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If your dog is watching the windows frequently, this post will provide you with the most likely explanations to look out the window and what you can do solve the issue.
Why do my dog stare through the glass? The most likely reasons your dog stares out the window is that it is able to hear or see the animals or people outside or your dog is eager to get outside.
There are a variety of possibilities for why your dog stares out the window. It could be because of one or more of them. But, there are many options to identify the root cause. There are several ways to fix it.


Why does my dog look out the window?

Here are the most likely reasons your dog is looking out the window. What makes each more likely.

Your dog wants to go outside

The most likely reason your dog is looking out the window could be because the dog is eager to leave. It is more likely if you want your dog to go outside as you walk by the window, or in the case of the window which normally lets outside through.

Your dog hears or sees animals outside

Another possible reason may be the fact that you dog is able to observe or hear animals out. It is more likely if you have your dog do it in a situation where you can observe animals or hear them.

There is a problem inside

Another reason could be the fact that there’s an issue in the interior. It could be because the area that your dog usually lives in is bright, loud, or hot. It is more likely when your dog is watching the windows more often since an alteration in the house.

Your dog simply likes how it feels by the window

It could be that your dog enjoys what it’s like to feel when it is near the window. This is more likely if it’s slightly cooler in the area due to air passing from the air vents.

It is being protective

It could be that your dog is cautious. It is more likely in the event that your pet likes to bark at windows and especially in the presence of a large number of animals or people outside the window. Also, it is much more likely if your reside on a busy street.


Things to consider

Here are some suggestions to think about to determine the primary reason your dog has been doing this.

If your dog has always looked out the window

If your dog didn’t always glance through the windows, it might be beneficial to look into what occurred when your dog first began to do it. If your dog began to do suddenly it could be because of something like changes in the environment within the house or simply because your dog began sensing, smelling or even seeing animals outside.

The timing of when your dog sits by the window

If there’s a particular time when your dog likes to gaze at the windows It is also helpful to take note of the time. If, for instance, it is only in the morning, or when pedestrians are passing by the window, it’s much more likely your dog is watching the people. In this scenario it is possible to encourage your dog to remain in a quiet area in which it is less likely to hear and see the people who walk by.

What to do about your dog looking out the window

Here are some suggestions that you can take when confronting the behaviour.

Let it do it

If your dog appears like it’s doing this purely because it enjoys the way it feels when you walk by the window, a possible solution is to allow your dog to continue doing it.

Limit potential problems inside

It can also help minimize the potential for problems within like by allowing it to remain in a space of the home that is quieter, cooler and doesn’t have people out.


Why does my dog look out the window at night?

If your dog seems to be looking at the windows in the night It may be because it can hear or see other animals out or is in the window because it is enjoying the way it feels when sitting by the window.

Why does my dog look out the window when I leave?

If your dog is only able to gaze at the windows when you leave the most likely cause is that your dog suffers from an anxiety about separation.

Why does my dog look out the window and whine?

If your dog stares out the window and yells then the reason could be that it is looking to go outside or can see and hear people out there.

Other Solutions and Considerations

When you are aware of your pet’s requirements, it is essential to let them gaze out the window or even take a breath of fresh air while driving. If taking a look out of the windows is something they would like to do but you’re not able to stop them then it might be a good idea to help them become more accustomed to the world outside. There are numerous methods to help them do this, whether you go with your dog on longer walks or drives, or let them see more of the world around the world when they’re looking through the windows. If they aren’t keen on seeing out of the window, you might be interested in finding out the needs of your dog while at home, or find out the reasons why they do not like looking out the window just like the majority of dogs.


Dogs are extremely sensitive and are awed by exploring the world. Be it by running after things, sniffing things or even watching things that aid them in integrating into the world that they live in. Allowing them to explore and adapt to their surroundings could make a huge distinction in their mood and character.

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