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Dogs often do fascinating (and admittedly fun) actions that prompt us to think: What is it that makes them do this do they do that? A dog that is in a haze of licking his air like there’s some peanut butter on their tongues is certainly not an exception. It is not a surprise that dogs enjoy be licking humans. The most common question people have is “why does my dog love to lick me so often? ?!”.

In reality, even the most knowledgeable dog owners do not understand the reason dogs love to have a tendency to lick their owners. There are a variety of theories as to that could explain why, but there’s no way to know for certainty unless we can communicate with our dogs. However, even though the sight of it may cause us to laugh air licking isn’t something to be overlooked. Find out five typical reasons why dogs lick their air!

There’s Something Stuck In His Mouth

While this might be the most obvious explanation however, it’s not the only reason to be aware of. If you observe your dog’s mouth licking immediately after chewing on the bone or nibbling at treats, look in your dog’s mouth to ensure that nothing has gotten stuck the space between his teeth.

It occurred to Diego in the past when my neighbor gifted him the sweet potato chew. A small chunk of the chew was trapped inside his tooth. I observed a clear expression of fear and panic appear on his face. He was licking his mouth like a madman and was pawing at his mouth. A quick glance inside and I saw the bright orange suspect!

Even if you don’t witness your dog eat or even lick anything, if you observe the occasional air licking, then it’s a good idea to check inside the mouth of your dog to see what’s there. Dogs are curious animals and, much as a toddler, can put anything into his mouth!


Dental Issues

What are the dog’s teeth like? Are they covered with tartar and plaque? Are you noticing a sour smell emanating from the mouth of Fido? In addition to the obvious indicators of dental health issues pets who suffer from dental pain could be more likely to lick the air in order to calm. It’s true that daily brushing is vital. However should your dog be suffering from extreme discomfort then it’s time to book an appointment for an exam of the mouth with your vet.

Nausea & Gastrointestinal Issues

The term “medical” is used that describes dogs that overly lick on the ground and in other areas. It’s known as “Excessive Licking of Surfaces” (ELS). According to PetMD approximately 60 percent of the dogs that suffer from ELS are suffering from an underlying intestinal issue. and the veterinarian Dr. Karen Becker quotes a small study that shows that figure is even more astonished:

“A small 2012 study of dogs with ELS showed that 74 percent (14 of 19) had some type of GI disease, including eosinophilic and/or lymphoplasmacytic infiltration of the GI tract, delayed gastric emptying, irritable bowel syndrome, chronic pancreatitis, gastric foreign body and giardiasis.”

Whatever the precise figure however, there is one thing that is for certain the fact that air licking excessively has been linked to stomach problems in dogs. It appears to be a method dogs use to manage nausea. If you observe your dog licking but isn’t able to pinpoint the reason it’s a good idea to schedule an appointment with a veterinarian to have your pet examined.


Stress & Anxiety

Animal behaviorists advise you to observe the behavior of your dog during the time that air licking happens. If it happens in an event that is stressful (e.g. at the wheel, going to an unfamiliar place with lots of people all around, loud sounds) It could be due to stress. Canine Psychologist Stanley Coren was quoted as saying:

“I often see this type of lip air licking or licking during the very first day of a puppy obedience class. Dogs are usually anxious because their handlers are anxious, the environment is unfamiliar and there are dogs who aren’t familiar within the class. As the classes progress however, the space and the surroundings, as well as dogs around them all are familiar and the licking habit rapidly disappears.”

The reason why licking can help soothe a dog during an anxiety-inducing circumstance? When dogs lick the area, endorphins release into their brains, and these chemicals that feel good are self-soothing to dogs! There are studies that support the claim.

Compulsive Behavior

If you observe your dog often licking their lips for hours at a stretch, you may have been diagnosed with a compulsive disorder. If the issue persists then you may want to consult your vet and an animal behaviorist. While you’re there you shouldn’t discipline your dog because of the repeated behavior. Instead, teach a new behavior. Additionally, consider increasing the dog’s exercise routine as well as mental stimulation.

What Should I Do if It Is a New Behavior?

If you notice this behavior change and you aren’t sure of the reason the issue could be a reason for an appointment with the vet. Before you visit the vet, it’s an ideal idea to make video recordings of the behavior. You should also note down any factors that could be driving the behavior. For instance, if it occurs immediately after eating or eats, then record a brief video of the behavior. This can help identify the cause. However, it can be difficult to demonstrate your vet this behavior in the examination room.


Why Do Dogs Lick The Air?

Dogs typically lick their air when they have something stuck to their tongues. If they want to get the stuck item off, they typically close their mouths and push their tongues through. Tips If you observe that your dog is chewing the air, check your dog’s mouth and tongue an instant look to see if there’s anything that’s stuck there.

Why Do Dogs Lick Lotion Or Sunscreen?

Sunscreen and lotion are a favorite for dogs due to their smell and texture that’s uncommon for dogs. They will often lick lotion or sunscreen due to the fact that it tastes odd or they’re trying to clean themselves. As with everything excessive amounts of something can be harmful to us however this is especially crucial for our pets. If they are still playing with their toys, take a pet or some food to distract their focus! Avoid the SPF or wavy butts!

Why Do Dogs Lick Feet?

It is normal for dogs. It’s usually an easy thing to get rid of in a short time, but it can be something your dog is a regular walker it could be that your dog is grooming you. Nothing beats a good the home spa!

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