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If your dog is asleep between your legs You might be wondering what you can do to fix it.

This article will provide several reasons your dog could be sleeping between your legs and the things you can do to stop it.

Why is my dog lay on my legs? There could be a reason that it’s protecting itself and makes it feel more secure, or it suffers from anxiety over separation, or perhaps you accidentally trained it to do this.

There are a variety of different factors you could think about in trying to understand the reasons your dog behaves this way. It is possible that it is one of the causes listed below.


Why your dog sleeps between your legs

The various reasons your dog is sleeping between your legs is likely to have a few clues.

Below, I’ll list the various reasons your dog could be doing something and what could make them more likely.

It is being protective

The reason why it sleeps between your legs may be because it’s protecting itself. This is especially likely if it occurs more frequently when other people are present and it becomes excessively protective when other people or dogs are present.


A majority of dog breeds were bred to be with their owners for the majority of the time. The reason your dog lies between your legs is that it helps it feel more safe. It is because sleeping close to your legs means that it will be aware of when you’re leaving, and it helps it feel less at risk in its sleep.

Separation anxiety

It is possible that your dog suffers from separation anxiety. This is the reason it is not happy being left on its own and being left alone can cause anxiety. This is especially true to happen if you feel nervous when you are planning to leave, with things like crying or pacing.


The reason it lies on its back could be due to being afraid of something. It is more likely to occur in circumstances where it could become scared, for instance the presence of someone it doesn’t like There are fireworks, or loud sounds outside.


You have inadvertently trained it to do so

It could be that you’ve inadvertently taught it to move between your legs. It is more probable to be the cause should you be able to offer the animal things it would like when it does this, like belly rubs.

If you don’t like your dog sleeping between your legs, then it’s a good idea to teach it to sleep elsewhere and not reward it when it tries to sleep on your legs.

It’s being affectionate

It could be that it does this in order to show affection. It could be that putting its hands between your legs indicates that it thinks you are a member of its group and trusts that you are a part of its tribe.

When it started sleeping between your legs

It is helpful to think about the exact date it began doing this because there might be an event that caused it to occur.

The things that could have occurred could have included:

  • You have moved houses
  • You rewarded it for slipping between your legs a few times
  • You have a new pet

If it’s always slept between your legs, it is more likely to do it since it helps it feel more at ease or safe.

If it always sleeps between your legs

If your dog doesn’t always lie between your legs, it’s worth considering the reason why it does.

If you observe that it is more likely to sleep between your legs when your departure for work, it is less likely it is because of separation anxiety. If you observe that it happens when you are with a particular person close by, then it may be doing it to protect or afraid.


How to Stop Your Dog From Sleeping Between Your Legs

If you believe that your dog should stop sleeping on them, then there’s ways to deal with it.

Train Him Not to Lay Down Between Your Legs

One option is to train your dog to not lay down on your legs, and then instruct him to lie down on his bed or in any other location you prefer.

This can be accomplished through Positive reinforcement. This is accomplished through rewarding the dog whenever they do something you would like but not when she performs something you do not want to happen.

1. Don’t Reinforce the Behavior

You must stop rewarding him each when he’s within your legs. It is not enough to be rewarding him with snacks or food and treats, but you must also not reward the guy with love or attention like stroking him while he’s on your legs.

2. Redirect the Behavior

In this regard, it’s beneficial for your dog to master that “down” command so that your dog will lie down whenever you say it to him.

If your dog wants to lay in between you legs do not let him do so. Take him to the area in which you would like him to lie down for rest and then give him to obey the “down” command. You can reward him with treats and praise when you let him lie down.

3. Reinforce the Behavior You Want Him to Do

When your dog is laid on his bed or in the spot you choose treat him with treats and shower him with lots of affection and love.


Dogs often prefer sleeping on their owners’ legs. While it may seem like something that is normal however, it is important to comprehend the reason behind it to either encourage or deter the habit.

Be sure to take these points into consideration the next time your dog lies between your legs and there’s no doubt that you will get exceptional outcomes.

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