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Sometimes, regardless of the amount of attention we pay our doggies, according their opinions it’s never enough. They are always looking for one more throw of the ball, more stroll through the neighborhood, or even one extra head scratch. If you’re saying to yourself, “Why is my dog pawing at my face?,” it could be as simple as the dog wanting more attention.


Dog paws and communication

Dogs utilize their paws and their voices to communicate. When their barks and yips aren’t effective and they engage in physical. Sometimes, we encourage our dogs to make use of their feet showing them how to shake.
Paws as a means of communication with us is just as normal as a toddler grasping your arm while trying to communicate with you he’s ready to play. When our dogs are pawing at us, they’re communicating with us through one of the few ways they are able to. Sometimes, it’s a good thing and cute however when their paws are directly on your cheek, this could certainly be a nuisance.

Why is my dog pawing at my face?

If your dog is looking at you with his paws maybe it’s just be an undesirable habit result of your dog receiving an incentive when he makes use of his paws for other purposes. If the dog’s paws on your face appears to be the result of a pattern that he picked up using his paws to attract attention, a few positive treats and rewards could be enough to convince him to quit.
According to Canidae There are a variety of reasons for your dog to choose to put his paws or the paws of your face. In the majority of cases it’s because he wants to be noticed. If you’re reading or reading or a book and the dog in your lap or even pawing your leg or facial expression to signal that he’s in the room and wants you to be attentive to him.
It’s also normal for dogs to touch his paws after being confronted. If he places his paws upon your shoulders or face when he does this, it’s as if you’re offering an apology. wanting to hug you that says “Love” Your Dog. You may also notice the tail tucked between his legs as well as the head resting on his back. This is where he is able to tell by your voice tone and facial expressions that something has gone wrong and is seeking assurance.


Your dog needs something

Your dog may be pawing your face to signal that she’s in need of something. She could be suffering or overly hungry, or trying to inform you it’s late to the evening walk. It may not be obvious to see a dog’s paws on your face but it accomplishes get your focus.
Some dogs prefer to be frequently touched. Take note of the times that she’s doing it. If she’s calling you out when you’re cuddling on the sofa It could be as easy as trying to feel close to her. If she’s doing it while you’re not paying attention and haven’t seen her for a while it could mean she’s saying that she’s due for some time with you.

How to prevent problems

If your dog’s habit of pawing your face is causing trouble or bothers you attempt to stop it from causing potential issues until you end the habit. Keep your dog’s nails cut to a shorter length. When your pet is constantly pawing your face, it could accidentally scratch your eye or face with the sharp claw.
You can take him on additional walks to wear out his body and give him extra focus to see if it can help. Avoid looking at your “paw zone” if you are able to. Be sure to use a cheerful voice and positive attitude whenever he’s not looking at you. You can give him a reward ahead of time for his good behavior. Give him a reward if he begins to paw your face before stopping.
In the end, you’ll be able to figure out the reason he’s making paws at you eventually, and then you’ll have the ability to offer him what he’s looking for. If it’s just a routine which he utilizes to communicate then you may be able to guide him to positive behaviour

It’s trying to alert you to something

It could be because it’s trying to notify you of something. This is especially likely to happen if it does it while other events occur, for example the presence of an unusual sound nearby, or when it displays unusual body language while doing it.

It wants you to stop

If it is doing it while you pet it, the reason could be in order to make you put it down. It’s more likely to happen if it exhibits symptoms of discomfort like being withdrawn of you or not waving its tail, or becoming stiff.



The reason could be that there is some anxiety in the area and puts its hands on your face since it makes it feel more secure. It’s more likely in the event that it tends to do it more frequently in situations in which it feels anxious. If it usually does it about the same time you leave your home It is more likely to do it due to separation anxiety. It is more likely if there are indications of anxiety while you leave.

Stopping the Paw

It’s our responsibility to not give in to the behaviour when it does occur. Begin by instilling your dog with how to get the attention of others. If your dog tries to scratch your leg, each time attempt to delay the reaction that you give them the attention they’re searching for. By prolonging the time your dog must be patiently waiting for your reaction, he’ll eventually realize that we are not offering our attention to their time.The most challenging part of this procedure is if you are at home training

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