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Why does my dog sleep between me and my husband?

Your dog lies on the bed with you or your spouse due to the fact that they’re content, they’re missing your company, or being jealous or jealous. You’re expecting, and you’re inviting them to stay or a scent that they like growing, becoming too attached and lacking a place to sleep or simply not want to be let out.


Reasons why your dog sleeps between you and your husband

They’re comfortable with you

Your dog is sleeping with you as well as your husband due to the fact that they are safe and secure.
They also are able to trust you.
Your bond is very strong. This is why your dog likes cuddles and other types of affection that are physical while asleep.

They miss your company

Another reason your dog lies in bed in between your and your spouse is that they don’t want to be with you.
If you and your family are working all day The sole time the dog has to be with you is at night.
If they sleep between you and your husband and cuddling to you as well as your husband at same time.
Fun fact:
Did you even know?
74% of dog owners in the US are sharing their couches and beds with their furry children. This is based on the results of a national survey conducted from Stonyfield Organic about animal health.
I understand.
Everyone wants to snuggle with their pet before bed.
In particular, when you’ve been from them all day.
My boyfriend and I snuggle with our sweet Lissa almost all the time! In addition, she does her best to sleep in bed. Most of the time, she is in our beds.

Being protective

“Must guard hoomans. Therefore, I rest here.”
Your dog is protective of your family. This is why they rest between you and your husband.
In the mind of your pet you are vulnerable while you’re asleep. Your security is off and you’re unaware of the surroundings.
Therefore, your dog keeps an eye over you as well as your spouse. In case anything bad occurs.
This behavior is a result of their Wolf ancestors.
Wolves that live in packs are known to be able to sleep together. Therefore, when danger is encountered they are able to defend themselves and one another.
This is the reason it’s natural that your pet behaves in this in this manner. Particularly if they’re one of the most protective breeds of dog.
Similar to the ones listed that are on this list by GVA:

  • Boxer.
  • Rottweiler.
  • Bullmastiff.
  • Belgian Malinois.
  • German Shepherd.


You’re pregnant

“My dog is being very clingy during the late at night. They’re always wanting to snuggle between me and my spouse,” the owner tells your acquaintance.
Ooooh. The sudden change in behavior could mean something else.
You’re pregnant.
This is why your dog has recently developed a desire to snuggle with you.
Based on Dr. Vincent J. Tavella Dogs can detect the signs of pregnancy. They may even have been aware of your pregnancy prior to when you discovered you were pregnant.
The dog might have detected the change in the scent of your body because of the hormones you’re experiencing.
You also need to have discovered the reason behind your mood fluctuations.
Your dog’s brain is telling you that you’re at risk. They’re therefore extra vigilant and protecting your.
Take a look at 11 Reasons Your Dog Can Be So Clingy All of A All Of A

They were allowed to sleep with you

You’re not a fan of’sexy’ time and privacy with your partner.
You won’t be able to sleep for a single night with your dog not resting between you and your spouse. After you shut the door of your room your dog barks until they are allowed inside.
Does your pet beg when you kiss?
Your husband is grouchy. And you want to show him some affection.
What made it turn out in this way?
This issue with sleep could have begun because you let dogs to stay alongside you.
Now that it’s their norm to sleep beside you, your pet will not be able to resist it any longer.

They’re cold

In winter it may get cold.
Your dog is now in bed and sleeps between you and your husband.
They would like to cuddle with you and become snuggled up. Sometimes, they might prefer to snuggle in your warm blankets in order to stay warm.
This isn’t a new concept.
Even Australian aborigines would sleep with their dogs prior to. This was to stay warm during cold winter nighttime.
The more people you can snuggle with, the more comfortable it will be.

The scent is comforting to them

The reason that your pet prefers your bed could be due to the scent.
You and your spouse must be an enjoyable experience for your dog. They can snuggle and sniff each other while they sleep.
Dogs are more at ease in spaces which smell familiar to them.
(That’s the reason why dog mattresses that smell like factories do not draw the attention of dogs. Because they don’t smell similar to you. (Or them.)



What to do about it

Below are some choices you can consider when trying to convince the dog off.

Avoid encouraging it

As stated above It may be that the behavior has been promoted. In the meantime, it is helpful to keep it from getting between you two and encourage it when it’s not between you two.

Train it to sleep somewhere else

Another option is using positive reinforcement to help your dog go to sleep elsewhere. Positive reinforcement training involves you motivate it to be behave in a specific manner by rewarding it whenever it exhibits signs of being this in a certain way.

Give it another place to sleep

It is also helpful to give it a second space to rest. The room must be quiet, cool and spacious enough to sleep in. Another option is to provide it with the option of sleeping in a crate so that it can sleep there and feel safe.

Redirect its focus

It can also help change the direction of its attention on the moment it’s about to be between you two. If you do this you’ll be able to remove it from routine of this. Methods to redirect it’s attention could include teaching it to lie down other than where you want it to and then telling it to stay there when it’s going to be between you two.
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