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Many of the actions that our pets exhibit could seem strange to us, there’s always a reason for why dogs behave as they do. From digging into the backyard and peeing all over household objects such as clean towels and clean sheets There are many things our dogs do that may seem bizarre, but it is completely normal for them.

There’s not a lot more depressing than having an animal that pees inside the home. It’s not even a problem if you have one who uses blankets (both the ones you and his) to relieve his bladder.

The constant smell of urine and loads upon loads of laundry can become stale quite quickly. The majority of dog owners who have pets that pee regularly on blankets are in a bind when trying to figure out why this is happening.

There’s good news that there’s probably a reason for this behavior. Blankets covered in dog pee will not bother you throughout the remainder of your dog’s existence. We’re here to help discover the light at the beginning of your tunnel.


Why does my dog pee on blankets?

Dogs aren’t likely to take a bath just because he wants to. There are many reasons why the same thing happens in addition to certain innate instincts as well as medical conditions that may make your dog be peeing on the blankets of the family. The solution to this problem is about identifying the cause of the problem.

Your dog might have a medical condition

If your dog keeps reaching his leg over blankets, he could have medical problems that a qualified vet should take care of. It’s never a bad idea to bring your pet to the vet for a check-up If you’re worried.

The dog who is regularly peeing on blankets might be suffering from UTIs or a condition that is as severe as diabetes. UTIs are more frequent among female dogs than males. If you notice a constant flow of blankets at home, you need to visit the vet.

The signs of diabetes can be seen that include the habit of peeing on blankets and other furniture around the home. You may notice that your dog is suffering from increased thirst, along with vomiting and weight gain. It is recommended to schedule an appointment with your veterinarian to rule out any serious issue!

Your dog has a lot of emotions

They don’t function at the same level of cognition as humans, however this doesn’t mean that they are free from emotions! Dogs who are feeling all the emotions constantly express their feelings by going to places where they shouldn’t such as on the bed and under their blankets.

The most frequent feelings that can make your dog pee whenever he shouldn’t is the excitement, nervousness, or anxiety. You might be thrilled that you’re back home, worried about guests arriving or even anxious about going away. It’s not unusual to find a dog who frequently pees on blankets to suffer separation anxiety whenever its owners are at work or go for vacation.

Your dog is a puppy

Hey owners with puppies! The puppies are playing with water, they drink it, They also have small bladders which means it’s only the matter of time until they’re peeing. In the beginning, they’ll be inside the house all the time.

Make housetraining a priority If you’re unhappy about the puppy’s habit of peeing all over blankets. This is exactly what they do, but when they’re trained properly patience, persistence and time they’ll be able to stop their pee.

You recently adopted your dog

If your new dog has been peeing on your blankets, it could be an emotional problem. But, it’s important to be aware that your dog may not be completely potty-trained.

When it comes to rescue dogs, we’re not sure where they’ve been , or the things they’ve gone through in their life. Your dog’s new friend could be trained to go outside for pee in the house he grew up in and later lost some of that training while in shelters.

On contrary, maybe the dog wasn’t potty-trained. It’s important to give newly adopted dogs time to adjust to their new environment. Make sure you provide the dogs with gentle training, lots of praise and show patience!


How to Prevent Dogs From Peeing on the Bed

You can stop your dogs from peeing on your Bed by providing solutions to the above-mentioned causes. If they’re still young and need to learn how to potty, teach them and offer an appropriate puppy pad. Make sure they have more time to go out so they can have a pee spot.

Another option is to give your dog with its own bed or putting them in a cage to train them on controlling their bladders and ensure that they do not contaminate their bed. Furthermore, you can consult a vet behaviorist to help you manage your dog’s behavior. In the end, make sure you ensure that your dog is healthy and happy.

How to stop my dog from peeing on blankets?

Peeing on blankets or other common surfaces including carpets is a very frustrating problem for dog owners. It’s crucial to remain calm and don’t believe that your dog thinks the same way as you do. He doesn’t.

If you’re looking to keep your dog from peeing in blankets there are some options you can test at your home.

Don’t yell at your dog

The loss of your patience isn’t likely to solve the problem. Reprimanding your pet for peeing on blankets could make him anxious or make him lose faith in your role as a leader. Be calm, cool and collected and discuss with your dog as well as your vet to discover why the urination in the house continues to occur.

Visit your vet

If you suspect that there’s an undiagnosed health condition that contributes to your dog’s habit of being able to pee on blankets, visit your veterinarian! The vet will identify everything from mental to medical issues and prescribe medication to treat issues that range from anxiety to diabetes.

If you’re sure that the issue of it’s not the main reason you’re experiencing, then your vet is the first visit. If you’re lucky, you’ll walk out with sense of peace.


Final Thoughts

What is the reason my dog pees upon his bedding?

Most often the dog is marking its territory , leaving a trail of scent. This can be done by using the blanket to urinate and then going to another part of the home.

There are many other instances where the dog isn’t trained and will end up urinating whenever it’s lying down usually be placed on a soft, soft surface such as blankets. Sometimes, it’s quite simple!

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