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Pet owners are enthralled by their furry companions. They are wonderful companions due to their incredible loyalty and the affection they display. However, there are some ways they behave that cause us to be confused at times.

One of the moments of confusion is when they start to lick your pillow. If you’re thinking that this is a weird behavior, it’s. When you observe your dog acting this way you’re looking to find out what the reason. Do you think there is something wrong that is happening to them? Do you have something on your mattress?

Now is the time to get to the root of the reason your dog might be kissing your pillow and how it is the best way to deal with it.


Why Your Dog Licks Your Pillow

In general, it boils to several things. Most likely, it is that they have something in your pillow that they enjoy the taste of. This can be enough to make them want to give your pillow a bath.

However, it could be behavioral issues as well that may differ from pup to pup. The first thing to consider is the taste. The reason it’s not necessary to be because you spilled food on it at any time.

Your Dog Likes the Taste

The reason you are most likely to notice that the dog is licking your pillow is that it enjoys the flavor. Your first thought might include “but I didn’t spill anything on it,” it isn’t related to this. It all comes down to the things you put on your pillowcase each the end of the night.

As you lie down in the night, you will find sweat and dead skin cells that begin to accumulate on the pillowcase. It can give the sensation of salty. If the dog is aware of it, it could be tempted to lick it. It can be sufficient to stop your pet from from licking it.

If you find yourself getting sweaty at evening, this could be the main reason your dog continues to lick the pillow.

In the event that your dog frequently kissing its cushion (because of the flavor) It could be an indication that something is wrong with their diet. Pets that lick their pillows are greater likely to be doing so after changes to their diet.

Be aware of any recent changes and observe your dog’s behavior over the days following any change.

Additionally, ensure that you clean the bedding twice a week. This will reduce the dirt, sweat, and dead skin get on the surface. Limiting the amount of time you spend on it will help keep your dog from wanting to touch your pillow regularly.

Your Dog May Have Separation Anxiety

Perhaps you’ve not observed your dog doing the kissing, but you’ve noticed that your pillow has become damp. While it might not be obvious out at you right away but it will be apparent within a few minutes the dog’s at fault.

The reason your dog may be kissing your pillow even though you’re away is because they are experiencing separation anxiety. This is a common occurrence when their owners leave for any length of time, and their dog is nervous.

It doesn’t have to be long as dogs do not have a notion of time, so you could be away for hours , even if it’s only a brief period of time. Dogs display their fear in a variety of ways.

One example is that they kiss your pillow when you’re not in the room. They are able to detect your scent on the pillow , and the licking provides them with reassurance even when you’re not there.

It is often difficult to stop this kind of behavior, especially since they only show it only when you leave or have left.


Compulsive behavior

It is possible that it’s a compulsion behavior that has been developed. This is when your dog is exhibiting repeatedly but is unable to stop. It is most likely your pet has been doing it repeatedly if they have been doing it regularly over the course of months.

If it appears to be happening in a recurring manner, it is recommended to consult the vet.

You have been inadvertently rewarding it

The reason it licks the pillow could be because you’ve accidentally conditioned it to do this. It is probable to be the case when you give the animal things it desires such as treats, attention or toys every time it is licking your pillow.

Nutritional deficiency or Pica

Pica is the time when your dog is eating food which it shouldn’t normally because of a nutritional deficiency. It is possible that your dog is chewing on your pillow because of an insufficient nutrition. It is more likely in the event that your dog is eating other things that are not edible in addition to when your dog is trying to eat food that aren’t supposed to be eating. In this instance it is recommended to bring your dog to a vet for a health check-up.

When your dog licks your pillow

The timing at which it starts doing it could be something to think about. If it is beginning to occur at specific times, it could mean that there’s a reason for it.

If you notice it begins to lick it as you’re getting ready to leave, this could cause it to be caused by separation anxiety. However, if the animal does this in the absence of any attention, it may do it knowing it is going to be noticed by you.


How To Get Your Pet To Stop Licking The Pillow

If your puppy is kissing your pillow in order to taste “you,” you can provide a gentle, subtle correction right away whenever you observe him beginning doing this. Over time, your dog will be able to distinguish of your corrections with the chewing.

Even though your pet is still able to smell you after just one night of sleeping it is a good idea to think about washing your pillow.

It’s not necessarily dirty or unsanitary, however it could at the very minimum, relieve your stress!

It’s always recommended to correct this behavior before it becomes a routine.

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