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Why Does My Dog Lick My Other Dogs Mouth?

Everyone knows how excited our dogs are when they’re around other dogs. While our dogs are incredibly happy around us, there’s absolutely no question that the pleasure they feel from being around other dogs is incomparable. If they spot an animal on the street or in the park, they’ll stop and look at the dog in awe. Even better, if in a position to, they’ll make a run for their new pet, the tail waving with a sense of excitement as they attempt to learn more about the new pet of theirs.
Then, why do dogs love to rub each other’s their mouths? There are many explanations given by vets and animal behavior experts. There are some who say that to dogs, a lick to the mouth is a welcoming gesture, while for others it’s a way to show the respect of others and to establish their position in the pack. Here are a few absurd reasons for the reason our dogs love to kiss each other’s mouths!
If dogs are seen licking the other’s faces it’s not really kissing. It may indicate love but, more often than not it’s a sign that the person who licks wants to have fun or creating a social rules. Licking is a form of aggression which is why you should get ready to play.

Play Time

If dogs are meeting for the first time , or already best buddies and licking their mouths is usually a sign that they’re eager to play. This is often accompanied by the wiggle of a booty or lowered front legs, indicating an urgent need to engage in a game. If the dog that is being washed isn’t ready to playing, it’s best to get the other dog away prior to the licking turns excessive. The other pet is just the same as you.

I’m Sorry

Dogs may be frustrated with one another, particularly when one dog is more energetic. The dog that is offended can tell the other that she’s sorry by giving gentle licks of the face. The dog usually enters from below and rubs the other dog’s mouth. In addition, she may raise her finger slightly, according to the ASPCA. If another dog licks back, they are accepted.


Social order is crucial in the world of dogs. It is important to be the leader dog, however, they’ll develop an order of their own within your supervision. The act of licking can be an indicator of submission. Dogs lower in the chain may greet one higher up in the chain by licking their mouth. The dog could also roll on her side to show her submissiveness. Be aware of dogs that are submissively licking. A dominant dog may become exuberant and berate or take a whack at the submissive.


Puppies appear to never stop eating They’re growing so fast that they need plenty of food. One way to let grown dogs what they’re feeling is by licking the lips. The big dog won’t be able be feeding the dogit’s your responsibility -but the puppy may not necessarily understand that. In her head, she believes that it’s the responsibility of the adult dog to search for food and then bring it back to her for her to eat. This may be the reason why your puppy is kissing your face. However, she may just be showing you affection.

A Friendly Greeting to A Fellow Pup

The universal greetings can vary based on the culture and the country that you’re living in. For instance within the USA, Canada, and other English-speaking nations generally, you’ll offer a hug to your friend or a kiss on their cheek, or maybe an embrace based on the level of familiarity with which you have a relationship. However the norm in Japan the standard greeting is to bow and a separation between the two of you your friend in order to demonstrate respect and respect. Since there numerous greetings that humans exchange which underlines the significance and importance of these. Why shouldn’t that be so for dog owners?
If two dogs come across one another, they are immediately interested and sometimes even exuberant. They are eager to explore the new dog that is standing in front of them. Often, when they greet them, they kiss the mouths of the dog they are greeting. For certain breeds, licking at the mouths of another dog is a sign of affection which indicates that they want to play with each other and be friends. Therefore, if your pet is doing this to puppies who are new, or to familiar faces this could be a way to say hello to his new friend!
Consider the way dogs greet humans who are new. They leap up and wag their tails exuberantly. They are known to touch the mouth and cheek areas of a brand new human acquaintance, too. Similar to other puppies the dogs also lick this part of their bodies on humans to signal friendliness and willingness to be close friends.
Don’t fret about it when your dog is kissing dogs’ mouths as a way of greeting them. So long as the dog who is receiving the lick is content to be greeted, you shouldn’t be able to hinder your dog from greeting them in this way.

A Habit From Puppyhood

What can we do when they are hungry? It is possible to become angry and start yelling at our beloved ones and family members or be exhausted until we are unable to string an entire sentence. Dogs, on the other hand might lick their mouths to express their hunger. This is a common occurrence in early puppyhood and something that dogs will never are able to get over. When puppies are young they are prone to cling to their mother to drink milk. When they are weaned off of milk, their mothers typically feed their dogs food by mouth, reciting anything before feeding the puppy.

It’s normal for puppies to rub their moms’ faces and request food.
So, if your dogs are sharing licks with each other’s mouths, it could be a way of showing their love and affection towards each other. If this behavior doesn’t result in any unpleasant fights, and neither is offended by the licking, then it is okay for dogs to kiss each other on the lips! This could be their way of showing love for one another.

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