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Have you ever wondered why your dog sits weird with one leg kicked out or both of his knees bent outward in a cross-legged position?


Normally, a dog should sit upright with his knees flat to the side and feet neatly tucked underneath his hips. However, some dogs just flop to the floor like they are tired and end up sitting in some rather weird positions.

While it may seem that your dog is sitting weird, this can be a completely normal canine behavior. In fact, strange sitting positions are quite common in puppies and are a completely normal part of the growing stage.

However, while the puppy sitting is normal for puppies, in adult dogs, it can be a sign that something is wrong.

In this article, I will tell you everything you need to know about the puppy sit and list the most common reasons behind this strange behavior. Continue reading to learn what your dog’s sitting position means.

Why Does My Dog Sits Weird?

Dogs have many interesting habits and are known to do some rather strange things.

You have probably noticed that your dog is exhibiting some weird behaviors such as chasing his own tail, barking at his reflections, sitting on your feet, and walking in circles before lying down.

However, the thing that most owners find the strangest is the infamous lazy sit.

Have you ever seen your dog sag into a seat like he is tired? Or has he ever flopped onto one hip and kicked out his other leg to the side, like he is trying to chill out?

Or does your dog ever sit cross-legged with both of his knees splayed on the side and toes almost touching?

All of these weird sitting positions are called puppy sit, but you might have heard some people refer to it as lazy, sloppy, or frog sit.

If your dog has a habit of flopping into puppy sitting on a regular basis, you have probably wondered, “why does my dog sit weird and is there something I can do about it?”

While the lazy dog sitting position might seem weird and worrisome to you, this is often completely normal canine behavior.

However, the lazy sit can also be a sign of underlying health problems in adult dogs, so you shouldn’t just dismiss it as another one of your dog’s weird and funny behaviors.

Let’s take a look at the most common reasons that might cause your dog to sits weird:

Why Does My Dog Sit Weird?

A dog just flops into a sit with his legs splayed sideways rather than beneath his hips or appears to go almost cross-legged is sitting in a puppy sit.

Sloppy sit or puppy sit isn’t really a problem in young puppies since their joints and bones are still very flexible. However, adult dogs should be more stable and a puppy sit can indicate many different problems.

In most cases, a dog will use a sloppy sit as a way to alleviate soreness and joint pain.

Hip dysplasia, knee problems, back pain, and inflamed anal glands are a few health problems that can cause a dog to sit in weird positions.Why-Is-My-Dog-Sitting-Weird-1.png

If your dog sits strangely and also has trouble walking, you should schedule an appointment with your vet.


What Are The Signs Of Hip Dysplasia In Dogs?

The most common signs of hip dysplasia in dogs include decreased activity, pain, stiffness, lameness in hind legs, and decreased range of motion.

Additionally, you will notice that your dog has trouble rising and is reluctant to run, jump, and climb the stairs or sofa.

Some dogs with hip dysplasia also develop a swaying gait and have noticeably enlarged shoulder muscles compared to the rear end of the body.

In some cases, you might hear grating in the hip joint while your dog is walking.

Why Does My Dog Sit Like A Person?

Some dogs sit like humans just because every time they do it, their owners find it funny and unintentionally encourage this behavior.

Dogs know how to copy human behaviors, and if your pooch thinks you like the way he is sitting, he will start sitting this way more often.

However, some dogs might sit like people just because this position is more comfortable and alleviates back pain and soreness.

If your dog is sitting like a human and has difficulty walking, you should take him to your vet for a check-up.

How Does A Dog Sit With Hip Dysplasia?

Dogs that have hip dysplasia will sit on the side with the affected leg extended to the side, instead of sitting square with both legs tucked under hips.

Additionally, dogs with bad hips might also have trouble sitting normally and they usually just flop to the floor like they are very tired.

Observing the way a dog sits during an examination is one of the ways a vet can determine if he has hip dysplasia.

Is it bad if my dog sits weird?

To owners, it may seem like the dog sits weird, but often this is completely normal behavior. If your dog is sitting a certain way, it’s always for a reason and this reason could include forms of bonding or early signs of serious illnesses – so always be mindful when evaluating your dog’s sitting positions.


If you have noticed that your dog sits weird, he is most likely flopping down into a puppy sit with his legs splayed to the side.

Also known as lazy and sloppy sit, the puppy sit is completely normal for puppies, but can be a sign of health problems in adult dogs.

This weird sitting position helps dogs relieve pain and feel more comfortable if they are suffering from:


  • Hip dysplasia
  • Knee problems
  • Back pain

If your dog is slipping into a lazy seat only once in a while, he might be trying to relieve temporary muscle soreness or pain.

However, if he sits weirdly all the time and has difficulty walking, you should take him to a vet for a check-up.

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