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Are you wondering the reason your dog keeps sniffing your legs? Have you noticed that your dog is constantly doing this? it’s causing you to wonder what your dog could be being able to detect in your legs?
The most common reasons your dog is looking at your legs is that your dog trying to discover what you’ve been doing He is collecting information about you based on your scent. He likes the scent you smell, or you’ve been a part of the cause or instinct.
This article will give you all the essential details you need to be aware of your dog’s new behavior, as well as the reasons why your dog may be engaging in this behavior, if it’s something that could cause you worry and what you can do to get your dog to quit.


5 Possible reasons your dog keep sniffing your legs

1. Your dog loves your scent

The sense of smell dogs have is quite different than our sense of smell. The sensitivity of their noses is greater
In reality, it’s through this talent that they are able to easily distinguish individuals apart since each has their own distinct scent. A unique one that is distinct to them only and almost as if nobody else have the identical fingerprint.
So, your dog will identify you from others simply by the scent you emit. Your dog could be sniffing around your legs since it loves the scent of your feet.
It’s all about the scent of its owner that is the most important thing and that scent gives you a feeling of security and trust. Your dog is the one they love most and it will be looking for areas to sniff on your body like your legs.

2. Your dog senses your emotions

The results of studies have revealed that dogs can detect your mood through your sense of smell. Dogs can tell if you’re feeling sad, scared or stressed by sniffing your face.
When we’re scared, our bodies release adrenaline hormones and hormones that are an essential component of our fight or flight response. The hormone doesn’t smell to us, however dogs are able to smell it easily.
As well, fear and anxiety are often accompanied by an increase in speed of our heartbeats and blood flow. These chemicals are sent to the skin’s surface, which can be easily detected by dogs.
Therefore, you can rest assured that your dog will be able to tell what you’re feeling even if your expression does not reveal it, and even if you may try to hide it.
So, your dog could be sniffing around your legs since it is sensing certain emotions from you. This could be a sign of the curiosity of your dog.

3. Your dog is trying to know about you

Your dog could be sniffing your legs since it’s trying to gather data about you.
Your dog can identify what you’ve been doing by sniffing around, and they can determine which dog you spent the day with, whether you cuddled an animal, or what you ate for lunch.
Research has shown that dogs are able to detect cancer in humans.
They may also be able to detect medical conditions, such as seizures, low blood sugar or migraines.

4. You have an injury

It’s the natural instinct of dogs to smell the wounds of everyone in the “pack”. Your dog may be sniffing around your legs as they are able to smell the wounds and blood.
Of course, this will most likely occur when you’ve suffered an injury. Your dog could be trying to attend to the wounds you have suffered and keep an eye on your general health.
This is a habit of keeping packs together and was a way to keep the pack together. It also served dogs well in their wild ways before they became domesticated.
Watch the behavior of your dog when it sniffs your face, is it trying to lick your legs as well?
If this is the case, it could mean that your dog simply doing this due to an injury and are seeking to help keep the cut free of dirt.
It could be that your dog is smelling the presence of microorganisms and bacteria that have invaded your wounds and, therefore, if you have a wound you should be sure to get it examined.

5. You have encouraged the habit

Many dog owners encourage certain behaviors in their dogs even though they don’t realize they’re doing it.
If you laugh, smile or begin to talk softly or reward your dog after your dog has behaved in a specific manner, then you’ve been encouraging this behavior.
Dogs are easily influenced particularly by their owners, and will always behave in as they think they should.
So when your dog is able to sense that you are in love with something it did, it will likely behave similarly at some point in the near future.


How to get your dog to stop sniffing your legs

Certain breeds are more discret when it comes to sniffing than other breeds.
Perhaps your dog isn’t very polite about it and can get all intimate, and licking your legs until it’s uncomfortable when a stranger is around.
The process of resolving a behavior for your dog could be a lengthy process that can last from weeks to months, based on how rewarding and interesting the habit was for your dog.
If your dog began to sniff your legs due to you encouraging it, then you should start not ignoring him when the dog does this.
It is crucial to understand that any attention can be considered to be attention, no matter if it’s positive or negative.
So, yelling or calming your pet could have the similar result. Your dog will have your attention and would be delighted, and will continue to believe that sniffing is the best way to find what it is looking for.
If you keep ignoring your dog, it will eventually be aware that this behavior will not get him the respect that he desires.


Final Thoughts

What is the reason my dog keeps me from walking?
Dogs who start to sniff your legs are interested in the places you’ve been to or about what you’re like as an individual. They’ll determine whether you’re secure by using their nose too.
It’s a means to gain knowledge about the person who is in front of them . It begins with the legs.
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