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As a dog’s owner, you’ll want to build an intimate relationship with your dog. This will happen when the time you have with your pet, train them and provide them with food.

There’s a huge distinction between a dog that has an intense bond with you and a dog that is in love with your. In reality, many dogs develop obsessive personality traits.


A word of caution before we begin. Do not shout at your dog about the obsessive behavior they display. They’re already anxious and yelling at them will only increase the stress. There are better methods to ease anxiety and stress. We will discuss them in the final section of this article.

Why Is My Dog So Obsessed With Me?

Dogs are believed to be affectionate and affectionate pets to be around. It’s not uncommon every now and then for them to beg for a cuddle or a stroke or something similar.

But, what If your dog is constantly being around you. You can sit on your lap when you’ve sat down or wrap yourself around your legs when cooking, brushing your teeth or washing dishes.

They could also be disrupting your ‘you-time or your privacy.

It’s also mental and unhealthy because it’s difficult to reflect on the issues you face. It’s also difficult to walk from one door to the next because people want to be right in front of you.

These traits may appear normal or normal. But , to a certain extent they could be signs of something much more serious.

Dogs who exhibit obsessive behaviors tend to be irritable as they stare back at you. They can show an aggressive or protective behavior towards people close to you, such as your spouse or your children.

If you observe that your dog seems to be overly focused on a certain aspect in your daily life, it might be displaying signs of obsessiveness.

Sometimes, the signs of obsession could take an act of grooming yourself nails chewing, and continuous kissing.

Let’s look at a variety of reasons and the factors that make these more likely.

Causes for Obsessive Behavior

You Feed Them

Dogs get addicted to the person who provides them with food. They get more attached to the person when they’re hungry. It could happen during the morning or throughout the day, based on what time they eat, and the frequency of their meals.

In their minds they see you as their main source of survival. If anything occurred to you, they’d be in a bind.


When you feed your pet significant portion all the time, then there’s an excellent possibility that this is the reason they’re obsessed with your.

The most effective method to stop the obsession is to let somebody else take care of them, or allow your dog to feed on its own when it’s possible.

Looking For Attention

Have you been spending time enough with your pet? The behavior of obsession can be a sign that your dog isn’t getting enough attention.

It’s possible that you’re spending lots in time together with your pet however, when your time spent with your dog than you used to you might be searching for more attention. Dogs can notice an a tiny decrease in the time spent with each other.

Enjoy this chance to spend time with your dog via exercise or playtime and go for long walks.


Like humans, dogs are also prone to stress. If the dog you love is feeling stressed they might find relief by being in your company.

Although this may feel like a privilege for you as the pet’s owner however, it leads your dog to become dependent on you to meet their needs.

There are many things that can trigger stress for dogs, which includes prior traumas or loud noises. Stress-related behavior tends to be temporary as it’s caused by the environment in which they live.

Separation Anxiety

While your dog may be a sociable dog and enjoy being left to their own devices. This is particularly applicable to those who work at a 9-5 and can be absent for long periods at an time.

Separation anxiety is a common occurrence in dogs because they naturally enjoy being part of a group. The dog being anxious and unable to adjust to being on their own.

It’s important to give your dog time to be alone in their puppyhood years. This can help your dog to become more comfortable with the separation from young age, and so that , as an adult it’s a normal part of daily life.


Some dogs need up to an hour of exercise per day to rid themselves of their energy. If your dog has been following your every move and is having a good time it could be due to a build-up of energy.


Letting your dog get some exercise can help get rid of the extra energy. You should ensure that you have regular times during the day for your dog play for a short time.

Two Ways to End Obsessive Behavior

While it’s possible for you to “teach an old dog new tricks,” the quicker you can teach your dog that it’s fine to be on its own the simpler it’ll be.

Here are two excellent methods to stop obsessive behavior.

Crate Training

Crate training is an excellent method to aid your dog become comfortable with being on their own as well as with you within the family.

It will aid them in understanding limits and put them at ease while you’re away for a short period of time.

Crate training is a process where it is important to train your dog to think of their crate as a secure place for them. You must make it an enjoyable space for your dog to be in. That’s why it’s crucial not to utilize the crate for an instrument to punish.

Building a Routine

Dogs are creatures that have a routine. They are aware of the time it’s appropriate to feed, rest and play. This is why creating an established schedule for your child is essential if you’re looking to get rid of obsessive behavior.

In bringing balance to their lives through their interactions with you, their diet and playing, you establish a an enduring plan for their day. It is important to supply your children with the necessities of their day prior to them having to go to you, and also provide reminders.

If you engage in these types of activities with an obsessional behaviour, you’re telling your dog that this is the way they should behave in order to be able to receive the love, attention or food they’re looking for.

As hectic as your life might be, ensure that you spend the time needed to spend time with your pet in a healthy and balanced way.

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