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While you’re on a stroll or a dog strolls through your property the dog might be crying or whining. In the worst case it is possible for your dog to tug at the leash, bark loudly or even growl.
Because no one likes an unruly or irritable dog, you’re probably thinking what your dog is doing and what that you could do to bring an end to the problem.
There are many reasons why dogs cry when meet other dogs, it’s easy to fix it with appropriate training.


Should You Be Concerned?

Do not fret regarding your pup crying every time it sees other dogs. It’s a common problem for dog owners and is something that animal experts see often.
However, there are ways you can go at home to make sure your dog doesn’t be upset or agitated when they encounter other dogs.
The most effective way to do this is to visit the vet or dog behaviorist and encouraging your dog to be positive and not ignoring your dog when they’re whining at other dogs.

Why Dogs Cry When They See Other Dogs

There are many reasons that your pet may be crying or whining when they encounter other dogs. Some of these have a higher likelihood than the others. Furthermore, these explanations are different in terms of difficulty in attempting to deal with the issue. Let’s examine why your dog will cry when they encounter other dogs.

1. Appeasement Behavior

Appeasement is the act of letting the dog makes submissive gestures to inform other dogs they are not combating with them. It helps to calm down situations in which your dog is scared or scared.
Whining is among these appeasement actions. Other typical appeasement actions include adopting a submissive position (tail placed between legs, eyes turned away) or kissing the lips and scratching their back, opening their stomachs, and the act of yawning.
These behavior patterns may be odd to humans however, your dog uses these behaviors to stay out of conflicts.
If your dog starts crying in your presence or is crying and puts the tail in between your legs, it’s high possibility that he’s engaging in appeasement to make him appear less intimidating.

2. Excitement & Greeting

The most frequent reason why your dog’s crying in the presence of the other dogs is due to them trying to greet them. Dogs are extremely social. They are incredibly social and love to play with other dogs, as long as they’ve been trained to be with them.
Whining is a good way to calm your dog as previously mentioned however, a large number of dogs will whine as a means of saying hello.
If your dog is the next time it is crying, take a look at their body expressions. If they’re crying and wagging their tails and trying to approach other dog, it’s likely that they’re trying to establish an acquaintance.


3. Fear Of Harm

A different reason why dogs cry is that they are scared of dogs. If you are aware that your dog was victimized or even abused before, that could be the most likely cause.
Dogs may suffer from PTSD or even be traumatized as humans do. In the event that your dog seems nervous around other dogs, seek dog treated and assist in socializing the dog with other dogs who are friendly.

4. Jealousy

Yes, dogs are anxious and competitive. If your dog cries when you meet other dogs, it might be jealousy that causes them to cry.
If dogs are irritated they can be able to bark, growl, or even slither between you and your dog.

5. Habit

When your dog is whining about other dogs is it a habit to start petting them? If so, you could be instigators of this behavior. The pet will be able to associate crying with your focus. In turn, they’ll begin whining and increase the volume of their crying.

How To Stop Your Dog From Crying Around Other Dogs

If you think your dog’s crying due to one of the above reasons You’re probably thinking how you can stop the crying. Since everyone would like a dog to be constantly crying and chasing other dogs.
Here are some suggestions to keep your dog from crying at with other dogs.

1. Stop Allowing The Behavior

This may seem like a common tip However, a majority of dog owners don’t take this important step. If your dog is yelling or crying, just ignore it. Avoid looking at them. Don’t pay any attention to your pet.
This might sound brutal, but it’s actually effective. In time, your dog will recognize that crying will not get their attention, so they’ll stop crying.
Naturally, this will depend on the personality of your dog. If your pet is still young, they might not understand that you do not wish them to cry at dogs. All they’re thinking about is that they have a dog.
If you can’t appear to be working, look at alternative solutions listed below.

2. Start Using Positive Reinforcement

Certain pet owners will can punish their pet whenever they fail to do something correctly. This is called negative reinforcement and isn’t the most effective method of teaching your dog to not cry when they look at other dogs.
This can cause your dog to become aggressive as they might associate other dogs as punishment.
Instead, you can try positive reinforcement. When your dog does not beg for attention reward them with treats. The dog will soon associate the absence of crying with treats. With enough time the pet will stop crying whenever they meet the dog.


3. Meet Calm Dogs

Sometimes , dogs who appear exuberant cry out at other dogs as they’re stressed. This can be particularly true in the case of dogs that haven’t been often around other dogs.
The next time you head to the dog park, look for the calm dogs your dog could play with. When they understand that other dogs aren’t a problem They’ll stop reacting over and over again every time they meet another dog. When your dog is used to calm dogs, your dog may want to play with more lively dogs.

4. Go To A Dog Behaviorist & Veterinarian

If none of the suggestions above are effective, it’s time to consult the vet or a dog behaviorist. A dog behaviorist isn’t exactly the same as a trainer for dogs. A dog trainer instructs dogs to follow commands, while the dog behaviorist attempts to comprehend why dogs behave in how it does.

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