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There’s no doubt that dogs make use of their tongues to communicate with each other in all manners of communications. They don’t have arms to snuggle us. A large, smile is a sure sign that the dog wants to show you love. Even if you refuse their paws, they’re thrilled to kiss you to show you how much they appreciate you.

What are your feet? It might seem odd behavior to us humans to allow our furry friends to kiss our feet, but it’s actually part their language of love. Understanding the words your dog is trying to communicate will allow you to understand each other more effectively.

Dogs are known to lick food bowls, the other dogs, and even themselves however, why are they able to like to lick our feet? If you are going to get rid of this habit, be aware of the reason it is your pet doing this first.


Why Do Dogs Lick Your Feet?

The act of licking your feet is a submissive gesture. Your dog believes that you are the queen or king of the castle and wants you to know that they’re absolutely fine with it. According to them, you’re their ruler. They’ll go to the extreme to prove to you the place you’re at.

Do not be confused with fearful submission. It’s not like you’re the bully and that they’re not afraid. It’s just a way to show that they recognize you as your master. Consider it like what a child thinks of their parents. It’s a natural, basic social order in which each person has their own space.

A sarcastic remark about them acting in this manner can make them feel snubbed and yelled out, so ensure that you don’t get angry. This can be quite difficult for them. For instance it’s a bit of a challenge to impress someone but they get angry, you’re likely be a bit offended or even hurt.

Why does my dog lick my feet?

They do things that aren’t ours to love and licking our toes is among those things. We must never forget that dogs are created to communicate with each other without words. Communication with dogs is similar to trying to master a new language, only more difficult… since even most familiar letters are not present. Understanding the reasons your dog behaves the way it does is crucial to maintaining your bond and enhancing your relationship. It will make you more of a friend.

Many people have complained that dogs like to rub their feet. Since some people have toes that tickle this could be more important than it appears. It is true that even the case that you’re not ticklish the feeling of having your feet slicked while you go about your house isn’t ideal!


Why Do Dogs Like To Lick Feet (4 Reasons)

Of course, it could not be entirely caused by being submissive. The licking behavior could be due to other reasons. It is important to pay attentively to the cues and be aware of what your dog does when they kiss your feet.

1.Attention Feet Licking

If you’re a terribly touchy person, or you hate being able to touch your feet and you’re prone to being extremely reactive to the licking of your feet. If your dog is able to link the lick with you and has an enormous reaction, they might need to draw your attention so that the pair can get rough.

If they watch you dance around in a grin They might think you’re having fun. Be as unresponsive as you can. The less responsive you’re at, the less likely they’ll find a different method to make you enjoy yourself.

2.Anxiety Feet Licking

If they’re suffering from any obsessional actions, feet licking could be one of the many. If they’re feeling anxious or uncomfortable it could be a soothing gesture, much as the act of pacifying. If you suspect that your dog’s anxiety it is likely that there are other signs that your dog has a problem.

The anxiety is generally manageable, but it can require the assistance of a vet. The vet might prescribe your dog with anti-anxiety medications or alternatively, assist you in identifying and treat the root cause.

3.Comfort Grooming Feet Licking

Your dog is very at ease with you. Naturally, they view you as a member of their group. A mutual grooming gesture is a symbol of affection. Your dog is petted, then they kiss you, same concept, different behaviors.

It’s another way for your dog to make friends with you. It might not be the most enjoyable experience however, it’s adorable.

4.Pheromones Feet Licking

The dogs are attracted to everything that smells similar to you. We don’t even realize that we’re constantly releasing hormones and signals from glands. Your dog is able to smell things that we do not have the nose for.

Licking as Attention Seeking

The dog’s attempts to lick you are a method to tell you they are in love with you and would like your appreciation and attention. You might have not noticed the serious stare, the nipping or perhaps resisted the attempts to kiss your hands. The fact that they are ejected after all the attempts at affection might cause them to try harder in the belief that they’re too subtile at first. If they are shorter dogs, height-wise it could be the only method to get your attention on the issue they face, e.g. the empty food bowl.


When Should I Begin To Worry?

If the dog’s licking behavior becomes repeated to the point of becoming obsessive. This could be a sign of the presence of a problem. It is possible for constant licking to become a habitual method of handling stress. Once it reaches the point of no return, it’s exactly the opposite of stress-reducing and could need to be modified and even medical intervention.

It’s a Comfort Thing When Your Dog Licks Your Feet

The behavior is to be very familiar. If your dog didn’t feel secure and at ease with you, he’d not put himself out in this way. In the world of non-verbal animals the practice of grooming each other is a symbol of love that helps strengthen bonding between family members and packs. It’s shared by parents, offspring, as well as other members of the family.

Licking and being licked can trigger the release of hormones that are positive for dogs. Studies have proven that, for a variety of species, grooming for social purposes increases the hormone oxytocin (a hormone that is associated with emotional attachment and bonding). Perhaps your dog is licking your feet to show her love for you. to show you how much she loves you.

Whatever the reason the reason, if your dog is doing unintentional licking or licking, you can try to divert her from the behavior. Try redirecting it using something you want to do such as sitting quietly or performing a trick. You can then give the desired behavior a reward and everyone is happy. Don’t do anything to punish your dog for doing something that is likely to be normal to her. This will only cause damage to the trust she has in you.

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