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The dog has been muddy once and we’re seeing it again, most of the time around her mouth. The dog has been eating dirt once more. If you’ve had pets for a long time, and they suddenly adopt an odd new habit such as eating dirt, do you be worried? It’s true that she didn’t ever eat dirt before. Do you think it’s a new breed of doggy oddity? Your pet might seem mysterious and strange, but each behavior has a purpose. As a long-time pet owner I can tell you that there’s an explanation for the strange fascination with eating dirt. But, there are many possibilities. I’ll assist you in identifying the options, so you can collaborate with your vet in order to fix the problem.


Why is my dog eating dirt all of a sudden?

There are times when you’ll observe your dog eat dirt or eating other odd things regularly. The behavior of dogs is typically caused by unusual behavior idiosyncrasies, such as separation anxiety, digestive disorder or just plain boredom. It may be caused by an absence of minerals or vitamin supplements in your diet. Being able to observe such bizarre behavior in your pet could be something you encounter from time to time. It’s part of what you agreed to when you brought your furry pet into your house.

While watching your dog chew dirt, a myriad of thoughts may pop up in your head, such as why my dog is eating dirt at once? Does it mean that this is normal? Does my dog have a chance of getting sick because of this behavior? Let’s get into the specifics.

Why do dogs eat dirt?

There may be no reason for this kind of behavior. Your dog may just have discovered the flavor and sensation of eating dirt. However, according to a number of dog experts when your dog consumes dirt often, there may be a mental or physical cause. If your dog eats dirt frequently, the cause may be due to a lack of minerals and vitamins in their diet, and soil is a great way to maintain the levels the body needs. There could be other related health issues which you must examine. However, if your dog is eating dirt on occasion, it should not be a reason to worry about it. It could be a minor indigestion issue that can disappear over time.

Top 6 Reasons Why Dogs Eat Dirt

    • Anemia- If your dog’s diet is deficient in the red blood cell, it could be that they attempt to replace their diet by putting in soil.
    • Behavior problems – Just like dogs, they can do many strange behaviors when they’re not feeling good mentally. Your dog could be having a meltdown.
    • Gastrointestinal Disorders/Upset Stomachs- Many pets consume grass to get sick. Your pet could be testing out a new soil type because there’s an issue with their stomach and they’re unsure what to do.
    • Nutritional deficiencies and imbalances If your dog is deficient in iron or different minerals, it could be searching for what they’re missing from soil and eating.
    • Pika- The obsessional craving to eat food that is not healthy is a psychological condition.
    • Unsuitable Food If your pet isn’t getting the nutrients they require from their usual diet, they may be supplementing their diet by eating dirt.

Also known as geophagia, eating dirt is a common issue for canines. Since dogs lack the human capability of treating psychological and medical conditions that can affect dogs, they make use of their noses to seek out solutions. It could be a method to attract attention, or to try to solve an issue with stomach the nose of your pet will be able to identify exactly what’s in the soil they consume.


Unfortunately, dogs aren’t trained to take a course in science or medical. They are unable to discern the distinction between what smells nice and what’s appropriate for them. The pet’s diet is one that can harm them for example, dirt, since they don’t understand.

What’s in Dirt

To know the reason why your dog might choose to eat dirt, it’s important to understand exactly what’s found in soil. Certain of the elements that attract dogs are a part of an appropriate diet for dogs. Minerals such as iron are vital to be healthy. But, your dog must get these minerals in their diet.

The main reason for why dirt is made of is straightforward. It is mostly made up of organic matter and inorganic matter. Minerals, animal and plant matter the worm castings, and various”stuff” that fall and mix with dirt, all become the soil.

Certain areas are more concentrated of particular components. For example, the regions that have pink or red dirt are extremely high in iron. The color is due to an oxidation process on iron particles, which is also known as corrosion.

Soil is either more acidic or more basic, based on the components that make up the soil composition. Gardeners add nutrients to the soil to aid different species develop. Mixing calcium or lime with the soil, it is possible to alter the pH so that it is better suited to the kinds of plants you’d like to grow. There’s nothing you can do to the soil to make it more suitable for dogs.

Will Eating Dirt Harm Your Dog

The dogs who eat dirt could be trying to resolve an issue. However, your dog could simply have been acting out. No matter the reason, eating dirt can hurt your dog. However, this isn’t a 100% guarantee.

There are dogs who eat dirt that have no adverse effects, but this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t allow them to munch on the soil in your backyard. Ingestion of too much earth could cause a number of problems. Here are a few of the most frequently encountered problems that can be experienced by dogs who eat dirt.

    • Intestinal blockages may occur when soil accumulates in your dog. They aren’t able to digest the majority of the inorganic matter.
    • The internal damage to the body caused by sharp rocks and sanding could result from inhaling earth.
    • Constipation, or the inability to poop could result due to ingesting dirt.
    • Intoxication from pesticides, fertilizers, or any other toxic substances in your yard could make your dog sick, or even cause death.
    • Roundworms and other parasites can leave egg-like remains in the soil. Unfortunately, this means that your dog is at risk of becoming being infested.
    • Ringworm as well as other bacteria live in the soil and be found on pets’ paws and faces as they dig up dirt for a snack.
    • Why-Is-My-Dog-Eating-Dirt-All-Of-A-Sudden-3.jpg

In short, yes, eating dirt can hurt your dog. While most dogs have a strong immune system and digestive tracts, the system isn’t completely impervious. A bit of soil every now and then isn’t likely to cause any major issues. But if it becomes an obsession or habit it is more likely not to get an animal that is sick in your hands.

Can a dog recover from anemia?

Although severe anemia can be life-threatening and requires immediate attention from a vet mild cases are less difficult to treat or reverse. If you think your dog might be suffering from anemia make sure to take them to a veterinarian to ensure that the reason be identified.

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