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If you can’t be around your dog without socks on to keep them from licking, you’ve probably wondered “Why does my dog lick my feet?”
The habit of licking your dog’s feet could be fun to think at first however after a few minutes it can become quite irritating. If your pet will lick your feet whenever you’re washing dishes or sitting on the sofa or doing something without socks and you’re getting a bit mad It’s time to understand the reasons for this bizarre behavior and the best way to get them to stop. Find out how your dog could be needing assistance.
Whatever we may think of them, no matter how we love our dogs, they might do things may be strange or out of the ordinary. One example is licking feet. However, it is important to be aware that dogs are unable to communicate through words, and so they communicate in one form or the other. Dogs use these methods to strengthen our bonds with them, and in the process they can help us strengthen our bonds even if it’s just somewhat odd.


Why do dogs like to lick?

From the moment they begin their lives, the act of licking them plays crucial roles in the development of dogs. All dogs possess an additional organ known as the Jacobson’s organ. The nasal cavities of dogs are connected with the roof of their mouths which allows them to smell and taste simultaneously. The new moms will lick their babies to cleanse them and help them breathe and to stimulate digestion. puppies are likely to lick them back.
As dogs age, they keep licking people objects, people, or other canines to show affection or to attract attention or to express a greeting with a slobbery lick. If you’re interested in knowing more about this, here’s what you should know when your dog licks your face.

5 Disturbing Reasons Why Your Dog Is Licking Your Feet

From predatory instinct to bad sanitation of your feet, your dog might have a variety of reasons for why they like licking your feet. Here are a few bizarre reasons dogs love to rub their feet.

Your feet are meat

Like any other animal are always looking for food items to take in. Dogs may believe that your feet are meat, since they comprise of bone and flesh, along with the salty flavor of sweat. If your feet are covered with calluses the surface, they could be sporting the appearance of a rawhide snack.
Since dogs are smart and have a tendency to be hesitant to take the bite of their pet parents’ mouths and instead lick their feet.

Your feet are nasty

The more gross things happen and the more dogs will love them more. They play with dirt, and occasionally consume trash, and even take Poop! The human feet are disgusting and that’s why they’re so attractive for dogs. It is possible to have an appropriate foot wash if that’s the scenario.


Your feet are at their mercy

We all know that dogs are a descendant of wolves from the past and might still have predatory instincts. Since we’re at the highest point in the food chain all they have to do is rub our feet.

They have a problem

As we mentioned previously the licking of feet could be a habitual behavior which acts as a stress relief mechanism. It could indicate of a dog experiencing stress due to something. It could be due to a health issue or a change in the routine of their life.
Dogs are happy that their owner is content. If at any point, you smile when they kiss the soles of your shoes, they could believe that this action can make their owners feel very happy.

Why does my dog lick my feet?

If your dog keeps going after your feet with their tongues it’s because they enjoy the sweaty salty flavor of your feet (gross) and they’re looking for to be noticed, according to the Dr. Gary Richter, Veterinary Health Expert at Rover.com. It’s likely that every when your dog is licking your feet, you respond with laughter or shouting at the dog to stop. While you may shout with a tone that could signal you’re in trouble, you’re still paying attention to your dog every time they perform the act. So, they will are conditioned to associate licking your feet with your interaction with them. They will do it whenever they want to play or require to get something. They view it as playing.


How can I get my dog to stop licking my feet?

Dr. Richter suggests offering your pet something else they love to put in their mouths for example, treats or toys every time they kiss your feet. When your dog begins to understand that you are trying to get to stop biting, ensure that you employ positive reinforcement once they stop licking to let them realize they’re doing things right. Just not noticing the behavior and then leaving is another method to stop the licking.
If your dog is unable to keep their tongues in their mouth, no regardless of what you do you do, you should check with your vet to determine whether your dog is suffering from any medical issues that are underlying. After you’ve found how to answer the query “Why does my dog love to take a bite out of my feet? discover the reason behind your dog’s strange behavior.
If dogs are wounded or desire to wash their skin it, the reflex is to lick. This is why it is when the dog spots an injury on our skin it may try to replicate the experience with us. While you may have great intentions, it’s not advised to apply pressure to a wound since it could be a sign of infection because of the bacteria present in your mouth.
The flavor of our skin is delightful. Due to sweat, it can taste a bit salty. It is also possible for them to lick us to play, since dogs, along with smell and sight, also have the ability to taste as one their primary senses.
Another reason is that they’re anxious, hungry, or just want to attract attention and play with them, or give them lots of attention.

Final Thoughts

Always consult your vets or trainers when you have issues with your dog. They can provide you with the most appropriate advice and answers on your dog’s behavior.

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