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If your dog suddenly gets crying and clingy is bound cause you to be anxious and concerned about what’s happening to your dog. As you’ll see the potential causes for your dog’s clinginess can be numerous. Therefore, you’ll require additional information to pinpoint what’s causing the problem. Before we look at the things that could cause your dog to become clingy, I would like to be aware of something in your the back of your mind. A dog who is affectionate but suddenly appears to be withdrawn can be cause for concern.


Unpredictable changes in pet’s behavior could be a sign of serious medical conditions, and shouldn’t be overlooked. Do you notice your dog who is normally yours alone suddenly moving all over the place? Maybe your pet is complaining when you close your doors at night, to go to bed, and you’re not sure why. Any change in the behavior of your dog should be a red flag even if there’s not an obvious reason for it. As a pet’s owner, it’s your job to determine the cause.

What could be the reason for your dog’s recent behavior of clinginess? This can be the result of numerous reasons, ranging from minor issues to grave ones. Let’s examine some of the reasons your dog’s behavior is affectionate.


Does your female dog seem to increased her affection for you than before? It is likely that your dog is having a hot moment.

Females can also become more in love with them when the heat cycle gets more intense and transform in to Velcro dogs. Some may even be secluded and have nothing to do with you.

It’s usually quite simple to tell when a female dog in the heat, as they are prone to bleeding during their cycles. While this may freak you out, it’s perfectly normal.

If you’re not intending to breed your dog, it’s best to make sure that your female is spayed prior to the first cycle of heat. It will decrease her risk of developing cancerous mammary glands.

Age-related Problems

As time passes dog breeds begin to show health issues that are a result of age including vision as well as hearing loss.

It’s extremely frightening for your pet since it affects his ability to keep his head in the direction the way he did in the past.

If you suspect that your dog may have issues being able to hear or see it is best to visit the vet right away.

Change In Routines

Although humans love to change things up but dogs prefer routine since they want to know what they can be expecting. Your dog is more secure knowing that he is fed and walks with you each day.


Your Dog Is Bored

Dogs are bored, just as humans do. This is one of the main causes of poor behavior. Dogs require stimulation for their minds, play and exercise. When they don’t receive it, they search for fun at other locations. Sometimes, they indulge in destructive actions, such as creating holes or holes within your lawn or breaking furniture.

However, at other times they use another strategy:

They latch on to them. Clinginess can be a great method for your dog to signal that they require attention. If your normally easy-going pet suddenly refuses to let you go it could be because they are bored.

The Fix

It is a good thing that boredom is a simple issue to solve.

Begin by addressing your dog’s physical requirements by making sure they’re exercising regularly (talk with your veterinarian or breeder about the requirements in case you’re not sure).

Go for a walk every day and allow them to sniff and explore to their hearts’ content to stimulate their minds.

Address her mental health needs.

Get an interactive game two to stimulate your mind and to encourage a mental workout by playing games like games like hide and seek or tug-of-war.

Training is another method you can keep the dog busy and entertained, so you can introduce them to new tricks or commands to do to keep them entertained.

Your Dog Has Separation Anxiety

Clingy dogs, often called Velcro dogs, like to be with their owner when they are at their home.

Sometimes, Velcro dogs can develop hyper attachment to their owners, making it crucial to discern between a dog that is clingy and one with separation anxiety.

Clinginess that is sudden could indicate an issue that is more serious be aware of the way your dog behaves after you go away.

If they feel anxious and panic whenever they realize it’s impossible to follow around, they could be suffering from separation anxiety.

The Fix

A solution to separation anxiety might be the topic of a different blog Here are some suggestions to ease anxiety in dogs.

    • Place old clothes that you own in your dog’s bed. Your scent will provide comfort to them when you’re absent.
    • Doing your dog extra love when they’re anxious can lead to this behavior. Make sure to employ positive reinforcement to promote healthy habits, not to mention healthier ones.
    • Provide your dog with the option of a game or treat-dispensing dog toy to keep them entertained.
    • Do not pay attention to your dog when getting at home. Doing so for a short time can dull the excitement they experience when you open the door.
    • Discuss your pet’s needs with your vet. The dog that is anxious may require medication.


Is it okay to stop my dog from being clingy?

You can certainly retrain your dog’s behaviour after you’ve identified where it’s being triggered. Clinginess from dogs isn’t something you must endure. It’s a matter of effort and time. needed will differ based on the dog and circumstances obviously. If you need assistance with exactly that, consult with your veterinarian to get some suggestions!

A dog that is clingy is a hassle when trying to move about the home, but this is a sign that you must be aware of the behavior of your dog. These suggestions will aid you in getting to the bottom of the matter and allow yourself to have your space back!

Final Thoughts

Although a sudden behavior of affection may be annoying but, generally speaking it’s simple to fix.

Making sure your dog gets sufficient physical exercise, mental stimulation and socialization can keep dogs content.

Clinginess could be an indication of something more serious. Therefore, whenever you’re unsure, speak to your veterinarian.

Remember that dogs can’t use words to convey what they’re feeling, therefore they make use of their behaviour.

Be attentive as well as be that advocate for your dog requires you to be.

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