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The answer to this simple question “Why does my dog stay out in the rain?” is apparent. As a dog lover, you should know that certain breeds of dogs love the rain. There is no problem if your dog is in the rain for an extended period.
The rain can cause us a bit of difficulties. It can leave you without an umbrella, which can lead to cancellations of plans, flights!
Although we might think that rain is the most disruptive thing however, our dogs could think the exact opposite. They are so happy and have enjoyment playing in puddles, as well as getting dirty and wet.
There are a myriad of reasons your dog chooses to be outdoors when it’s raining. from the desire for a mate or to escape boredom.
Find out the reason your dog is outside in the rain, and learn how you can protect your dog when it’s raining.



Why does my dog stay out in the rain?

Dogs enjoy being in the rain since rain is stimulating and stimulates our senses in ways humans may not be able to comprehend. Rain is natural and affects dogs physically as well as mentally. Dogs are able to sense natural phenomena, such as rain.
If your dog spends a lot of time when it rains, then this may not be solely to “entertainment purposes”. It could be because your dog is scared , or is a natural instinct to defend their owners.

Do dogs like rain?

It’s a matter of individual dog. Certain dogs are enthralled by it, while others aren’t.

  • The majority of dogs with double coat fur appreciate rain as it cools them and keeps them fresh.
  • Some dogs might not be fond of rain in any way. The most common reason is because rain brings the sound of thunder, a roaring wind and plenty of pressure in the water. The dogs are scared. I’ve witnessed Leonidas hide his head in his paws during rainy days. That’s right, he’s so terrified.
  • Dogs that don’t like rain see it as terrifying. Short-haired breeds aren’t fond of being cool and wet. However, dogs who have double coats can appreciate rain soaking into their coats. It can create the sensation of tingling upon their body. The dogs are fine in the rain as well as on sunny days.
  • It is essential to teach your puppy to walk outside in the rain , so that they can conquer their anxiety. Dogs are prone to retaliate when they go outdoors, especially if you’ve kept them inside. It is better to teach them through compassion and love. Do not just take them away because this can increase their fear.
  • Dogs who have experienced the thrill of swimming in the water or playing with mud will be more relaxed in handling rain. Since cold weather makes dogs cold, dog breeds that have been born in colder regions prefer to take pleasure in rain.


Why dogs like to sit in the rain

If you think about the dogs that enjoy rain, a possibility of a question popping up in your mind: What is it that makes rain a good thing for to them? Here’s why dogs sit in the rain

The scent

The dogs are naturally hunter. They are smelters. Some dogs may have this capability in a higher level, such as basset or bloodhound hounds, however, all dogs possess the ability. In their spare time they usually spend their time sniffing around and following tracks. Dogs are fond of petrichor, which is the scent after rain. I’m convinced that they’re just the same way as us!

Rain brings them Outdoor fun

The dogs who are active love to play even when it’s raining. Dogs that are raised and trained to live in the outdoors prefer rain. This allows them to stay outside and living life to the fullest. However, it is important to train your puppies from an early age to help them develop a love for water. The majority of puppies who were allowed to play in the water, are enthralled by rain.

It’s hot inside

The dogs usually love the rain, especially when it’s hot inside. Consider it a refreshing break.

To find a mate

Research has proven that the behavior of dogs’ mating is also influenced by weather conditions. If your dog isn’t neutered, he might want to venture out in the rain to search for the perfect mating partner. (Also go through swollen sacks of dog food after having neutered)

Protection alert!

Dogs are the natural protectors. They are loyal to mankind with the utmost devotion and provide protection to their masters in inconceivable ways. This is the reason they hold our hearts.
Particularly if you have an animal guardian, it might go outside during the rain to guard yourself from threats. Rain is associated with thunder and wind, and dogs may sense these as dangers.


Dog breeds that love rain

Herding, hunting retrievers, and herding dogs are dog lovers. Even though some dogs with double coats might dislike it. For instance, huskies are designed to be a part of Siberia which is the region with the highest snowfall however they aren’t keen on being wet. Read Do huskies like snow and do huskies enjoy swimming to understand the reason.
Certain breeds of dogs enjoy rain since they’ve acquired a fascination with water at a very young age. For instance, Golden retrievers and Nova Scotias are both water loving and enjoy rain in every way they can. (Read the article Nova Scotia vs. Golden Retriever).
There are dogs who do not love rain, and not all have been “made” this way to manage rain. Rain, for instance, can cause huskies as well as Pomeranians extremely sick.

What happens when you let your dog sit outside in the rain?

What are the reasons to allow your dog to enjoy the rain? It is based what breed your pet is, the way they were raised, as well as the weather conditions.
Most of the time, there’s no harm in taking pleasure in rain with a little supervision. Particularly if your dog is enjoying the summer weather there is no reason for anything bad to occur. A light rain shower can inspire him. But, rain can alter the temperature of dogs’ bodies. While certain breeds may not be allowed to run through the drizzle, even a light rain shower is acceptable for all breeds of dog. Even the huskies. They are fond of sleeping outside in the cold winter months, and labradors who can withstand hot temperatures. These subjects will allow you understand the ways that different breeds deal with temperature differently.
We’ve already discussed If your dog isn’t to a breed who loves water, do not force them to take a bath into the rain. In this situation it doesn’t matter what kind of coat they wear.
Your dog should be allowed to participate to this. Make sure he has a safe space and an opportunity to play fun while it rains. If he is enjoying it take him out. If rain gets him uncomfortable there’s always a way to return.

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