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A dog’s sneeze is usually strong enough to wake anyone up with a start! As a dog owner, there’s a good chance you’ve heard your dog sneeze first thing in the morning. He can also sneeze in the morning and at no other time, so it’s only natural that you wonder why my dog ​​sneezes in the morning?


Reasons Why Dogs Sneeze In The Morning

There are many reasons your dog could be sneezing early in the morning. These are the top five frequently used reasons for it:

Your Dog Is Suffering From Allergies

Like humans, dogs are susceptible to allergies. Most often, allergies worsen during the day, particularly when you lay in bed with your windows open. When your dog awakes to go outside, the scent and pollen of grass can irritate your nose, making him sniffle.

Something Tickled Your Dog’s Nose

The dog might sneeze when something irritates his nose. Because your dog is smothered with fur, it shouldn’t be surprising if a bit of fur gets stuck on the dog’s nose, which causes him to cough.

Your Dog Wants To Play

Some dogs will sneeze when would like to play or when they are enjoying themselves. Certain dogs, particularly puppies, get up full of enthusiasm and eager to play the moment their eyes are opened.

Your Dog Is Excited

When dogs get overly excited, they cough! It is often referred to as “play sneezing.” It is certainly an odd practice, but one to be concerned about.

Your Dog Inhaled Something That Irritated His Nose

Your dog’s nose may be affected by something within the space. If your dog is asleep when you get ready for the day, then things such as the scent of hairspray can cause your dog to cough more often than usual.


Why does my puppy keep sneezing when he wakes up?

Sneezing dogs could mean that they want to play or is just exuberant. This is why dogs can make a sneeze after their owners come home from work, or when he gets up: he’s thrilled to be with you and would like to play.

Why does my Shih Tzu sneeze a lot?

Shih Tzus may sneeze because of many reasons. Certain of them are safe, like when they sneeze when they play. However, others could be an indication of a problem like being stuck with something in their noses or they have the flu or cold. Snorting can also be an indication of allergies.

Why does my Shih Tzu wake up every day?

Shih Tzu is known for being fun. You can give them anything and they’ll spend hours playing with the world in all ways. If they discover something new, they’ll take that item to its owner and attempt to demonstrate their skills with it. And after a day of doing so many things an entire day, they eventually go to sleep, but they will awaken when they even hear the smallest sound.

What kind of sound does a Shih Tzu make?

The 11-year old Shih Tzu, Bear has been making a honking sound and then gags as if something has gotten lodged inside his throat. If he is having an episode, it begins with the honking noise and after that he has a cough that is then an amusing gag. He’s eating very well and is sleeping well. He is playing throughout the day even when he has an episode.

Why do I get sneezing fits in the morning?

Sneezing fits are among the most frequently reported sign that you suffer from allergic rhinitis. It is possible to experience occasional episodes of sneezing when you get up at dawn. Other symptoms that are common include a nasal congestion, runny nose eye itching or watery eyes. It could also be due to seasonal rhinitis that is characterised by frequent sneezing attacks.

When to know if your Shih Tzu is suffering from depression?

However, if they are able to take it all off with sleep, and it lasts over a period of time, something seriously wrong. This is the time to be concerned you’re Shih Tzu suffers from depression. 2. Saying no to sweets and food

What does it mean to have a sneezing fit in the morning?

Morning Sneezing Fits. Morning sneezing fits are when people wake up after sleep and begin to break out in an eczema within a few minutes or even hours after the moment of awakening.


Why does my Shih Tzu have difficulty breathing?

This is a condition that occurs when the Shih Tzu is born with nostril passageways that are narrow. Because of their unusually small dimensions, Shih Tzu’s have difficulty getting the right amount of oxygen they require to maintain their body. The first sign of this is usually difficulty breathing and is typically quickly noticed by the owner.
My eleven year-old Shih Tzu, Bear has been making a honking sound and then gags as if something has gotten trapped within his throat. If he is having an episode, it begins with a honking sound, it then turns into a small cough that is then an amusing gag. He’s eating very well and sleeping well. He also likes to play throughout the day even when he has an episode.

What are the symptoms of an allergic Shih Tzu?

However, your dog may be allergic to certain items such as flea or shampoo powders. Although it is less well-known certain Shih Tzu breeds are susceptible to airborne allergens, such as dust or pollen. Itching, redness around the eyes, itching an upset stomach, and inability to eat.

Other Considerations

As you might not have seen play sneezing in the past it could be the perfect time to look into it and talk about the subject in greater depth.
It’s possible that you don’t believe there’s something as a fun sniffing, but it is!
If dogs play with one with each other and begin to receive what appears to be rough, they’ll begin with “play sneeze.” This is a method of showing another dog they are doing nothing to hurt and aren’t in any way aggressive towards them.
How better to demonstrate to your dog that you intend to do no harm than when you’re absolutely vulnerable before them. A dog that is careful will not take any action to let his guard down, even falling victim to a sneeze.
It’s not clear why dogs behave the manner it does, but consider it a blessing that they communicate in this manner. You wouldn’t wish to witness an unruly dog fight break out due to the dog’s misreading of the other’s gaze.
Dogs don’t have the ability to talk about things as humans do, which is why they require other methods of communication.

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