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Why Does My Dog Rest His Head On Me?

If you’re one of the adorable dogs that rests their head on your arm or knee You’ve probably wondered, “Why does my dog rest their head on me?” Does it come out of a selfish need for scratching their ears? Do they want you to feed them their favorite pet food? Do they want to be telling you that they don’t enjoy the expensive doggie mattress you purchased for them?
The more likely answer is healthier. They love you! Your dog is probably not going all day long resting his head on the feet of your Pet Sitter and would not do that to anyone else.
In this article we’ll translate this dog’s behavior into English to allow you to find the an answer to “Why does my dog rest their head on me?” At the end of the article you’ll likely be enthralled by this cute little thing.

To answer the question, “Why does my dog rest their head on me?” we’ve got to get wild

Imagine yourself as an ant in a wolf’s cave. It’s cold and cold outside. The group has spent the day protecting their area and searching for food. They’re now back waiting to cuddle to sleep. You’d think that their dogs’ ancestors had big cuddle nets that had tails , legs and snouts all wrapped up and cozy. There’s actually an order.
The wolves that have higher rank in the hierarchy of their pack get the most cuddle spots. The others close to them ensure that they are warm and cozy. Experts think this could be a way of ensuring that the wolves that are the most vital to the survival of the pack are protected from frigid temperatures. The top dogs are able to survive and the entire pack flourishes.
It’s not only about survival. Wolf cuddles are means to show their affection and strengthen bonds between them. It is common for wolves to put their heads gently upon the neck of a fellow animal. This is not a sign of respect or with power or dominance. It’s more of a loving method of saying, “You’re safe and we’re in this together.”
It will cause your heart to melt It’s true. It helps us better understand our beloved dogs.

So why do dogs do it?

Evidently, the dog that we have in our homes has made a significant leap from their wolf-bred ancestral ancestors. Nowadays, dogs don’t have to be concerned about safeguarding the pack’s leader from frigid temperatures. Why do they still place the adorable little snouts of theirs in your lap?
Through their lengthy process of domestication and development with the human race, our pets have remained a part of these survival strategies. In actual fact, as we explained in our article about Man’s Best Friend: The History of Humans and Dogs Humans did a pretty excellent job of preserving the traits of wolves that we desired and removing those that we did not.
It is clear why the wolves who performed the foot-warming ritual for The Alpha Wolf were accepted into human homes more easily than the wolves who were Alpha. This trait continues even today.

There’s a key difference between wolves and dogs that can help answer “Why does my dog rest their head on me?”

You could think “Well it’s not like I feel any unique. My dog just does what their DNA says they should do to survive.” But this isn’t the entire story.
Dogs aren’t wolves. They share certain features deep within their bones, however they are completely different creatures. One of the major difference between them is Their love for human beings.
Dogs are awe-inspiring. They want to meet us. They love belly rubs and ear rubs and aren’t able to resist an emotional “Who’s a good boy?” The love they have for us is among the main reasons why we acquire a pet Sitter to look after our pets when we’re not around, instead of letting them sit with a large dish of food. We are aware that they rely on human cuddles to ensure their comfort and happiness.
If they stick their snouts onto your hands or feet it’s not because they’re equipped to guard the Alpha. It’s as well because they are in love with you and would like to be loved by you.

Wait – what if my dog doesn’t rest their head on me? Am I doing something wrong?

No! Dogs, just like any other intelligent animal are unique in their individual personalities. They show their affection by expressing their love in various ways. Actually, we’ve created an entire article about How to say ‘I Love You” in Dog Language because there are many ways to say it that are unique to each dogs.
Additionally, certain breeds of dogs are more likely be affectionate by laying their heads upon their owner. Dogs such as Great Danes, Dobermanns, King Charles Spaniels, for example, are all that are known to be cuddly and loving to their dog owners. Others breeds, like Alaskan Malamutes, Shiba Inus and Chow Chows could be less inclined to be drawn to physical contact with their owners.
If you’ve never asked yourself, “Why does my dog rest their head on me?” Do not be worried. They may just have another method of showing you how much they’re in love with you.

How does your dog show you they care?

We’d love to hear about the adorable, funny, and bizarre ways your dog says to you “Hey I’m here. I really love you. Please give me a quick head massage?”
Although we’ve not addressed the question “Why does my dog rest their head on me?,” it’s clear that dogs have a myriad of options to prove to their affectionate owners that they are a part of their lives.

What does it mean when a dog rests head on you?

Cuddling/Nuzzling/Leaning Some dogs nuzzle their nose into the crook of your arm or lay their head on your foot. Some show their affection by placing their heads on your knees or leaning against your back. It’s the right best time to build your bond and cherish the moments of love.

Can your dog be mad at you?

Are dogs really mad? In short, yes It’s entirely feasible for your dog become unhappy. But here’s the great news The dog isn’t angry “at” you in the way you’re thinking. According to PetMD although dogs do experience emotions, they don’t attach blame with these emotions.

Do dogs like being cuddled?

The dogs love to snuggle in the beds of their owners. They are enthralled by the ease of sleeping with their masters however, they also carry all kinds of bugs and critters which you don’t want within your comfortable sheets. There are also certain forms of cuddling dogs do not like, for example, hugging them in bear-like manners.

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