time at and for all.

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