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A lot of people love their dogs and consider them to be an essential part in their families. Dog owners typically enjoy spending time with their pet and playing with them. Even the most lazy dogs are typically satisfied to sit with their owners to enjoy whatever you are watching in the living room.

Don’t be concerned that your loud fur ball of energy violates the rules of good manners in terms of not entering into someone else’s space. Some may be brave enough to reach up on top of their owner who is not aware, and then refuse to move a centimeter.

This is a frequent pet owner question that has been asked from the beginning of time, and then repeated throughout the years. What is the reason my dog lies on my head?


Dogs in Bed & Dogs on My Head – What’s a Dog Owner to Do?

A few owners allow their dogs to lay in bed with them Some owners find their dog sleeping in their bed, but aren’t sure what caused the dog to do this and are looking for what they can do to stop this behavior.

Unexpectedly, some dogs take the concept of closeness to an entirely new level. This is a common question. What is the reason my dog lies on my back? Dog owners then begin to ask if it’s acceptable for my dog to sleep on me, either in bed or somewhere else.

Why do my dogs lay on top of me?

We are so glad you finally took the time to ask. The answer to the question of what makes my dog lie on me has its roots in the history of dogs in the time when they were wild. Wolves , and later other dogs were in packs to protect themselves and also the benefits of being in a community can bring to every wild dog.

Dogs Assert Their Dominance by Laying on the Other Dogs

When a dog lives in a household with dogs it’s typical for the dog that is who is trying to establish their authority to lie on the less dominant dog, or, in the case dogs living in humans and their owner. In certain instances it is possible to answer “why does my dog lay on top of me?” may indicate that it is your pet telling other pets or dogs within the house that they’re making a claim to you as their owner.

Why Does My Dog Sleep on Top of Me?

It’s quite normal that your dog will crawl into the middle of the night, and then end being snoozing on top of your body or the face of your body. It can be a relaxing experience, especially if have a small puppy or small dog that is akin to a warm blanket to cover your body.

It can be a bit difficult when a large , mature dog is sleeping right on your head all night.

Dogs rest in this way in order to prove that they cherish you and will never have enough of you. They feel secure when you’re close, and they are eager to guard yourself.

A dog who prefers this position for sleeping is extremely loving towards its owner. You’re likely to spend lots of time with each other when you’re both asleep.

Being loved and adored by your dog can be a delightful moment. But, it is important to establish certain boundaries.

A dog that is small can be injured when resting on top of you in the event that you accidentally move it away. A bigger dog will make breathing difficult and could make you feel extremely uncomfortable during the summertime.

Here are a few suggestions to do when your pet is asleep on your back.

  • You must ensure that you invest enough time in instructing your dog to become self-sufficient. This is a sign the dog’s dependence on you. It cannot imagine being without you.
  • It is important to train your dog in assertive manner If you believe the dog’s behavior is in a selfish manner. The sleeping position could indicate that your dog does not respect your requirements and only be focused on their own.
  • It is important to let your dog think of you as the superior. This will make them respect your privacy. Utilize the time during the day to establish dominance, and also teach your dog to respect the rules.
  • Make sure you have a soft and comfy space where your dog can rest comfortably. Make sure your dog is using their bed more frequently and utilize positive and assertive training to reinforce this behavior.why-does-my-dog-sleep-on-top-of-me-3.jpg

Where Does my Dog Sleep?

Your dog is likely to think about a lot before deciding the location where it’ll sleep. In the absence of a particular bed you’ve created for your pet and it could end up sharing a bed with your in the bed. The place they sleep in tells you the story of how they feel about you.

How to Help your Dog Sleep on Their Own Bed

If you don’t like your dog sleeping over you, or when it’s becoming an issue, you could help your dog sleep in their bed.

Install them in a comfy area in the same space in which you usually in.

Include some toys and leave the doors to the space open, so they can lay down whenever they wish to.

Sometimes, just knowing you’re close enough to make dogs lay down the top of your head!

Can My Dog Sleep Beside Me Instead of on Top of Me?

If your dog sleeping on the top of you causes problems or is plain uncomfortable, try encouraging your dog to sleep next to you instead.

Give them a firm “no” when they crawl over you or lie on your lap for lay down and gently push to them next to you instead.

You can pet them until they fall asleep. Over time, they’ll learn that sleeping next to you is just as great as sleeping sitting on top of you, and likely significantly more comfy!


Final thoughts

Instead of focusing on the reason my dog is sleeping on me, change the focus and let your dog believe to sleep in their private space is the best way to gain your attention and affection.

If the question of why my dog lie on top of me leaves you feeling guilty and a bit lonely for cuddles with your dog By all means you can let your pet lay wherever it likes. Another option is to place your dog in your shoes or on the floor next to you. This could be a wonderful way to have a peace of mind.

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