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“Why does my dog lick my eyes” is one of the questions that pet owners are interested in because of this bizarre behavior. Dogs are often spotted with bizarre behaviors, like the habit of licking objects without knowing what they are doing. They may be seen doing things like throwing up grass after they pee or eating grass. They will bury bones as well as other things in the yard, for them to discover and then forget about. They might even inspect the rears of other dogs, or pick up random sticks. Although there are certainly the emotional and biological causes behind these behaviors, they seem odd. It is possible to conduct a quick search on the internet to verify that the behavior is normal and to be expected of dogs.
One peculiar behavior that has a plausible explanation is when your dog is known to lick your eyes, or at the very least attempts to. Although this may seem unusual and strange at first, it is true that dogs have a reason for their the habit of licking. In the case of a dog that is smaller it is likely that they are more inclined to lick your eyes. It doesn’t matter if you’ve witnessed your dog’s eye licking yourself, or you’re curious about how to prepare when you adopt the dog, eye-slobbering might be a thing to be expected. To solve this mystery, let us provide a list of possible causes why your dog is prone to licking your eyes, and what next actions you could adopt to manage the behavior and habits of your dog.


Reasons why your dog licks your eyes

Below are a few possibilities for why your dog is eye-licking and the reasons that make each one more likely.

Looking for attention

The reason could be that it’s looking for attention. This is especially likely if it happens more frequently when you haven’t given it much attention, and you are inclined to pay it more focus when it is doing.
Instead, it is beneficial to pay attention to it all day long by engaging with it, training it, and working it out but to not reward the animal with praise when it rubs your eyes, by reversing the way it behaves when it first starts.

Encouraging it

It could be because the animal has learned it is the reward for licking your eye. If you are prone to giving it rewards like more attention or treats, when it is licking your eyes, it’s likely to repeat the action to receive more rewards.


It is possible that your dog engages in this behavior due to boredom and is looking for ways to get its mind stimulated. This is especially likely in the event that your pet has a tendency to do it more frequently before being able to engage in stimulating activities like exercise or training.
It will help ensure that it’s able to receive the daily dose of recommended exercise appropriate for its age and breed. even if it’s already doing it an anxious animal. Another way to bring it down is to provide it with some training.


As puppies one of the primary ways they investigate the environment is through touching and sniffing objects. In the case of just a puppy, then it could be an instance of exploring while licking your eyes. This habit of repeatedly licking objects will persist as they grow older, which is why they tend to be licking their eyes quite frequently.


It could be possible that it does this in order to show affection. When it licks you, it’s telling you that it is trusting the person you’re with and is an integral part of its group. This kind of licking behavior is normal and may occur when you attempt to pet it.


The reason that it is licking your eyes can be because it’s excited. It’s more likely to do this during circumstances where it is very exuberant, such as the moment you get home, or while going out for a stroll.
In this instance it’s best to not do the activity that it is excited about and wait until it stops blinking before proceeding.


Is it bad if a dog licks your eye?

It could be dangerous when a dog bites your eye, since bacteria that are absorbed from saliva could get into your system and cause disease.
In films we see dogs kissing the happy faces of their owners, with both the human and dog radiating warmth and shared affection. It is possible to think that spreading disease via this behavior is more of a hypothetical possibility.
There are, unfortunately. While it’s rare, it’s still possible to become unwell when your dog bites your eye. This is confirmed by scientific research.

Things to consider

Here are some points to take into consideration when determining the reason it is doing it.

What is different when your dog licks your eyes

If you notice a particular moment when you tend to make you lick eyelids could be that the timing of the event has something to be related to it. For instance, if, for example, you do it just before you leave your home this may be because of separation anxiety.

What else happened when it first started

If your dog was not always kiss the eyes of you, it might also be beneficial to look into the reasons why it changed since the first time it began doing it. If it began doing the behavior suddenly, it could be because of things like discovering that the behavior is rewards or if you stopped giving it the attention it deserves, which led it to behave in a way to make you give the behavior more focus.



My Frenchie’s habit of licking her eyes isn’t the typical obsessive compulsive type. On the basis of that you’d think it’s fine that my pet would rub my eye every now and then.
Knowing what I’ve done but, it’s something that I would not recommend doing.
So, how can we prevent our dog from repeat unintentional, constant, or even unwanted eye licks or faces?
Based on Dr. Gary Ladsberg, behavior modification is a process that requires patience and dedication by pet owner. This means staying clear of situations that cause undesirable behavior, encouraging and rewarding behavior that is desirable, and, sometimes using drugs to modify behavior for difficult cases.
Although a dog’s eyes might not be the most pleasurable encounter for the dog, times, it’s a method to communicate with you, regardless of whether they require something or just want to show you some affection. If your dog’s owner licks you it’s probably an attempt to show its love.

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