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It’s a fact that dogs prefer to play with couches sofas, couches, and cushions. If you are suffering from this issue and want to find the reason for it and what you can do to stop your pet from licking your couch then I’m hoping my own experiences will give you some ideas on the best thing to do. I enjoy licking frequently but I like to take two things to lick: I lick my plate after eating the meal and I also lick my family members to show how much I appreciate them.

I’m not one of the dogs who are into licking their toys or my fur or my sleeping space however, I will tell you that I know a lot of dogs that are awestruck by licking. They will lick themselves. They lick their buddies and relatives. They may even rub their beds or floors. Do you have a dog who does this? I’ve heard that the most popular place to lick all dogs is the couch with the family. Weird, huh? Are you thinking “Why does my dog lick the couch like a maniac?” There are several reasons dogs are known to lick their fur often. Perhaps one of these causes can be linked to your dog’s behavior.

What causes my dog to lick the couch? The dogs that lick the couches regularly are often due to a variety of reasons , including behavioral or medical problems. It may also be due to food spills on the cushions or smells emanating from your body. Dogs who are bored often play with and chew on objects around the home because they want to be stimulated.

It is crucial to determine whether the issue is that is health-related.


Why does my dog lick the couch all the time?

If you want to stop your pet from from licking the couch or gnawing objects and furniture in the home It is crucial to identify the reason why your pet is licking your cushions, couch or even your sofa.

1. Your dog likes the taste

The most straightforward explanation is that taste.

A lot of people eat their food when they sit on the sofa to watch television. It is common for this to cause spills of sauce, crumbs or even bits and pieces of food that are left on the furniture.

Dogs are naturally attracted to these out and devour them, while licking the delicious tasteless treats off the couch. To prevent this from happening, make sure you wash any debris that has been eating food off the sofa. You should also consider teaching your dog that food left on the sofa is not permitted to be eaten.

Another smell and taste element could be your personal body smells. You’ve probably noticed that dogs are attracted to the crotch area of certain people. When you consider how long you might have spent on your couch and how those fascinating smells have made it onto the sofa.

2. Your dog could be bored

As previously mentioned Dogs use their mouths to communicate with their surroundings and tasting food is a part of the equation with it.

An anxious dog or bored will often seek stimulation to release their energy. That’s the reason they chew or licking your couches, personal items or any other furniture items.

It is also possible to help through the gift of a brand new toy or chewable one (see my list of chew toys that I suggest) that can help entertain them without damaging your home furniture. There are also some enjoyable toys that I suggest that have been a great fit with our dog Frenchie Claude.


3. Your dog could have a health issue

When dogs behave in a way that is not typical of their normal behavior this could be an indication that they’re trying to tell you that something is not right. Dogs can’t verbally communicate to us that they’re feeling sick and stressed, or perhaps suffering from pain, so they provide clues via their behavior.

The excessive licking of the couch can be an indication of many diverse things, ranging including tooth pain, diseases within the pituitary gland to anxiety and behavioral issues that arise from their surroundings. Commonly, compulsive behavior that is linked to anxiety disorders can include chewing, spinning or sucking, biting, and tail-chasing.

Although these are all normal behaviors of dogs, they may be a way of coping which can be detrimental and disrupting your everyday life. It is often viewed as to be a need and actions are taken to alleviate or teach them to get rid of it.

4.Your dog has a bad habit

Sometimes, there’s no compulsive or anxiety-related cause to the problem It’s simply due to an unhealthy habit. Perhaps they have licked the couch once, and enjoyed the experience and then keep doing it.

This could be a sign of increasing anxiety. It is similar to and may result in compulsive behaviors which is why it is important to stop it early and as fast as you can.


Following birth, a mom dog grooms her puppies by kissing them. The habit is carried on into adulthood, when dogs start to lick themselves to keep their bodies clean. While grooming her the dog could pick scents or taste of human skin on your couch. She may then begin to lick the couch to wash or groom your smells and tastes too.

Remember, when your dog begins chewing on furniture or other things in a sudden manner it’s recommended to consult with your vet to determine if there are any neurological or medical problems. If you notice that your dog is constantly licking the sofa, make certain to watch her tongue. It’s okay, but it’s recommended to ensure that she doesn’t suffer any scrapes or cuts from frequent chewing.



Do you notice your dog’s couch-licking habit growing out of hand, to the detriment of your home furniture or even their health?

They’re known for their mouths and there’s any way to guarantee that they will 100% stop it. They do it for taste or show affection and generally engage with others. They don’t have hands in the first place and putting food items in their mouths is their most effective alternative.

If, after trying my suggestions above, your dog still is licking the couch constantly You might want to think about a visit to the vet.

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