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They are wonderful companions and give their owners the best kind of affection. Sometimes, they show bizarre behaviours that make owners a bit confused.
One of the most common behaviors is to lick pillows. Dogs can take a lick of your pillow like his life relies on it. So, what’s the motive for this strange behavior? Could it be the food crumbs that are on the pillow? Is it an issue with dogs? Are you able to stop your pet from getting soaked on your pillow?
So, let’s read to learn more about the reasons dogs acquire this peculiar behaviour.
Pet owners are enthralled by their pets. They are excellent companions due to their unwavering loyalty and unconditional love they display. However, there are some ways they behave that cause us to be confused every now and then.
One of those moments of confusion is when they start to lick your pillow. If you’re thinking it’s a strange behavior, it’s. If you notice your dog acting this way you’re looking to find out what the reason. Are there any peculiarities or is it something else going on? Do you have something on your mattress?


Why Your Dog Licks Your Pillow

It usually boils down to several things. Most likely, it is because there’s something in your pillow that they are awed by the taste. This can be enough for them to begin giving your pillow a bath.
It could cause behavioral problems that differ between pups. The first thing to consider is the taste. It doesn’t need to be because you dropped food onto it at any time.

1 – Your Dog Likes the Taste

The main reason your dog is chewing on your pillow is that it is a fan of the smell. Although your first thought may include “but I didn’t spill anything on it,” it does not have anything to do with this. It’s all about the things you put on your pillowcase each time of night.
If you are sleeping at night, you’ll find sweat and dead skin cells that begin to accumulate on the pillowcase. It can give an unpleasant taste. If your dog is able to smell it, they may be tempted to try licking it. This can be sufficient to stop your pet from from licking it.
If you are prone to getting sweaty in the night, it could be the main reason your dog continues to lick the pillow.
When your pet is constantly touching the pillows (because of the smell) this could indicate that there is a problem with their diet. The dogs who lick their pillows are much inclined to repeat it after changes to their diet.
Take note of any recent changes, and keep an eye on your dog’s behavior over the days following any change.
Make sure you clean sheets at least twice a week. This can help reduce the amount of sweat, dirt as well as dead skin, that accumulates on the surface. By keeping it to a minimum, you will be able keep your dog from wanting to touch your pillows on a regular basis.

2 – Your Dog May Have Separation Anxiety

You may not have observed your dog doing the chewing but you’ve noticed your pillow has become damp. Although it might not leap out at you right away however, it will become obvious in a short time it is your pet who’s responsible.
The reason why your dog is kissing your pillow even though you’re gone is because it is suffering from separation anxiety. This is a common occurrence when their owners leave for any period of time, and the dog gets nervous.
It doesn’t need to be long as dogs do not have a notion of time, so it could take hours , even if it’s only a brief period of time. Dogs are able to display their anxiety in a variety of ways.
One of them is that they will lick your pillow when you’re not there. They are able to feel your scent on the pillow , and the licking provides them with reassurance even if you’re not.
It isn’t easy to identify this type of behavior, especially since they only show it when you leave or have left.


How To Prevent Dogs from Licking Pillows?

Keep Your Home Stress-Free

Find out the triggers in your home that cause your dog anxious. If the music is loud lower the volume or search for calm tunes for pets. If your dog doesn’t like animals, you can keep them separate for a few weeks until they become familiar with each other.
You must create an atmosphere that is relaxing and comfortable for your pet to maintain his stress and anxiety to the lowest levels you can.

Stick to A Routine and Be Consistent

Once you’ve made sure your dog is at ease in his surroundings Establish a routine that is suitable for him and follow it. As we mentioned previously, dogs are more comfortable with an established and predictable routine, from training to their diet. Avoid abrupt changes that cause stress. If you are forced to alter your behavior, make it gradual.

Address Separation Anxiety

Before leaving the house make sure that your dog is physically tired by taking him on an outing. You can also keep him entertained with puzzles or tricks that help them relax. You can also give him chew toys or a bone for him to be entertained.
While out, remain away from your pet whenever you can. When you return, refrain from showering him with affection. Keep your cool, and you might even try to avoid them if you can. If you exhibit too an emotional response your dog will be excited and jumpy as you arrive, but sad after you go.


Final Thoughts

It’s not uncommon for your pet kissing your pillow or other beddings. However, if this behavior is persistent and constant you might want to consider taking your pet to a veterinarian. The unusual behavior may suggest a medical issue like OCD.
There is nothing worse than getting home to wet and soaked pillows after a long day at work. To prevent this from happening, restrict your pet’s access to your pillow to reduce separation anxiety and create a comfortable atmosphere for your pet. Also, you can try to identify other problems which cause your dog to be a biting your pillows.
We hope that you find this guide useful. We appreciate you stopping by and we wish you the we wish you the best of luck!

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