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Have you noticed that your dog has been licking the sheets of your bed as if they were soaked in a huge amount of honey? And you’re wondering why he does it?
There are numerous possible reasons behind this behavior. I’ll go over the probable causes in this post, and how you can assist your dog friend.
Why is it that my dog like to lick my sheets of his bed? The most common reason why your dog will be licking your bed sheets is to relieve the stress or tension. You can also let him treat your body or other objects belonging to you. It’s also possible that they are in love with the taste or in more severe instances, it could be a compulsive disorder.
Let’s take the time to look at these points each one following the other, and what you need to take in each instance.


Reasons Your Dog Licks Your Bed Sheet

He Is Easing His Tension and Stress

Humans try everything to reduce our anxiety, even the risk of doing crazy things. Similar to humans, so it is for dogs.
Intelligent dogs are able to engage in natural behaviours like the act of licking your body or any other healthy substance, is among the most effective ways to eliminate stress. Therefore, your pet may decide to lick your bedsheet instead of targeting your body or leg.
In addition to cleaning the sheets of his bed and shaking, he may also be whining, shaking, or panting. This suggests that he’s under immense pressure and stress.
If so you’ll need to figure out better methods to aid your dog eliminate anxiety. It’s as simple as taking him out for regular exercise, going to a more tranquil space to unwind his nervous system, and then consult a veterinarian if any of these symptoms continue for prolonged periods.

He Loves The Taste Of Your Bed Sheet

Another cause could be due to the salty flavor of your bedding. Your mattress may have a salty taste that is left behind by your body sweat which can get your dog’s attention and desire to take the taste.

You Probably Change His Diet

Changes in diet are also thought to have the potential to induce him to take a bite of your bedsheet. Let’s say that your dog is totally unfamiliar with the new flavor of the food you served to him. He would like to have a familiar flavor.
You can simply head directly to the sheets and continue to strike it with his mouth until he is satisfied with the familiar taste.
If you do, either you go back to the old way of eating or you assist him in getting familiar with the new flavor at the earliest possible time. Keep him from heading towards the bed right after eating by offering him toys to divert his focus.

He Possesses Strong Affection for Your Bed

The dog may kiss your bed sheets when he’s truly loving the sheet. Dogs have an extremely strong bond with the things they are passionate about. Dogs don’t just love to be able to lick your bed sheets, but will want to repeat it often because of his love for the sheet.
In this moment, it is your responsibility to assist him in deciding which person and what he ought to be passionate about. That’s why you’re the most important player in his group.
Make use of to use the “leave command” to get him off the bed immediately you spot him wiping the sheets. You can reward him with a sweet snack if he is quick to respond to your commands.

It’s a Compulsive Habit He Can’t Stop Too Easily

Like we said earlier, the it is a natural habit for every dog who is healthy and active. It’s one of the behaviors that can’t be out of their homes unless they offer a helping hand.
Your dog is chewing on the sheets of your bed as a routine that won’t let him stop for the night. Your attention is required and assistance in this case since you’re in a position of leadership to assist him.
It is important to be able to fulfill your role by communicating to him what you would like him to conduct himself. Don’t hesitate to make a give him a command or reward whenever you feel it is necessary. It is important to limit the number of times that he’s allowed to be near the bed since it could help in telling him that he’s not doing anything right.
However, you must be cautious not to correct in the wrong way so that the dog won’t be misinterpreting the message you’re transmitting to him. In addition, make sure you draw to the attention of your dog’s expert if all efforts fail.


Why Does My Dog Bite My Shoes?

Young dogs may experience discomfort in their gums and teeth as they go through their teething period. Like we said earlier chewing and licking releases endorphins within their bodies that reduce discomfort. Additionally, the majority of shoes are made of leather which provides your dog’s favorite scent, taste and feel.
Adult dogs are known to play with their shoes and bite them in order to get attention. When dogs are feeling neglected or lonely, they’ll show behavior that’s considered dangerous. Additionally, shoe-biting is a popular activity. However, pet guardians must find the source of the problem.
A little extra love for your pet or something to chew can result in positive changes in the behavior of your pet.
A appointment with a vet confirm that there isn’t any underlying medical issues will aid to ease your pet’s suffering and boredom as well as stress. In addition, giving your dog positive physical exercise channels will stop the itchiness of shoes.
You can schedule playdates with your pet’s pals, purchase fun toys, book an animal walker and learn time management by taking walks and engaging in other activities with your dog in way that they use the extra energy they have and stop boredom.



It’s not enough to be aware of the causes for an animal’s behaviour. It is your responsibility to act, either by helping your dog to let go of the bad behavior. Contact a veterinarian to assist you if the work is more than the scope of your abilities. The most important thing is to make sure that your pet is in good health and has excellent character traits.

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