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After a hard and tiring day, there’s nothing better than returning home to your pet. It could trigger a feeling of jealousy, but when your pet is lying in the exact same spot you left him a few hours ago.
In this blog I’ll discuss the most commonly-cited causes of this type of behavior.
Why does my dog lie upon my bed? One of the possible reasons your dog is sleeping on your bed are that it’s anxious and smells you on the pillow, or it feels comfortable on your pillow, or it has learned that it is the reward when it sleeps on your bed.


Why Does Your Dog Like to Sleep on Your Pillow?


The most obvious reason that your dog would love to lie on your bed is simple comfort.
Pillows are soft, flexible and cosy which makes them the ideal location to relax in the night. They’re comfortable enough to make you’d love to sleep on it, isn’t it? Most likely, your pet thinks it’s a nice place to sleep, too.


Another reason your dog is sleeping on your bed is because it’s actually mimicking your behavior. Dogs have innate behavior patterns However, they also draw inspiration from their pack leaders, and guess who the group leader? You!
Your dog considers you to be the leader of your pack and would like to look as you. Therefore, you lay his head on the same spot you sleep and sleeps in the same place you rest.
Remember that imitation is the best kind of flattery!


On the other hand the dog might think that he’s the pack leader.
Do you notice that he is always ahead of you when walking and act aggressively toward you? or display other signs of power over you? This indicates that he may need some training to make you feel like the leader of the pack.
If he doesn’t attempt to rule you, if you have a spouse or children or pets, he might be claiming boundaries over them rather than you.
Dogs can be very possessive and, even though they prefer traveling in groups but they do not want to share the love and support their human gives them.
Pillows that sleep on are an opportunity for them to share their scent and show their the supremacy over other pets or human beings at home.


Are you aware of the scents that make you feel relaxed like the smell of hot cocoa on a cold winter day? Your scent can have the same effect of calming your dog.
If he is sleeping with you on your bed in the evening, it could be due to an assurance in being as near as he can be.
The comfort of your pillow provides him with some of your body heat and your scent, which makes it the most comfortable place in the entire house for him.
If you’re not home (like at times during the day when you’re working) Your pillow may remain your dog’s favorite place to snuggle, simply because it smells just like you.


Your dog might not be asleep on your bed not just for the sake of his own safety however, it is for yours too.
Dogs are extremely protective of their owner, and sleeping on your bed will allow them to guard you throughout the night. Certain dogs have been reported to be able to check their owners breath to ensure they’re safe.
This could mean you have a guardian angel with extra-special powers watching you when you rest.


In the wild, dogs naturally sleep in huddles with their family members, and families in particular make sure that they sleep together.
New puppies are snoozing close to their parents or mother not just to ensure their safety and comfort, but also because being close to one another helps build and strengthen bonds.
Your pillow’s sleep could be a way for your dog to connect with you, and strengthening your bond.


A few dogs will lie on your bed to make a fuss of you, or to signal they’re ready to play. This is more frequent when puppies are young, and is generally a learned behavior.
Particularly if it has been stated that you don’t want your dog to lie there for too long by taking him off and moving him around, or with treats to get away from the area It could be that he thinks it’s a clever and enjoyable way to win some attention or even treats from your hands.


How Do I Get My Dog Off the Pillow?

Give your dog the most appealing and comfy pet bed available such as the one I’ve spoken about in the previous paragraphs.
In the daytime it is possible to put the pet mattress in your living space or in any other space you spend long hours in.

  • Introduce your dog to the bed and add some treats to establish an enjoyable bond.
  • You can put the pillow cover you have not washed on the bed to make it more appealing.
  • You may also need to include an additional command to instruct your dog to lie down into his bed. This is sure to help at night.

To help teach how to say “settle”, grab a couple of treats and then lure your dog to the bed. Once in the bed, give him the command to lie down and give him a treat.
Make sure to treat your dog every couple of seconds in order to show him you are happy with him staying calm within the bed.
Get him to get him out of bed and repeat the lure. After a few attempts you can include the verbal signal “settle”.

What else happened when your dog first started sleeping on your pillow

If your dog began abruptly doing this it is helpful to look at what else went on at the time it began doing it. It may be that something happened which caused it to begin. If it began doing the behavior suddenly it could be because of things like learning that it is rewarded or it began to develop anxious when it was separated.


Bottom Line

There are a variety of reasons your dog would rather sleep on your bed Most of these are positive and positive. your pet simply wants to be close to you, receive your attention or to strengthen your relationship in some way.
It’s acceptable, and many pet owners like to allow their pet to sleep on the couch in front of them.
If it doesn’t trouble you and he doesn’t show indications of dominance or aggression you’re perfectly able to have your best friend close to you at evening.

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