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Cats are perhaps the most popular cuddlers (that is the time they’re feeling like it) however, a lot of dogs are found slipping into the laps of their owners often. We’re not just talking about tiny dogs, plenty of giant and large breed pups will lay down whenever they get the chance and to their owners’ dismay!
If your dog likes to treat you like a beloved recliner, have you thought about why? Out of all the resting places in in the house the dog will still prefer to rest on your. There are seven reasons that your dog might be doing this and the best way to stop them from the habit if you decide to sit on them.
Dogs are known to sit on you to let out their scent. This is an opportunity to mark their territory and demonstrating their confidence in you. This doesn’t mean that your pet is trying to control you but more of a way to inform other people that you’re being taken!


7 Reasons Your Dog Likes To Sit On You

1.To Show Dominance

Your dog might rest on your lap to demonstrate to other family or pet members that they’re in charge or are in control. In this instance the dog could see your lap as a symbol of power. If you notice that your dog laying on your lap with unfamiliar or new dogs, it could be a result of dominance.
In extreme instances the dog might go a step further and become aggressive towards anyone that comes close to them when they’re on your lap. This behavior must be stopped and supported by professional assistance when needed.

2.To Spread Scent

The scent of a dog is used to convey different messages to dogs. The most popular applications of smell is that it allows you to identify or define the territory of a dog. If your dog is seated on your lap or rubs on you, they could spread their smell over what they believe to be their territory that is you. You may also notice that this behaviour more frequently when you are around other dogs when your dog is seated on your lap to emit their scent.

3.To Show Affection

If you have a dog who is a kind and loving breed, they might prefer to lay on your lap to connect with you. Certain dogs simply love being with their family and will do anything to remain in contact with them. This includes sitting on their laps.

4.To Start Playtime

Sometimes, your dog might lie on your lap in order to start a game! Particularly when you’re sitting in the middle of your floor, or on the lawn outside. Your dog might be able to sit or crawl into your lap to lure you into playing chase or a wrestling contest. If that’s the reason behind your dog lying on your back then you’ll likely see the dog doing other things like kissing or nuzzling you, and whining.

5.To Comfort You

They are able to read emotions and moods of people. Dogs can plop themselves onto your lap when they sense that you’re in the need of a hug and security. Certain dogs are certified therapy dogs, however, all dogs have a desire to make sure that their human are safe.

6.To Feel Safe

You might notice that your pet or puppy is seeking refuge in your lap whenever they’re worried or afraid. In this situation your dog is relying that you’ll shield them from whatever they are afraid of, when they rest on your lap. So long as your dog is using the seat to build confidence, rather than fall into fear of violence the behaviour shouldn’t be an issue.

7.To Keep You From Getting Up

Your dog may be savvy enough to know that sitting on your lap and looking cute could encourage you to stay seated and pay more attention to them instead of talking over your daily routine. In this instance you’re basically educating your dog to be in your lap by encouraging the behavior. Also, make sure to ensure that your dog does not develop unwanted behaviors such as wanting to growl or nip towards you when you finally stand up.


How To Keep Your Dog From Sitting On You

In most cases you don’t mind the dog’s sitting on your lap or might find it a little annoying. In some cases, particularly when you have a big dog, sitting in a lap isn’t always pleasant. Sometimes it is possible that your dog will use your lap as an even darker space, and begin to develop aggressive behavior. What ever your reason is, what can you stop your dog from laying on you when you do not wish them to?
The easiest way to deter your dog from laying on your lap is to get up immediately after they try. If you move or lift your pet off them, they might consider it to be play and come back. Stand up and continue to do so until your dog has the impression that you do not want them to sit on you. Give your dog a treat when they wait for their permission before they sit on your.
When your dog displayed bad behavior due to sitting or lying on you then it is recommended and secure to seek out professional assistance particularly when your dog has shown aggression toward you or other family members. Your veterinarian might provide suggestions or in a position to recommend an animal behaviorist or trainer that can assist you.



The relationship between dogs and humans is indefinably special. Since your dog isn’t able to speak but they can use a myriad of ways to show what they think about you. Sitting on you is one of these behaviors and it’s not the only reasons why your dog might accomplish this feat. In most cases the dog that is sitting upon your lap can be fine so long as you’re comfortable with it. If you notice some of the undesirable behavior we mentioned in the past, it could be time to take a break from being a dog sofa!

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