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If your dog is known to put his paws up on your face often it is possible that you are contemplating the reasons and how you can do to stop it. This article will provide the possible causes and how you can do about them.
Why does my dog place its paws over my head? The reasons your dog’s paw is on your face is that it’s seeking to get something back from you. is bored, it needs to end something, or it’s mimicking your behavior or it’s learned that it earns rewards for it.
There are a variety of causes that could be a factor that could be the cause, it is beneficial to think about what makes each one more likely. Once you’ve got a clear understanding of the root of the issue it’s going to be much easy to make your own quit doing it.


Why your dog puts its paw on your face

Here are some reasons why your dog may be doing this and what makes their likelihood of being the most important cause.

It wants something from you

The reason could be that it’s trying to obtain an item from you. This is especially likely to happen if you perform this behavior more often during meals or around the same time you normally offer it food or other items.


The reason could be that I’m bored and would like to work out. This is especially likely if I tend to do more exercise before having exercise, and does not do it again after having exercise. If your dog is healthy, it is important to make sure that your dog is in a position to receive the recommended daily exercise appropriate for their breed and age.

Encouraging the behaviour

It may also be that you’ve accidentally encouraged the behavior by rewarding it with rewards. It is more likely if you reward it with treats, toys, or focus when it puts its paw on your. It is better to encourage it to behave in the manner you would like and also to attempt to redirect it’s attention when you are poised to place its paw upon your face.

It’s trying to alert you to something

It could be because it’s trying to warn you about something. It is more likely if it occurs in the same moment that events occur, for example the presence of an unusual sound nearby, or the body language while doing it.


It wants you to stop

If it is doing it while you pet it, the reason could be in order to make you put it down. It is more likely if it displays indications of discomfort, such as moving away of you or not waving its tail, or appearing stiff.

It’s copying you

If it smacks you with its paws when you pet it, this could be because it’s mirroring you. If you’re showing affection to it, with your petting, it could try to demonstrate that it is grateful by petting you as well.


It could be because there is some anxiety in the body and puts its hand on your face as it feels safer. It is more likely in the event that it is inclined to do it more frequently in situations where it feels nervous.
If it is a habit to do it around the time that you are leaving home It is less likely it occurs because of separation anxiety. This is especially likely if it exhibits symptoms of anxiety when you leave.

To get attention

The reason it does it might be because it’s looking for attention. It is more likely if you lavish it with attention, or other things like belly rubs after you notice it.
If you’re trying to stop it, the behavior, it is helpful to give it a lot of attention throughout the day, but refrain from rewarding the animal with attention whenever it is trying to place its hand upon your face. It is also helpful to know when it’s likely to accomplish this and divert its attention to something other.

Dominant behaviour

A lot of people come into the idea that their dogs are doing this because they want to establish dominance. The alpha/beta relationship is disproved by research which show that wolves alternate in taking over the leadership.
However you could do it as a result of bullying behavior that is more likely to occur if it attempts to force you to move or show the signs of aggression while performing it. In this situation it’s best to not give it reasons to be afraid and to teach it to behave in the manner you would like it to by using training programs like NLIF (“Nothing in this world is free) Dog training.


How do I stop my dog from pawing at my face?

While some owners might be satisfied and may even enjoy watching their dogs for pawing on their face, it’s possible that a lot of people are annoyed by the behavior and are searching for the fastest way to stop it since they could have been injured or even had their faces scratched.
Although the following are options to curb the behavior, the most effective solution will be determined by the motivation behind the behavior initially.

Engage your dog

As you’ve already guessed boredom and excessive energy are the most common causes of strange behavior in dogs. As a pet owner, it is your responsibility to offer physical and mental stimulation to your pet.
One way to come up with a solution to stop this behavior is to take through the steps that exhaust him. When he’s tired and expends much lower energy levels, he’s far less likely to be able to think of odd behavior.

Redirect his focus

If the reason your dog’s paws are at you for the attention of others, then you must be able to discern that. One way to stop it is to shift the attention of your dog to something that can attract his attention, such as toys.

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