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Do you have dogs? If yes, it’s likely your pet is at your feet frequently. But why are they doing this? Are they doing it that they are in love with you or is there a different motive? The blog will discuss the reasons dogs lie at the feet of their owners and what this behaviour says about their character.
There are several reasons dogs might decide to lie on their owners feet and each is important. If your pet wants to express affection and love or just wants to be noticed There’s no doubt that this is an exceptional one. If you notice your dog lying on your feet and laying on your feet, stop to be grateful – after all, it’s a symbol of strong bonds with your pet. But, it could be anxiety that requires attention.


Reasons Why My Dog Lays At My Feet

Display Of Affection / Love

There’s nothing as satisfying as the company of a dog who is loved by everyone. One thing that lots of pet owners like is when their pet lay on their feet. What is the reason dogs lie on my feet?
The answer is easy – they’re showing their love to their pet’s
Dogs are known to exhibit similar behavior, such as leaning on their owners or gently rubbing them with their nose as a means to say “I love you.” So, the next time your dog decides to lie on your feet, be aware your loved ones and valued!

Just To Spend Time With You

Dogs are famous for their loyalty and it’s no different in the bond between dogs and humans.
The dogs lay on our feet simply because they would like to be with us while we’re at home. It’s difficult to not melt at the look of your pet pausing in the waiting room to see you come home from work!

Huddling Up

Dogs are known to instinctively join their group. They enjoy being close to you, and feeling safe and secure. This is akin to their time in the wild , when they sought warmth and security from other members of the pack.
They see us as the leader of the pack, and they find themselves compelled to be near. You might have noticed your dog lay on your feet and thought about why they do this. The instinct to be a pack animal hasn’t disappeared.
The dogs are naturally drawn to their owners due to the fact that their ancestral wolves were part of a pack with an alpha. When you’re in a comfortable position and your dog is sat down, it will want to be as close as they can.

Marking Their Scent

You may believe that your dog is simply playing but actually they’re marking their scent. The skin glands of dogs produce a liquid that is their scent. By standing close in front of you, it’s telling everyone else know that this space is theirs.
The next time you spot dogs lying at people’s feet, don’t get offended. They’re just doing what they do naturally!

Separation Anxiety

When I return back from work my dog is waiting for me at the door. She leaps and bobs around and wags her tail wildly before laying on my feet, sighing of relief. Why is she doing that?
While some dogs are calm while their owners leave Others become anxious and exhibit signs of extreme stress such as excessive panting or chewing on things during your absence.
This type of behavior is called separation anxiety.” Separation Anxiety can be caused by not spending enough time with your pet or not having frequent enough contact with them while you are gone.



You might be wondering why your dog lies close to your feet. For certain dogs, this could be a sign of anxiety or stress, so it’s crucial to take into consideration their surroundings and what they could be experiencing before drawing any judgments about their behavior.
For some dogs, lying close to humans is the way they show their love for you! No matter what kind of dog you own there are some factors that could cause your dog’s anxiety and cause them to feel uncomfortable.
The American Kennel Club has explained anxiety in dogs. Below is the link If you’d like to study it more in depth.

Protection Of Owner

Dogs will lay down at the feet of their owners in order to shield themselves. It’s a natural instinct that’s in line with their need to serve and protect their leader in the pack.
If you’re ever wondering what your dog might be up to be aware that he keeps an eye on you, and is protecting yourself from danger! Dogs are extremely secure of their owners.
They’ll lay at your feet and protect your from danger and will guard you for hours. It’s even more fascinating they can tell the moment to leave or take a bite!


The majority of dog owners have encountered this scenario when you’re sitting on the sofa while watching TV or reading a book and your dog is laying on your feet. Your dog is in search of warmth and the comfort of. This could mean that your dog is experiencing cold.

What If My Dog Is Unusually Laying By Feet?

A lot of pet owners have experienced the same situation before. They’re on the sofa, watching TV, when their dog comes in and sits at their feet. Then the dog begins shaking violently and whimpering.
The pet’s owner might be confused. There are numerous reasons dogs might be terrified of lightning or thunder and knowing this will aid owners in calming their furry companions in times of storms. It could also be due to noisy noise
Remember! The hearing abilities of dogs are far superior to ours.



In the end, it’s an adorable gesture performed by your dogs. This is a method to let your dogs know that they appreciate you. When they sit in your shoes, they are hoping to show you how great as a caregiver or pack leader you are.
If this behavior isn’t associated with any undesirable or dangerous actions It is a common method for pets to show affection, love and tenderness.
If your dog is aggressive in certain situations, you must consult an expert trainer to ensure that everyone’s safety.

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