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After a day of fun in the park for dogs you and your pet return home for some much-needed time off. You’re sitting on the sofa with your furry companion lying on your lap. You are unable to help but be struck by Fido lying his head down on your. What’s the reason? What is the reason my dog lays his head against me?

Like humans they are not the same So the motivation for this behavior is different.

If a dog rests his head upon you, he’s showing the love, trust and gratitude for you. It provides him with a sense of security and peace having a close relationship with his favorite human. It’s one of his methods to let you know what he needs for example, telling you that he’s hungry.

To answer this question more fully, we have compiled a the possible causes for why people display the behavior they do.


Why Does My Dog Lay His Head On Me?

For Warmth

If your dog is feeling chilled, he might put his head down to warm himself. Doing this helps regulate your body’s temperature. Both dogs and puppies are likely to snuggle up to warm themselves in their collective mentality. Because you are his favorite human and the pack leader, it is natural that he lay his head upon you.

Increase Love Hormone

As with cuddling, and all positive interactions with dogs studies have revealed a rise in Oxytocin. This love-hormone is identical to as those in humans when mothers are looking at their babies. This natural reaction will strengthen the bond between you and your partner and encourage more happiness and love.

You Are Needed For Something

Letting yourself lie on the floor can indicate that your pet is looking to do something. Maybe he’s telling him it’s time to eat or looking for a lovely message, or is in need of a toilet. Perhaps you’re eating something tasty, and thanks to his cute and sensitive snout, he can smell it and wants to take the same. It doesn’t matter, it is difficult to resist, especially when he flashes you puppy eyes.

For Protection

Being close to you can make your pet feel secure and relaxed. This is a part of their mentality as a pack. Wild, animals sleep and lie close to one others, not only to keep warm, but also to feel secure and be alert to for each other in the event that anything happens to them. On the other hand the other hand, they’re doing it to safeguard yourself, be it physically or emotionally. You’ve are now an animal security guard in active duty to protect the special dog.

He Trusts You

It’s a clear sign that your dog is confident in you if your dog is resting his head on yours. If they’re asleep or relaxing, dogs pick a place that they feel secure. When they lay next to you, it similar to the previous reasons, provides him with security he needs in his most vulnerable moments. That’s why dogs prefer sleeping next to humans.


Most likely, it’s that he’s in love with you! Simply put, your pet appreciates your shelter, food and other necessities of your life that you offer to him. He’s loyal to you because he sees you as the ultimate authority. When Fido is near you, he’s in a position to absorb your scent that makes him happy and encourages an increase in the love hormones that we discussed earlier.


What Does It Mean When a Dog Lays their Head On You

Wild animals connect with their pack not only to enjoy and socialize, but also to be safe in a group. The animals communicate with each other in their pack in order to ensure their safety from predators, hunt efficiently, and also to safeguard their children. Domestic animals, like dogs are no longer in the desire to wander in through the wilderness in groups however, the natural instinct can be hard to break.

In addition, the instinct to pack is one of the reasons your dog would like to sleep in your bed. Wild animals will be able to sleep close to their family for comfort and safety because there is less chance of being targeted by predators when they are part of groups.

While some owners do not prefer their dogs sleeping in their beds due to hygiene reasons, it’s the nature of dogs to sleep in the same space that their human. There are times when dogs don’t want to sleep with your home and this could cause owners to be concerned, wondering if there’s something incorrect. But don’t be concerned since there are numerous reasons for why your dog doesn’t rest near you. Read our article “Why Does My Dog Sleep In Another Room” for more details on this issue.

Another reason why dogs rest their heads against their owners might have something to do eye contact. Eye contact that is soft and relaxed is associated with the human-dog bond. Dogs tend to maintain eye contact with people that they know and with whom they are at ease. They frequently lay their heads on their humans to draw their attention and help facilitate this bond.

One of the most frequent occasions that my dog rests his head against me is when he is looking for dinner or to take a walk. Don’t get fooled each time, since it’s usually not affection that your dog is seeking, it’s usually your interest.

Dogs Will Lay Their Head on You When They’re at Ease

Studies have shown that dogs feel as connected to us just as we do to them. Dogs love cuddling with their humans for comfort and security, but hormone-related studies have proven that Oxytocin (the “bonding chemical” that helps us feel content and at ease) is released by dogs when they’re in close the proximity of their owners.

Brain scans, too, were conducted on dogs to determine their the activity of their brains. The brain regions that are associated with love and happiness can be activated when pets look at their owners or detect their scent. Scent is one of the strongest attraction for dogs, since they use large amounts of their brain power to process scents.


Final Thoughts

One of the ways that dogs communicate with human beings is via body language. It is common for them to put their heads upon their owners’ heads to express affection in addition to the various reasons that are listed above. You are the best judge of your pet and if you’re interested in the reason, hopefully you’ve found the answer. If the behavior isn’t annoying, you can take the action as a compliment since the dog wants to be with the person who he loves more (that’s you! ).

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