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As pet owners, we adore it when our pets are eager to join us. Sitting on the sofa after long days with our furry companions is a wonderful opportunity to unwind and relax. Sometimes, your dog may have other ideas and decides you’d make a wonderful cushion. It might seem like they’d prefer to lie over you rather than sitting on your couch. Although it’s adorable but some types of this behavior may suggest anxiety or behavioral issues that must be addressed.
This article will go over the reason behind a dog’s need to rest on the head of its owner and provide four possible explanations for why your dog could use your body as furniture. At the end of the article, we’ll offer suggestions on ways to train your dog to substitute this behaviour with something that is more calming.


The 4 Reasons Your Dog Sleeps On Your Head Are:

1.Social Status

Dogs are part of a pack with a clear hierarchy that is, there’s a pecking order with one pet, referred to as the Alpha, is the one in charge. A myriad of interconnected, complex elements determine the status of a social dog in a group However, the main result of this system is that dogs constantly fighting for position and attempting to climb up the ladder. Being close to the top gives the dog with better nutrition and mating options, which increases the chance of passing to their offspring effectively.
What is this got to have to do with sleeping on top of your head? From the perspective of your dog sleeping next to the leader of your pack–most likely you — will elevate their standing to the others in the “pack.” Sleeping on the top of your head or on your head may be a signal for others in the pack to back off as your dog is at the top of the pack.

2.Separation Anxiety

One of the most frequent reasons for sleeping close to or in the top of the head can be separation anxiety. When your pet is incredibly dependent on you, they may become anxious when they are removed from your company even by one or two feet.
In extreme instances the dogs with separation anxiety can be seen following those who are their pet owners throughout the house , and bark and whine when they’re left all by themselves.
If you suspect that your dog is suffering from separation anxiety, you must to make steps to assist them in overcoming it to live happily, normal dog lives. An entire guide to managing separation anxiety is outside the topic of this article, however the main idea involves increasing the number of hours you are separated gradually in time. Rewards your dog whenever they do not react to your going away is a great method to help them consider leaving as an enjoyable experience.

3.Being Protective

Another reason why your dog lies on your head is they’re trying protect yourself. Dogs of the past evolved into pack animals partly due to the basic understanding of the power of the numbers. The dogpile is an illustration that wild animals keep warm and securing themselves from predators.
It’s not easy to determine whether your dog is asleep on your head due to protecting themselves, but a evident sign is when the behavior is more frequent when there are other people in the vicinity. Dogs who are more protective are more likely to display these behaviors when people are present because they view that they are potential dangers.

4.Your Dog Was (Inadvertently) Trained To

The majority of dogs are quick learners and learn our habits quickly. Reward training is typically accomplished with treats, but toys and attention can be important enough to be a reward that your dog can discover some behavior by accident.
Take a look at this scenario. Your dog jumps up onto the bed, walks over to you, and then is able to lay down. If you react with a scratch and giving them a pet they’ll begin to associate the habit of sleeping next to your head with the pleasant experience of having pets. In time, this behaviour is ingrained leaving you scratching at your head and wondering what has happened.


How to get your dog to stop sleeping by your head

Here are some suggestions that you can consider when trying to get your dog to stop sleeping next to your head. Combining the use of all of these options will probably be the most effective.

Train it to sleep somewhere else

Another option is to teach it to go to sleep elsewhere. If you do this, you’ll be able to direct it to go to a different place whenever it appears that it’s about to arrive and then sleep with your head. It will also aid in getting rid of the routine of this.
For positive reinforcement training, to teach your dog to lie down and teach it to lie down at a particular location and then gradually teach it to remain there for longer longer durations.
In my previous post, I’ve discussed ways you can teach your dog to lie down and how to teach it to remain here.

Deal with its separation anxiety

It could be the situation that separation anxiety may be the reason for this behavior, it is recommended by taking measures to decrease the anxiety that occurs after you leave.


Conclusion: Why Dogs Sleep on Our Heads

Wild dogs live in groups and sleep in a large mass and often assert their power by sleeping close to or on top of top-ranking members of the group. Your dog may be tapping into their origins when they sleep in your bed, however they may also had the habit from you. The most egregious reason for sleep on the head of your dog is anxiety about separation but even so you can train your dog to avoid sleeping near your head , by solving the root cause.
Most important to keep in mind when attempting to train your dog to alter their behavior is to show patience. Dogs do not have the concentration spans as we do and it can be difficult when they see your anger. Training in small sessions and take frequent breaks to play or take an outing; both you and your dog will be more content.

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