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If your dog is playing with your dog’s ears and you’re thinking about the reason and how you can do to stop it. This post will provide several possible causes, and the ways you can do to address them.

Why is my dog like to lick the neighbor’s dog’s ears? One of the possible explanations for why your dog is licking the ears of another dog could be that the dog you have groomed your pet, your dog is becoming in a position of submissiveness, your dog has an obsession disorder, or it just likes the smell.

There are plenty of reasons your dog may have been doing this and it could be due to a mix of causes. There are several factors to consider to determine the root reason and several ways to fix the issue.

The most striking gestures that we see in dogs is the ear of another dog being licked. It is a common practice and is especially common among dogs who reside in the same household and is a behavior that could be rooted in a variety of sources; it’s meaning can vary from obsessional behavior to an expression of affection.

The most frequently cited reasons is cleanliness. Dogs can’t, of course, clean their ears on their own and so the members of their group assist to clean their ears. This way, they cleanse the area, which prevents the build-up of mites and wax. Additionally, by using this type of massage, they aid in relaxing.

It’s also an act of affection that shows respect and affection In fact it is common for dogs to lick the ears the owner in the pack. This is also the reason why dogs also kiss their owners their ears. But, if it is done in excess, it can cause harm, because it encourages the creation of excessive amounts of wax and can cause irritations.

Sometimes, this occurs due to the dog detecting an disease or a large amount of mites in another’s ear. If this is the case, this practice can worsen the issue and harm the stomach or mouth of the dog who is licking therefore we need to take action quickly. If we observe that the dog is scratching frequently and shakes itself, and also its ears emit a foul smell, it is important to bring both pets to the vet for exam, as the infection could be spreading.

In the end, some dogs play with each other’s ears as they enjoy the taste. It is important to remember that they perceive the world through the sense of taste and smell and, in this manner, they can evaluate the health condition of different species from their own species.


Reasons why your dog licks your other dog’s ears

Below are some possible causes, and what might make each than likely to cause the primary factor.


The dog isn’t able to kiss its own ears , therefore other dogs are more likely to have their ears licked for them. The reason your dog will lick your ears may be because it’s helping your dog groom itself. It’s more likely if your second dog is also doing the same and also treats your other dog other places, like its back.


Licking can be an expression of respect. The reason your dog is kissing the ears of your dog may be because your dog is submissive. This is especially likely to happen if your dog does this more frequently when your dog is aggressive or when your dog makes other signs of submissiveness around your dog.


Dogs also love to lick each in a bid to strengthen creating bonds. That could explain your dog is playing with your other dog. This is especially likely if the dog licks your dog in other places, and the other dog also licks your other dog.

Obsessive behavior

It is possible that your dog was doing this due to an obsessional compulsive disorder. It is when your dog has an urge to rub your dog’s ears and is unable to stop it by doing so. This is especially likely when your dog has been licking the neighbor’s ears continuously. In this instance it is recommended to seek assistance from a veterinarian.

It likes the taste

It could also happen because the dog enjoys the smell of your neighbor’s ears. It is more likely in the event that your dog does not appear like he is doing this frequently and doesn’t show numerous signs of submission.


Things to consider about your dog licking your other dog’s ears

Here are some suggestions to think about when trying to figure out the primary reason your dog is kissing the ears of your dog.

If your dog has always licked your other dog’s ears

If your dog’s behavior was not always kiss your pet’s ears, it might be helpful to think about what occurred when your dog first began to do it. If it started to do it in a sudden manner, the reason could be due to it beginning becoming submissive or discovered that it enjoys the taste of another dog’s ears.

What is different when your dog licks your other dog’s ears

If your dog appears to be doing it more frequently at a particular period of time, it may be helpful to look into what happens when your dog exhibits this behavior. For instance, if you notice that your dog is more aggressive when the other dog is behaving aggressively, it will be more likely to be that your dog is submissive.


Why has my dog suddenly started licking my other dog’s ears?

If your dog is to lick your dog’s ears at random, it could be that your dog discovered that the behavior is rewarded, so it began to be submissive, or perhaps it has discovered that it enjoys the flavor.

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