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It’s frustrating to only put on your brand-new pants once, and then your beloved pet chews the part of the crotch. But don’t worry, your dog isn’t a sort of animal. It’s normal for dogs to eat their underwear.


Why Pets Love Underwear

The Ask Amy video is a super-stuff and addresses the old question: Why do dogs just love their underwear so often? I’m not talking about toasty-from-the-dryer clean clothes (where cats love to sleep), but the ripe and well-worn tidy whities, thongs, sweated out socks and more. Every pet loves the adventure of wearing underwear However, the underwear and dogs are together in a set.

Why Dogs Love Underwear

What’s the deal about dogs and underwear? My Magical-Dawg adores socks. He doesn’t want clean ones, but he loves the ones my husband wears all day long, and has hordes and stocks them up so that I am forced to search for socks every laundry every day. The obsession with underwear (hey it rhymes! Could be a possible lyric for the future or a song) is a matter of smells, too.
It’s a given that we need to become better housekeepers and also puppy proof the home–and underwear! This includes keeping toys out of the reach of your pet, particularly in the event that he loves to smack on toys, LOL!

Put Underwear Away

It’s much simpler to make your dog-proof home than to stop the panty-robbing behaviour. Just get an extra high (not small) hamper that has a lid and put your dirty clothes in it, and then put your dirty underwear in. If you do not remember and put your underwear out in the laundry hamper or scattered on the floor, your dog will be able to sniff the mess and may consume it. Dogs can smell and are drawn to the scent of your body and chewing on your underwear will make your scent come out more.


Provide Chew Bones and Toys

If you simply remove the underwear the dog is likely to search for something else to chew on. Should you not wish for it become your underwear or window sills, provide your dog chewing toys that are suitable. Bones that are chewed frequently can keep your dog entertained for long hours. Don’t offer your dog T-bones, chicken bone, or even bones from the butcher as they could cause injury to him. Your veterinarian will be able to tell you the kinds of natural chew bones that are suitable for your pet. Toys are a great alternative to panties. There are a variety of toys by feeding them food. Place a portion of your dog’s diet of dog food into an item that is a puzzle toy, or make it a peanut butter filled toy.

Monitor Your Dog

One of the ways to stop dogs from chewing inappropriate objects is to tell your dog to stop. When you notice your dog snatching at your panties, tell him “no” or another short sound such as “uh.” If he has already got the panties, sit on top of him, place your hands under his mouth, and then shout “give.” Then , take the panties away from him. Reward him for all the good actions he takes. If it is your turn to say “no” and he stops and you praise him, he should be praised. If it is your turn to say “give” and he does thank you, then be grateful for that as well. Offer him a chew bone or a toy.

Wait and Your Dog Should Outgrow It

Chewing on panties is a habit that typically only young dogs and puppies do. Many will eventually get rid of it, as per WebMD. In the meantime you must take steps to stop the unwanted behaviour. It’s better than waiting and hoping that the behavior will end at its own.
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Encouraging the Behavior

The most simple and convenient method to train your dog to not chew on your dirty clothes is to put it away that dogs have access to. A hamper that is dirty and closed spaces such as the interior of a closet can be great obstacles for dogs who are simply doing a bit of research. If your dog seems to be particularly keen on chewing your clothes, you might consider investing in some chewing toys to have fun with. This can help dogs release your energy in an appropriate manner and to avoid looking for things that aren’t appropriate for chewing on.

If you’re training a dog to not to chew on dirty clothes be sure to keep in mind that dogs’ memory span is very short. If you bring them to the pile of rags they chewed on even 30 minutes ago, they’ll not connect your lesson with chewing on their dirty underwear. It is imperative to stop them at the time and stop them from engaging in the act to allow the message to get through. If your dog has been accused of multiple offences and you’ve already tried to make your laundry unaccessible Consider a behavior training program to teach your dog to not chew on items that should not be.


Other Solutions and Considerations

In certain instances dogs who are known to chew on dirty underwear may be susceptible to blockage in their intestinal tract. The elastics and fabrics of a variety of underwear may get caught in the dog’s intestines particularly if it is small in size. If you believe that your dog has eaten a pair of dirty clothes, watch them closely until they’re capable of passing the material. This is also true for any clothing item or object that your dog eats. If you’re concerned about your dog’s health or if they are no longer capable of passing stool, it is recommended to bring them to the vet to let the veterinarian determine if there is a blockage.


In the final day, having dogs eat your dirty underwear is not an enjoyable experience. It shouldn’t take more that two or three times before you begin taking preventative steps and, in the majority of instances it is possible to prevent a dog from doing so through making the underwear unaccessible. It is important to ensure that your underwear doesn’t turn into your dog’s preferred chew toy, and be aware you can be sure that your pet will come across numerous other scents to discover during its lifetime.

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