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Dogs react differently to different individuals. Dogs may be attracted to the one who feeds it the most or the one who spends the longest with it, or even the person who has the best time playing of fetch. If your dog seems to be the one to listen to you most, this article will give you the most likely reasons for this and how you can take action to change it.
What is the reason your dog just listen to you? The most likely reasons for why your dog listens only to you are because you are the only person to train it, that family members didn’t train it well or they may might have accidentally encouraged it to not listen to them.
There are numerous possible reasons that your dog is only listening to you, and it could have a variety of causes. There are a few factors to consider to determine the root issue and there are ways to address it.


Reasons why your dog only listens to you

Here are some possible reasons your dog is only listening to you. Also, what could lead to them being more likely.

You were the one that trained it

Dogs aren’t always able to carry their learning well into new settings. When you’re the sole person who trained your pet, it may be that your dog has been taught to listen to you. In this scenario it’s a good idea to get other family members to help train the dog occasionally.

Other family members did not train it well

If family members from other families did teach you dog then, it may be that they didn’t do it a good job. It is more likely to happen if they utilized another method of training than that you employed and also if your dog has not listened to their suggestions. In this instance it might be helpful to make them train differently for example, using positive reinforcement.

Other family members have encouraged it not to listen to them

It may be that they’ve accidentally influenced it to not pay attention to them. If they are inclined to offer your dog items like treats, toys or even extra attention in the event that it is not listening to them, it’s likely to do this in order to earn more rewards.

You are the one that feeds it and gives it exercise

It could also be that your dog doesn’t think there is any reason for it to listen to them. It is more likely if you’re the only person who takes care of it, feeds it and pays it attention. In this situation it is possible to encourage other members of the family to join with you in some aspects of the job.


Things to consider

Here are some suggestions to think about when determining the primary reason.

If your dog has always only listened to you

If your dog was not always listen only to your voice, it might be beneficial to think about what was going on when it first stopped listening to other dogs. If it suddenly stopped it could be due to some people accidentally gave it a reward for not listening, or perhaps because they have stopped being the ones who feed it or play with it.

What is different when your dog does listen to other people

If your dog listens to other dogs at times It is also helpful to think about what’s different when it is listening to them. For instance, if it does pay attention when they instruct the dog to perform certain actions it could be that they need to teach it how to perform more general tasks.

What to do about your dog only listening to you

Below are some choices you can consider in dealing with the behavior.

Get other people to train it

The best option is to ask other people to teach it with methods like positive reinforcement and “nothing in life is free” dog training.

Reward it when it does listen to other people

It could also help make it more inclined to listen to the people you want to listen to, by rewarding it every time it pays attention to them with an indulgence or positive attitude.

Avoid rewarding it when it does not listen

It can also be helpful to stop it from encouraging it to pay attention to other people by ensuring that you do not reward it when it doesn’t listen, and also preventing relatives from rewarding the behavior also. Instead, it is better to not pay attention and wait until it calms down and reward it for doing its best.
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Tips for adapting to training your dog to listen to others

The tips below are the best ones to follow when you are trying to teach your dog to pay attention to other dogs. These are:

Be available with another person to train them

When training sessions are conducted by dogs, make yourself available to others as well. If you are not there you should try to be with them and allow them to explore new things even if you are not there. If you are present, too be sure to take a break so that someone else can benefit from the session.

Be ready to reward them whenever they listen to others

If your dog responds to other dogs and responds to them, reward him for that reaction. The reward could be anything like their favorite meal, a toy, or even a trip to their preferred park.

Do not encourage their behaviour if they do not respond to others:

If your dog doesn’t respond to any other dog Try to stay clear of them and don’t encourage this behavior. If you tell them not to react, they’ll become accustomed to it, and then repeat the behavior repeatedly.

Be social with your dog

Spend time with your dog as often as you can. The more you interact with them and the more they become familiar with the process of adjusting to new people. Once a dog is taught to adapt to other dogs, obedience is a natural instinct for them, and they begin to listen to their companions.

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