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If you imagine your pet’s kiss, regardless of regardless of whether you like their moist tongue or not, you’ll feel a warmth within your heart. This is because you instantly connect this behaviour with the love and affection of your pet. But, have you ever wondered if this is a valid approach to think? While kissing two people suggests an intimate relationship isn’t always the case in the way dogs behave toward people. Let’s analysis of the reasons your dog is affectionate with you and you kiss your hands, face or feet.



As soon as a puppy is born, the mother starts to lick them in order to clean them and promote proper development of their bodies. When the puppy enters life, they are exposed to licking to show their deep affection from their mother. The mouths of puppies are used to investigate their surroundings. They bit, nibble, and lick the surfaces within their vicinity and also communicate with dogs. This can be seen as a sign of body language, and they are likely to repeat it to humans.
There are some experts who believe that licking originates from the wolf. When wolves go on hunts and return home to their pups with meaty pieces newborn wolves, who are unable to yet chew or bite and chew, will lick the meat out of the mouth of their mothers. Research has shown that how the practice of eating is transmitted to the DNA of the wolf, causing dogs to inherit the habit.

Sign of affection

Yes, there are clear indications that your dog is kissing you as they are happy to be with you. Dogs show their affection by licking their humans. If they’re unable to reach you face, they may lick your arms, hands or feet, or any patch of skin. In dogs it releases endorphins that implies that they are happy.
As is well-known, dogs can detect your emotions and mood. If you’re feeling sad or angry the dog could start kissing you to ease your stress and lift you up. The way they perceive licks is linked to positive feelings, and they naturally want their human companions to be content! This could be the reason for your dog to kiss you.

You taste delicious

Simple as it gets! The human scent is particularly appealing for dogs when you wear scents that are strong or when your skin is dry and sweaty. They are curious about the world by trying new things, and if you release an appealing scent that your dog will be attracted to you licking. If you’ve noticed that your dog enjoys taking your clothes that you have used is another indication of their love for you. They are so enthralled by the scent that they would like to hold a piece your scent close to them.


Bored dogs are avid attention-seekers. If they discover that you respond to licking by pettingthem, talking to them , or playing, they’ll try it again in order to grab your attention. If your dog is lonely, they’ll seek out any form contact with you. They could even try licking, even though they are aware of the fact that you may not like it, either by refusing or pushing them away. Attention is always attention, regardless whether it’s positive or negative. To avoid negative licking, be sure your dog gets sufficient physical and mental stimulation to keep them engaged all day long. Have you tried the engaging and bonding Dogo apps?


Compulsive disorder

The habit of licking your dog constantly could be an indication of health problems that are serious. It’s not a common occurrence, however it can occur when the dog is suffering from chronic anxiety or stress that has not been treated. If you suspect your dog is suffering from compulsive licking and you suspect that medical intervention is needed. Talk to your vet who will prescribe medication and provide advice on the need for further training in behavioral issues.

Encouraging the Behavior

Licking too much can turn into an obsessional habit and is something you be looking to stop. If you observe that your dog all over the place, even your body, with no pause, it might be an appropriate time to talk to and animal psychologist. It is important to determine whether your dog suffers from an obsessive-compulsive disorder that requires the habit of licking. Pay attention to your dog and determine how serious the behavior is. Do not penalize your dog for his behavior that is obnoxious because it could be caused by anxiety, and punishment could just make it more difficult. Check for signs of anxiety that may cause your dog to communicate with you through lipsmacks or licks at inappropriate time. There are a variety of social causes that can cause your dog to feel uneasy. Changes in residence or a new additions to the family or signs of illness are among the possible causes. If you’re worried you may need the assistance of your veterinarian or animal behaviorist. When an instinctive, natural behavior develops into obsession, it is crucial to determine an explanation for the unnatural behavior. Your dog communicates with you the best he is able to do so by saying, “Please help, I am not feeling quite as I should.”

Other Solutions and Considerations

The act of kissing your mouth is the dog’s natural way of showing love. It’s your responsibility to decide whether to encourage this behavior or not. Set your own personal rules to make sure you don’t overwhelm your dog with multiple messages. Dogs want to be happy for you and be aware of who you are when you get home. Your adorable Chihuahua will jump on your lap to kiss you in the lips quite easily. It would be much more difficult for an Great Dane. Just have a greeting code of hand licks if it is more manageable than kissing the lips.



Kissing you with affection on the lips is your dog’s most memorable time of day. According to the law of Labra kisses on the mouth are the very thing that dogs were created to do. Labradors, as well as other loving breeds simply want to show their love to you by smooching and slurping. Therefore, you can remain within the boundaries of the Labra law. Make your dog’s day your own by giving them a huge kiss on the lips to show your love from your pet.

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