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Snoring in dogs is commonplace however, it occurs typically when a dog is asleep. If your dog makes snoring sound while awake, this could be a signal to be concerned however it could be nothing more serious. Learn about the probable causes for the dog to snore while awake and find out how you could stop it.


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Dogs who snore are caused by the same causes that trigger snoring in every other mammal. Snoring occurs when airflow is restricted within the nasal passageways or in the throat. When air moves its route through the mouth and nose it is confronted with resistance that causes tissues to vibrate.

Pushed in Faces

The facial structure of a dog can make it difficult for the dog to sleep in the night. There are dog breeds which have faces that are squeezed and a reduced air passage, which could cause breathing problems.
Pugs, bulldogs, or Shar pei dogs may experience breathing problems because of the way their faces are built.

Foreign Objects

In the event that a pet has consumed or breathed in a foreign substance it could trigger an ear-splitting sound while the dog is sleeping due to the fact that the object might hinder airflow.

Check the dog’s nose as well as throat to see if detect any foreign object and use a pair of tweezers for removing the object. If you don’t manage to remove it, consult an animal veterinarian; he might require anesthesia to eliminate the object. In certain instances it is necessary to undergo surgery.


If the snoring becomes more intense during pollen season and the dog is snoring after being outside or has come into the vicinity of smoke or various chemical substances, the snoring could be due to allergies.
Antihistamine medicines should be administered to ease the allergic reaction and stop the snoring.


The nasal cavities can cause the dog to snore when awake. If your dog is suffering from nasal tumors and is suffering from nasal cancer, he could also exhibit symptoms like sneezing, nasal bleeding, or even panting.

why-does-my-dog-sleep-between-my-legs-1.jpgThe exact nature of the tumor should be identified and if it’s benign then it must be removed. In the event that it is cancerous it must be eliminated, when that is possible, and the dog must start chemotherapy and radiation treatment.

Respiratory Infections

A dog suffering from respiratory issues may be snoring even when they are in a relaxed state. Be aware of other signs like coughing, sneezing nasal and ocular discharges or fever.
The signs of respiratory illness are gone in as little as 10 days, however dogs can be infected by the virus and spread it to other dogs. Therefore, it is essential to recognize the illness and ensure that the dog is kept away from other pets.

Respiratory Problems

If your dog is suffering from respiratory or lung conditions it is possible that he snores while in a relaxed state. Check for other signs like pale or blue tongue and gums wheezing, panting and breathing that is shallow.


A dog who is overweight will more often sleep when he’s awake, and this should not be a reason to be concerned. The vet might suggest an energizing diet and intensified exercise regimen to help your dog shed pounds, since obesity can create other health problems like heart disease, diabetes or arthritis.
If your dog begins to snore in the night, it is recommended to visit your veterinarian to find out what could be the reason. Snoring can be reduced by treating the underlying issue, but some dogs will still snore.

Why does my dog sound like she’s snoring when she’s awake?

What is Stertor and Stridor in Dogs? Stertor is a loud breathing sound that happens during inhalation. It is low-pitched and sounds like the sound of snoring. It’s often due to airways getting blocked in the throat.

Why is my dog making weird noises when he breathes?

Honking. A dog that honks like goose may sound terribly silly, however it can be an indication of a serious issue called the tracheal collapsing. It occurs when the cartilage rings within the trachea “windpipe” cave in and create a problem for breathing. A small amount of air could get inside and create the crazed honking sound.

Why did my dog suddenly start snoring?

A dog that suddenly begins breathing loudly when they didn’t previously might be experiencing obstruction in their airway, which causes turbulent airflow, which results in loud breathing and itching. These obstructions could be anything from grass seeds lodged in the nose, or through Polyps (benign bumps) or abscesses.

Is it OK if my dog snores?

As humans, dogs also can snore due to the fact that airflow through the nasal passageways or throat is blocked. It is normal and could result from something as easy as your dog being asleep in a reclined position.

What does it mean when your dog sounds congested?

In certain instances breathing problems can be a sign that heart problems are failing. Conditions like nasal tumor, pneumonia, or fungal infections can cause lung swelling.


Is my dog hyperventilating?

Hyperventilation usually manifests as breaths that are open or panting that isn’t stopped or provide a rationale for its occurrence. The quick breathing pattern is typically heard to pet owners and can lead to the dog drooling because the mouth has been closed for a long time but the pet hasn’t eaten.

Why does my dog sound like he has asthma?

Wheezing happens by something that blocks breathing through or out of an airway which results in whistling sounds when a dog’s breath. The obstruction could be or around the trachea (windpipe) or in the large bronchi. Airways that are constricted due to asthma or allergies mucus, foreign bodies or infections may cause wheezing.

Why do dogs sigh?

Dogs convey happiness, pleasure as well as excitement and affection by their vocalizations. … If the sigh is accompanied by eyes closed half, it signals happiness; however, when the eyes are fully opened eyes, it conveys displeasure: “I guess you are not going to play with me.”

Is it OK to hug your dog?

It’s normal to want to hug your beloved family members, it’s never an ideal idea to embrace your dog friends. “Hugging is a form of handling, and handling can lead to fear, anxiety, and stress in some dogs,” doctor. Vanessa Spano, DVM at Behavior Vets.

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