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Why Does My Dog Lay Under The Bed?

The majority of the time, you wake up with your pet perched on top of you or bouncing around in the bed, trying to get you to be just as excited just like. However, sometimes, dogs be able to hide in the bed, so they aren’t visible to you. them. What is the reason they do this? Similar to many other dog behaviors, the answer isn’t easy to figure out.
Most of the time, it’s an innocent behaviour that is usually harmless. Dogs are known to hide under their mattress (or an additional dark, small space) most often because they see it a cozy spot to rest and nap. They are “den animals,” small areas that are contained make animals feel safe and aid in helping to relax more easily. Dogs also appreciate the warm temperature produced under the mattress or on the clean, unworn carpet.
If your dog is fond of sleeping in the bed because of the fact that it is a dark and closed-off space, attempt to recreate a place in your home. For instance, a dog kennel or crate with the softness of a bed and is covered with a blanket is an ideal space for your dog to relax.
There are many other causes for your dog to be hiding under the mattress such as anxiety or illnesses. If your dog is suffering from muscle pains, for example they might want to find a cozy spot to hide for a few minutes. Dogs also have the option of hiding when they are anxious, such as storms or gatherings with many people. They’ll feel more secure when they’re in a secure place, such as in the bed, since it is a way to keep them out of chaos or anxiety. (Cats are known for doing this too.)
Should your dog be susceptible to anxiety attacks There are methods to alleviate the anxiety. The Nest informs us that experts from the University of California Davis School of Veterinary Medicine recommend repeating the sounds that are believed to cause anxiety in dogs like fireworks or thunder storms for conditioning them:
“Starting with the volume at a minimum, give your dog praise and treats when he does not respond negatively to the sound. Gradually increasing the volume and continuing to reinforce his behavior positively eventually will condition him so that once fearsome noises no longer produce a negative response. Keeping training sessions to about five minutes per day and twice or three times a day prevents overwhelming your pup.”
If your dog has been sleeping under the bed to rest, it is likely not a risk. But if you believe that something is wrong, or it’s not a normal spot to locate your dog–you must take them to the vet to be certain.

The Root of the Behavior

It is likely that you have seen your dog under your bed several times. If she’s sleeping or relaxing, or even hiding, it’s the place that gives her the peace she needs. But, you’re probably thinking about the reason your dog is so fond for a place to sleep in the tiny space beneath your mattress. The primary reason for this is comfort. Small spaces are a favorite for dogs because they feel secure and secure, which can be a great place for peace and relaxation.

They also appreciate the warm air that is produced in the tiny space , as well as the clean carpet. When this occurs for your pet, you shouldn’t not be a need to be worried. Your dog is trying to find a comfortable place to relax at home. There are many different reasons why your dog could be sleeping under your mattress. Your dog always wants to feel secure, and often under the bed is the best spot for them. If there’s chaos at your home, of any type the dog could be tempted to sleep to the bed in search of tranquility and peace.

If your home isn’t chaotic and chaos, you should ensure that your dog not physically injured or suffering from illness. Sometimes, dogs will retreat under the beds and utilize that space to provide a sanctuary in the event of discomforts to their bodies. This is characteristic of their canine nature. Beyond these anxiety and fear are two additional reasons for this behavior in dogs. Fear and anxiety can result from loud sounds like thunderstorms and also from stressful situations that surround your dog. The tiny space under the bed is an area of peace and tranquility, where they’ll not be. This will help reduce their anxieties and worries whenever it arises and also keep them away from any agitated disturbance or stress taking place in their everyday life.

Encouraging the Behavior

If your dog hides under the bed a lot it is possible to determine the reason why they behave this way. If it’s to ensure safety and comfort it’s not anything to worry about. If it’s due to something more serious, like anxiety or illness or a phobia, you might need to assist your dog to adjust and get better. It is generally advisable to encourage your dog to not to constantly hide under the blanket. It is important to ensure your pet is secure and comfortable in their daily lives. The majority of the time it is the case that hiding in small areas could be a way to get your dog out of the routine of their day.

If you can determine the reason your pet is hiding in the bed, it’s recommended to create a secure area and modify the things that are needed to ensure your pet’s safety and comfort. If your dog is fond of lay on your bed or just relax for the time, there’s no harm in doing that. However, it is crucial to ensure that your dog doesn’t turn sleeping under your bed an everyday routine or as a way to deal with any problems they may be facing. As dog owners we want our pets to be content all the time.


Dogs are sensitive and compassionate creatures , and it is our responsibility as their pet’s owners to make sure they enjoy a great life. If your dog likes to be a part of the bed, there’s no harm in doing that. Make sure that your dog isn’t trying to avoid the world in the space under the bed due to a reason.

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