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Dogs love lying on their beds for a variety of reasons, including comfort, warmth and the scent of their owners remains on the clothes that dogs enjoy. The sense of smell in dogs is exceptional, which means they can discern even tiny elements in scents. In this regard when a dog smells their owner’s clothes, they’ll often feel more comfortable and at ease.
Many pet owners opt to put the clothing that has their scent on it inside their dog’s bedding so that they are more comfortable resting there. It’s also possible that when a dog lies on the clothing item and believes it belongs to them and it could be difficult to remove them off it.


My Dog is Laying on My Clothes!

Dogs are known to lay down on their dirty clothes, and this is due to the dog’s keen sensation of smell. If a dog smells something that is intriguing and they are eager to explore more deeply or just wants to keep sniffing because it smells delicious it is possible to put their heads right on the shirt you’ve just put into the washing machine.
Some dogs also pick up the toy they have cherished and place it on your clothing. Dogs are known to keep items that are dirty close to them and, often, they choose items that smell unpleasant to humans in comparison to the scent of soap for washing.
The act of lying down on clothes (and other items) and then sleeping is a normal thing to do for dogs. It is not associated with submission or dominance; instead, it makes your dog feel at ease and secure. Many think that dogs do not want to have anyone else lay on his bed, but typically, he’ll and let you sit with him. They are pack animal, and enjoy doing things with their friends.
They also sleep on objects that have been utilized by another family member like an individual from the family or a pet that is in the home. If, for instance, your cat is laid down in a certain spot, it’s probable that your pet will want to be at the same location!
If a dog is secure and content, his tail will wag between his legs; this is a sign that your dog trusts and will love you (and could even be in love with your cat as well!)
It is important to understand that dogs that lay on their owners’ clothing or other objects aren’t trying to show aggression or dominance. They just enjoy it, and may be upset If you try in any way to prevent them from sitting there.

How to Stop My Dog From Laying On My Clothes

A lot of dogs love lying on their owners’ clothes as they either love being surrounded by the smell of their owners or simply view it as their own’space’ as this is the best place to relax.
If you’re trying to deter your dog from lying on your clothes There are several options to consider.

  • The most effective method is to ensure that the clothes that he is interested in doesn’t smell of you or if it is filthy, throw it in the washing machine.
  • It is also possible to put something that smells just like you inside his bed, so the dog stops laying over your garments.
  • If that doesn’t work then you could try spraying him with water in case he tries to do it again – make sure you don’t strike him directly in the face.

In today’s world it’s crucial to take into consideration that a dog that doesn’t feel comfortable is less likely to engage with other dogs and even humans. If you’re having problems with your pet’s ability to lay on your clothing or having any other issues related to behavior, speak to your vet for further information.


Encouraging the Behavior

The first step is to do few easy things you can take to prevent it from becoming a destructive habit for your pet. Keep all your dirty laundry swept up and placed in a hamper with lid. Additionally, when folding your clean laundry, be sure to keep your dog out of the space and put your laundry in the hamper immediately. If you are unable to do these 2 things you may be required to revisit the instruction “leave it” with your dog. Learn to teach him to leave his clothes on the floor. Also, offer your dog a blanket that’s his blanket. If your dog wants to lay on your clothes and ask him to show you where his blanket is, and to go and get it. This has two benefits. It provides your dog with something with the scent of his “pack” in it that is unique to him. Additionally, it helps with separation anxiety. Additionally, it can aid in preventing your dog from lying on your clothing. It is possible to repeat this to your dog several times before he will be aware that he shouldn’t lay on your clothing. Be kind to your dog. It’s not easy to alter habits built on instincts and smells. Don’t let this put you off, it is possible to do it.

Other Solutions and Considerations

If your dog’s behavior is caused by your dog’s anxiety about separation, you might be looking for a solution to lessen your dog’s anxiety. It is possible to ease this problem with more focus on working with your dog, or crate-training your dog, or changing your routine small. Your dog’s behavior won’t alter unless yours does. A dog with a blanket or something with your scent will assist with this. For puppies who are just starting out the possession of a pet item with his mother’s scent can help ease separation anxiety and anxiety of being in a new environment.



Scent is an effective tool can be used by dogs to let them know that they’re at secure, at home and are part of their family. Your dog lying on your clothes could be annoying, but you should know that they are doing it out of the love of. It is possible to change this behavior by a bit of training and lots of affection.

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